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Whether you on an plane or you’re around to fight your encontro cap para the month, occasionally Netflix transmissão isn’t one option. Thankfully, the transmissão service renders it easy to pegar your favorite mostra offline. Stop take der look at how to download movies a partir de Netflix e how to download your favorite Netflix shows.

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Can you download movies e shows from Netflix?

While girlfriend can baixar some movies e shows em ~ Netflix, you can’t go and download a entire expansive library. To help you uncover what movies and shows you have the right to download, tap a Downloads switch on ns bottom navigation bar. You must see either der gray Find Something to Download or Find more to Download button.



If girlfriend tap ns button, Netflix will remover you to ns Available for Download ar of a app. This section contains curated list of movies and shows available porque o download, despite you can not search em ~ here.

If you currently have der movie or TV show in mind the supports offline viewing, proceed looking through ns sections below.

Which tools support downloaded contente from Netflix?

You can download movies e TV shows em ~ Netflix with the service’s iOS e Android apps. You deserve to also dá the very same with the Netflix home windows 10 application on tablets, ns Amazon Fire tablet app, e even on part Chromebook e Chromebox devices with a Android app.

How to baixar movies são de Netflix

Once girlfriend pick naquela movie the supports offline viewing, tap the Download symbol next come the Share icon. Uma vez your movie is excellent downloading, tap the Downloads icon on ns bottom navigation. This is whereby you have the right to watch and manage tudo of your downloaded content.



Once you’re done watching naquela movie, go ago to the Downloads section e tap ns pencil icon on the top right. Select the movie you perfect watching e tap the trash have the right to icon on ns top right to delete it e free up some room on her device.

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To summarize:

Open the Netflix app.Choose a movie the supports offline viewing.Tap the Download symbol next come the Share icon.Tap the Downloads symbol on ns bottom navigating bar.Enjoy or delete your movie!

How to download Netflix shows

The process is mostly the same when it involves downloading TV shows. Open ns Netflix app and find a show that you like. Presume it support offline viewing, you’ll find ns download icon beside an episode’s description.

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Unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t support downloading an entire temporada at once. This gives you ns liberty that picking and choosing which episodes you desire to watch, yet it have the right to be tedious if you’re walk to assistir an whole season.

Even a process of controlling your downloaded shows is the same as it is for downloaded movies. Insanity the Downloads icon on ns bottom navigating bar come watch and delete episodes. You deserve to also permit or disable Smart Downloads, which automatically downloads novo episodes e deletes ones did you do it watched.

To recap:

Open the Netflix app.Choose a show that support offline viewing.Tap ns download icon alongside an episode’s description.Tap the Downloads symbol on ns bottom navigation bar.Enjoy or claro your show!

Downloads for you: Automatically download recommended movies and TV shows

Netflix freshly added der new feature para Android app users referred to as Downloads ao You. It will automatically baixar Netflix movies e TV mostra on your smartphones or tablet, based on your transmissão tastes. This is supposed to offer customers der way to save new and fantastic content on their an equipment that castle can relógio later there is no an internet connection.

The finest thing is that you ~ ~ in total control the this novo feature. If you desire to activate it, here’s como as to collection it up. Uma thing to keep in mind is that this feature só works com Wi-Fi connections; it will certainly not work with naquela cellular wireless connection.

Open ns Netflix app.Tap the Downloads icon on a bottom navigating bar.You must see der Smart Downloads option on principal of a screen. Tap top top it.You need to see naquela Downloads para You toggle. Tap it to rotate it on.You can also allocate como as much storage an are your machine uses, along with distinta storage ao each Netflix file on her account. Friend should additionally see naquela bar the shows como as much space is gift used ao the feature.Finally, friend can pick 1GB, 3GB, or 5GB warehouse limits porque o the Downloads porque o You feature. Madness on a “+” or “-“ buttons to include or minimize space.

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This is only para Android users ao now, but iOS users deserve to expect ns feature at some point in ns future.