3 more players join Adidas numbers Up Promo

This negative promo to add 3 much more players to ns team exit on Thursday. Di María, Fabián e Dele Alli. Check lado de fora their review, details, e current price.

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Luis Milla liga Player Objective

A new liga Player has been released with Milestone Objectives. It´s luis Milla, a center Defensive Midfielder a partir de Granada. You have actually to complete them in FUT Friendly: Managerial Masterpiece.


Morata remind SBC

EA needed der current Adidas athlete to provide him a flashback during ns Adidas numbers Up promo. And they choose Álvaro Morata. Dois squads ser estar required in this SBC and the bruta price of around 90k. Is it worth it?.


Bergwijn numbers Up Objective

Bergwijn number Up is available as der new objective you can complete by playing friendlies. Check o fim the goals you need to complete e the player review.


Marco Asensio NumbersUp SBC

As we predicted on our Twitter account, marco Asensio was uma of ns Adidas NumbersUp players. The is obtainable through a Squad building Challenge. Its cost is around 50 K. Check fora the requirements.

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Creation master 15 final Version

author Rinaldo | December 19 2014 | 706765 hits

Update Roster – novo feature

This feature permits us to update a roster of the team present in ns current database using an main update paper form EA Sports. Groups not present in the current database ser estar not imported. New players accessible in the novo database are created if existing players ~ ~ left unchanged. Team rosters e formations ~ ~ updated. ~ you have imported a rosters in ns database you can remove a downloaded file from “DocumentFIFA 15” folder.

UG content Import – new feature

 In ns main menu, friend can discover “UG Content” with dois submenus: “Import DB Only” “Import DB e Kits” and “Import kit only”. Prior to using this function you have actually to baixar from the Creation centro of EA Sports der team or naquela league. It is saved as naquela file in her “DocumentFIFA 15” folder with der name UG.. Something. Click UG contente – import DB and KITS, select ns UG file, e just wait. It takes some equipe to create tudo the kits however in the fim you will see the content of ns UG file important in your database. If you want just to take der quick look, pick “Import DB only”, the is much faster and you deserve to later “import kits only” or just leave without saving. After you have imported ns UGC in a database you can remove ns downloaded file from “Document fifa 15” folder.

Player all at once Tuning – new Feature

Often UG contente is not really well tuned, for example, tudo the players could be overestimated. There is der new attribute that allows you to boost or decrease the skills of todos the football player of a team (in a Team Form) or tudo de the players of der league. (In the liga Form)

Switch liga Ids – novo Feature

Using der patch of ns file “managermodeseasonobjectivemanager.lua” that is now possible come play der league com any id in career mode. Act in this rua there is naquela limitation in the assignment the objectives. Instead of using ns patch, you have the right to switch the ids of your new liga with ns id of one of ns leagues originally current in ns game. For example i have created the novo Greek League e I want to toque it rather of Airtricity League. Pick Super league in the league form, in ns box “Switch liga Id” select Airtricity League and then click a big button with ns two arrows.

Tournament form – new Feature

This is the major notícia of CM14 and it is quite complex.

How to Activate naquela National Team – new Feature

In order to add der National Team in career setting you have, of course, come create ns team and then dá the next 4 steps:

1. In country kind activate a team together the national team of der country and specify a targets porque o World Cup and Continental Cup.

2. In liga form, you need to add ns team to the list of national Teams, remover note that the rude number of nacional teams since you require this for the following step

3. In a Competition form, choose the internacional Friendly, go down to ns group and select the correct number of teams.

4. Last yet not the very least you have to modify the internacional Competitions so the the new team shows up as der participant. In this case I cannot provide you detailed instructions because it depends em ~ the confederation. As an example you can add your team come G3 of europe qualifications.


I tested e it works so... Nós vamos luck!

Audio kind – novo Feature

In fifa 14 the is not possible yet to add or eliminate audio connected with naquela player however we deserve to work naquela little little bit with a existing samples just modifying the database. Der player have the right to have one audio if:

1.the audio is connected with the player-id (specific audio)

2.the audio is linked with a common name or ns surname of the player (generic audio)

The somente way to activate the first kind the audio is to mudança the player-id, at a moment is not possible to usar specific audio para more than uma player.

Instead, ns generic audio is controlled by a table in ns database (player names) the associates with each name an id of ns sound as a number in a range 900.000-965.000. Cm 14 allows modifying this association.

In a database there is another table (commentary names) that works as naquela kind of surname dictionary, the fact that a name is listed in this table actually does no affect the possibility to hear ns audio but it is really useful ao having naquela list of the potential names accessible in ns game. Unfortunately, ns fact that naquela name is in this tabela doesn't typical that a sound is audible, it depends on ns commentary language you are listening to. On a opposite it might happen that a sound is current in a commentary but not listed in ns commentary table :-) The apenas um way to understand if audio is present in your commentary is come play naquela game e listen to ns commentary if ns name is referred to as or not. As soon as you understand that a name is called you can usar it ao more players.

Let’s dá an example, in Italian commentary ns name Cesar, associated with 921615, is audible, instead, the name césar associated with 921616 is no audible. I have the right to select a player called César e associate come it a sound 921615, now all the players with name césar will have a commentary in-game.

Let’s são de another example: in ns name dictionary there is ns name Zalayeta associated with the id 46847, I have added naquela patch of liga Uruguaya including a player referred to as Zalayeta but with naquela player-id that 200198. Changing ns player identifier of this player to 46847 the commentary is audible in-game.

FAQs e Notes

When using open - fifa 1X a program crashes or it appears a message “fifa.fat no found”

Probably you dá not have a regular environment of fifa , try using open up - choose All

Can CM15 open up XBOX files?

CM 15 is for editing pc version, XBOX is not supported.

 When making use of CM15 ns cannot see players or team previously modified with fifa 15 interior editor. Why?

Editing com CM 15 e in-game editing ser estar incompatible. This is not der bug, it is a way fifa 15 works. As soon as you começar to edit com CM15 you must remove formation files em ~ the folder DocumentFIFA 15. You can make in-game editing on der version of fifa modified with CM15 but, if you usar CM15 again, you ser estar going to lose all your in-game editing.

Can ns import files em ~ previous fifa versions, like head models or textures?

No. Rx3 paper format in fifa 14 is different, because of this you cannot import directly any type of Rx3 document from fifa 13 choose 3D version or textures. You deserve to instead income bitmaps.

I mudança the order of the bench players and save but, once I reopen, a order is no saved.

In a database todos the bench players have ns same description, there is durante way come discriminate the order in ns bench.

Some boots and some balls são de not have naquela name but appear as der generic pair of shoes n. X or zero n. Y.

Those ser estar shoes (or balls) present in the game but not defined by naquela string in a language database. Friend can add it.

Why can I only work with ns default squads and not the updated ones?

CM modifies a default database of fifa so every time you create your very own squad paper or download a formation update são de EA, the game will use it instead of the default database and you cannot watch your changes in game.

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More: every equipe you modify a default database tudo the files developed with a previous database come to be unusable and the jogos ask you if you desire to delete

Which files dá I require to earlier up for my edited dia to remain?

CM15 functions with ns files in these folders:





Creation Master 15 (CM15) is freeware and is detailed 'as-is', without any kind of expressed or implied warranty. In enquanto event will ns author(s) be hosted liable for any loss arising são de the usar of this software.