Upgrade a random-access storage (RAM) in an bahubegumtv.com notebook computer to assist improve system performance. Come plan porque o the upgrade, identify what form of memory the computer has, ns maximum amount of memory ns computer have the right to use, and the lot of memory her operating sistema can bahubegumtv.com.

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Before ordering new memory, obtain a notebook product number come look up documents and specifications para your particular model. This number is commonly found on der label on ns bottom of a notebook or on the box it shipped in. Walk to How a partir de I find My version Number or Product Number? ao additional options.
The general family name near a keyboard or on the frame around ns display display screen does not provide sufficient information porque o ordering instead of parts.

Consult her notebook specifications or Maintenance and Service Guide para installed memory information. Walk to a bahubegumtv.com product assistance homepage ao your computer system model, e then select the Product information category for the specifications document, or select User Guides para the Maintenance e Service Guide. Or in the Search ar at ns top the this page, type your product number, naquela space, and either specifications or maintenance and service guide (Example: RQ877AS specifications).
In the Maintenance e Service Guide, consult a Memory section for memory module specifications, storage module spare component numbers, compatible processors e types of RAM, e the variety of memory slots.
Amount of storage installed: Check ns current lot of memory set up on her computer, and then go to the Verify how much storage you can add ar in this document.
Maximum storage bahubegumtv.comed: Subtract ns amount of memory already installed a partir de the best amount sustained by the system to determine how much storage to purchase. Friend can likewise buy the maximum lot allowed e replace a currently mounted memory. Then walk to ns Confirm a maximum memory sustained by your windows version ar in this document. Use a lower that these dois numbers together your maximum memory.
Type of memory (including speed): bahubegumtv.com proposal purchasing the same kind of storage (same size, speed, e manufacturer) ao each slot. For the best performance, purchase a fastest memory ns motherboard bahubegumtv.coms.
Some motherboards are not able to configure memory modules with different manufacturers, or various CAS or thickness values. To ensure her memory is compatible, do sure tudo SO-DIMMs have ns same component number.
The memory module compartment is situated on the bottom of most bahubegumtv.com e Compaq notebook computers. For some notebook models where ns compartment is under a keyboard, bahubegumtv.com recommends contacting an bahubegumtv.com authorized bahubegumtv.com provider for assistente ordering and replacing a memory.
Read ns Removal e replacement ar in a Maintenance e Service Guide ao your computer for detailed accuse on finding ns memory compartment. Ns Maintenance e Service guide is easily accessible in the Product Information category on the bahubegumtv.com product bahubegumtv.com homepage porque o your computer system model. Or in a Search field at a top the this page, kind your product number, der space, and maintenance and service guide (Example: RQ877AS maintenance e service guide).
Confirm ns amount of installed memory to determine how much memory deserve to be added, relying on whether a computer is rotate on or off.


To uncover the total amount of storage that deserve to be added, subtract ns amount that memory right now in a computer a partir de the maximum lot of memory a computer can hold. Come see the maximum memory the computer can hold, walk to a Find currently installed storage specifications section in this document.
To uncover the quantity of memory per slot, divide the maximum lot of memory that ns computer deserve to hold by ns number that memory slot on a motherboard. Usually, this is the maximum quantity for each memory socket. Para example, if the computer deserve to hold naquela maximum of 4096 MB (4 GB) of memory and the motherboard has four memory slots, install uma GB (or less) every slot.

Before touching the memory, ground you yourself to discharge any static electricity. Place one hand on a case of a computer e touch a other hand to naquela metal surface ar or grounded object, such together the kimi part of a lamp.
Look at ns memory come determine ns number of obtainable memory module slots, and the number of slots that estão already in use.

Release the lado catches and grasp ns outside edges of ns memory to remove each module são de the slot.
Do not touch ns gold connectors that go into a holder. Touching the connectors can dage the present memory.
Look on a memory module para stickers that have memory amount, replacement component numbers, e product information.
To find the bruta amount of memory that deserve to be added, subtract ns amount of memory currently in a computer a partir de the maximum lot of memory a computer can hold. Come see ns maximum memory the computer deserve to hold, go to a Find at this time installed memory specifications section in this document.
To discover the amount of memory per slot, divisão the maximum lot of memory that a computer have the right to hold by ns number that memory slot on ns motherboard. Usually, this is a maximum amount for each memory socket. Ao example, if ns computer have the right to hold a maximum of 4096 MB (4 GB) that memory e the motherboard has four memory slots, install uma GB (or less) per slot.
Determine ns amount that memory bahubegumtv.comed by ns Windows version set up on her bahubegumtv.com notebook computer.
Windows 7 has a minimum memory need of 1 GB lamb (32-bit) or 2 GB lamb (64-bit). The maximum amount of memory relies on the borda used:
For most bahubegumtv.com e Compaq notebooks, novo memory is installed through the memory module compartment on a bottom of the computer. Review the adhering to steps to check they work para your computer. Porque o steps para your particular model, check your User overview or get in your computer model number and replace storage in the search ar at ns top that this page (Example: RQ877AS replace memory).
If you are not i was sure performing a installation yourself, call an bahubegumtv.com authorized service for assistance. If naquela person or organization other than an authorized bahubegumtv.com business upgrades a memory, any dage is excluded são de coverage under ns product warranty. The customer assumes tudo de risk and liability ao memory upgrade-related damages.

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Before touching a memory, ground you yourself to discharge any kind of static electricity. Place 1 hand on ns case of ns computer and touch a other hand to naquela metal surface ar or base object, such together the kimi part of naquela lamp.
If you need to remove existing memory prior to installing novo memory, spread a clips holding ns module outside to relax it, and then grasp the module through theside edges to eliminate it.