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Tap a flag symbol to save naquela post. elegância Eliza Goodwin/Insider If you desire to categorize your conserved posts, you have the right to tap the "Save come Collection" banner that appears above a flag icon, e in ns pop-up, tap ns plus "+" sign icon to create naquela New Collection.

Tap the "Save come Collection" banner come save a post to a specific Collection, or come create der New Collection. gracioso Eliza Goodwin/Insider

To vai to your saved Collections, walk to her profile page, tap the icon that three horizontal lines in a upper-right corner, and select "Saved" next to a flag icon. Aqui you can see todos posts you"ve ever saved.

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Save Instagram video reels

Tap a flag icon at a bottom of ns reel. You can likewise tap a three-dot icon at the bottom e select "Save" in the pop-up. This will save ns reel to your default collection folder.

At a bottom of a reel, you deserve to tap a flag icon, or tap a three-dot icon e select "Save" in the pop-up menu. grace Eliza Goodwin/Insider

How to conserve Instagram videos posted to her story

To save an Instagram video on your story e download the on your phone:

1. open Instagram.

2. If you right now have a story posted to her profile, you deserve to save the story to her camera roll. Tap ns "Stories" balloon in a top-left edge of a screen to pegue you come your present story.

walk to your existing story by tapping her profile balloon in ns upper-left corner. graciosa Eliza Goodwin/Insider 3. when you see the video or photo são de your story you want to save, tap ns three-dot symbol in ns bottom-right corner.
Tap a "More" icon in the corner. elegância Eliza Goodwin/Insider 4. In a pop-up menu, insanity "Save."
select "Save" in the menu of options. grace Eliza Goodwin/Insider 5. Then select "Save Video" (or "Save Photo") come save somente that video clip or photo, or select "Save Story" come save a entire story as der single video.
Choose como as you want to save. graciosa Eliza Goodwin/Insider

After completing the process, you have to get a quick confirmation the your video clip has been saved to your device"s camera roll.

You deserve to also readjust your Instagram settings so your stories ~ ~ always instantly downloaded to your camera role or saved to her Instagram archive.

If you want to keep your stories preserved on Instagram, you can also save them together Highlights on your profile.

How to download Instagram videos utilizing third-party apps

Whether you desire to save e download one Instagram video clip post, story, or reel, you have the right to easily do so with ns help of naquela third-party app.

Download Instagram videos on Android

1. importar the app video Downloader for Instagram from the google Play Store.

2. go into a Instagram app. On ns video post you desire to save, tap ns three-dot symbol in the upper-right corner.

3. In a pop-up, click "Copy Link." Then, walk into a Video Downloader for Instagram app e paste ns link come begin a download.

Download Instagram videos on iPhone

1. vai the application Blaze: web browser & file Manager em ~ the Apple app Store.

2. Open a Instagram application on her iPhone. On the video article you desire to save, tap a three-dot icon and select "Copy Link" in a pop-up menu.

3. Paste ns link into ns Blaze app, choose download, e choose a option to save a video to her camera roll.

How to save Instagram videos by screen recording

You can likewise record your phone screen on iphone or Android to conserve an Instagram video.

how to record the screen on your iPhone

If you have actually an iPhone, you can record her screen em ~ the direção Center. If you have an Android 11, you deserve to record your display screen by accessing ns Quick setups list.

If you have an Android that precedes Android 11, display screen recording is only possible through naquela third-party app, such as AZ screen Recorder.

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