Ami Vora, VP Product monitoring at WhatsApp

Business CatalogPeople and businesses are finding WhatsApp der great caminho to connect. In a months ahead human being will have the ability to see der business magazine right in ~ WhatsApp as soon as chatting with a business. Com catalogs, businesses deserve to showcase their products so human being can easily find them.

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Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram

We rolled out novo ways to affix people com each other and their understanding on Instagram.

The capability to Shop em ~ CreatorsStarting next week, you deserve to shop inspiring looks são de the creators you love there is no leaving Instagram. Rather of taking a screenshot or asking para product details in comments or Direct, you can simply tap come see precisely what your favorite creators are wearing e buy the on ns spot. Everyone in our globais community will have the ability to shop from creators. We’ll begin testing this with naquela small grupo of creators next week, com plans to expand access over time. Porque o more information on shopping a partir de creators, click here.

A way to Fundraise porque o CausesStarting today, you deserve to raise money for a nonprofit girlfriend care directly on Instagram. Through der donation sticker in Stories, you can create a fundraiser and mobilize your ar around a cause friend care — com 100% of ns money increased on Instagram going to the nonprofit you’re supporting. This will certainly be available in ns US now e we’re working to lug it to much more countries. To discover more, check out the Instagram Help center here.

A New e Improved CameraIn the coming weeks, we’re introducing der new camera esboço, projeto including produce Mode, which offers you one easy caminho to share without a photo or video. This new camera will make it simpler to use estendido creative tools like effects and interactive stickers, so girlfriend can express yourself much more freely.


We’re building technology around como as we normally interact com people. Us announced naquela number of new ways we’re helping civilization connect much more deeply in video clip calls through Portal. Us shared more on our occupational to bring voo experiences to an ext people and platforms, and we opened up pre-orders porque o Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S.

Kimberlee Archer, Head of Developer Marketing ao AR/VR

Spark voo Expands to an ext PeopleSince last F8, we’ve watched over one billion world use ar experiences powered by Spark AR, with hundreds that millions using aviação each month across Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and Portal. Beginning today, the novo Spark ar Studio support both Windows and Mac e includes novo features e functionality porque o creation e collaboration. We’re likewise opening Instagram to a entire Spark ar creator and developer ecosystem this summer.

Sean Liu, manager of Product management at Oculus

Oculus Quest e Rift S Pre-Orders OpenOur two newest virtual reality headsets — Oculus Quest e Oculus Rift S — ship may 21. Oculus Quest, our primeiro all-in-one VR gaming system, allows you pick up and play nearly anywhere without being tethered to naquela PC. For those with naquela gaming PC, Rift S gets you into a most immersive content that VR has to offer. Both começar at $399 USD and you deserve to pre-order today at

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We’re additionally launching the novo Oculus ao Business later on this year. We’re including Oculus pursuit to a program and will provide a suite of tools designed to assist companies reshape a way they a partir de business v VR.

With every feature and product announced today, we want to help people discover their communities, deepen your connections, find novo opportunities e simply have fun. We’re excited come see tudo the means developers, creators e entrepreneurs use these tools as we proceed to build much more private ways porque o people come communicate. Ao more details ~ above today’s news, see our Developer Blog, design Blog, Oculus Blog, Messenger Blog, e Instagram press Center. Girlfriend can additionally watch todos F8 keynotes on the Facebook ao Developers Page.