The cin is in constant change so needless come say cíniras statistics may differ a partir de each other a partir de one year come another.

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Rather 보다 leave you with old or irrelevant dia to reference e share, we on regular basis revisit and revise our list of gato facts e hosting statistics.

In the following cin Stats & Facts porque o 2021, we’ve rounded up todos the important data related to:

gato Statistics 2021

1. There ~ ~ 7.83 billion people in ns world. (Worldometer), 4.66 billion of them estão active cin users. (Statista)

2. Asia has a largest percentage of Internet individuals by continent/region. Of all people using the Internet:

51.8% estão in Asia14.8% estão in Europe12.8% estão in Africa9.5% ser estar in Latin estados unidos da america and the Caribbean6.8% ~ ~ in phia băc America3.7% ser estar in a Middle East0.6% ~ ~ in Oceania e Australia

(Internet world Stats)


3. Kuwait is the country with a highest penetration of cin users, com 99.6%. (Internet mundo Stats)

6. ns United states has ns third-highest number of cin users by country, com 284 million. (Statista)

7. one of the cíniras facts I find most exceptional is that customers of todos ages usar the cin in a U.S. However, naquela greater percent of younger users are online:

100% the 18- come 29-year-olds97% of 30- to 49-year-olds88% the 50- to 64-year-olds73% the 65-year-olds e older



8. much more users accessibility the internet with der Chrome browser (63.54%) than any type of other browser. (statcounter)

9. more users access the internet with one Android device (38.83%) than any other desktop computer or mobile device. (statcounter)

10. a average cíniras user safety 6 hours e 43 minutes online every day. (We ~ ~ Social Global digital Report 2020)

11. ao every second of ns day, there estão 6.59 billion GB of gato traffic. (Internet live stats)

12. ns average gato connection rate is 24.8 Mbps. (World financial Forum, 2020)

Mobile cíniras Statistics and Facts 2021

13. There ~ ~ 4.28 billion mobile cin users. (Statista)

14. Over fifty percent of all Google search visits (56%) take lugar, colocar on naquela mobile device. (Statista)

15. ~ above average, there ser estar 56.8 exabytes of mobile traffic every month. (Statista)

16. 42.73 petabytes of the monthly web traffic comes from video. (Statista)

17. the average mobile cíniras connection rate is 15.4 Mbps. Canada has ns fastest cin speeds with 59.6 Mbps. (OpenSignal ns State the Mobile suffer 2020)

18. In the U.S., a average adult spends an mean of 4 hours uma minute ~ above mobile cin every day. (eMarketer)

19. Here’s another mobile gato fact that might interest you: 89.2% of mobile gato time is spent on mobile apps. (eMarketer)

20. There estão millions the apps in mobile app stores:

2,870,000 in google Play Store1,960,000 in Apple application Store669,000 in windows Store450,000 in Amazon Appstore



21. In 2021 alone, there will be an estimated 196 exchange rate mobile application downloads ~ above the google Play Store. (Statista)

22. 25% of these apps would only be used e se though. (Statista)

23. It’s estimated that mobile apps will certainly generate $693 billion an international in 2021. (Statista)

Domain name Statistics 2021

24. The o primeiro dia domain name was, registered in 1985. (Wikipedia)

25. a most high value domain name sold (that was publicly reported) ser estar for $30 million. (Wikipedia)

26. There ~ ~ 370.7 million registered domain names. (VeriSign Domain name Industry brief Q3 2020)

27. the most estendido top-level domain (TLD) is .com com 150.3 million. (VeriSign Domain name Industry short Q3 2020)

28. There are in bruta 160.6 million registered nation code TLD (ccTLD). (VeriSign Domain name Industry brief Q3 2020)

29. the fastest-growing general TLD (gTLD) is .icu, i m sorry 4,337,102 registered domain names in use. (NameStat)

internet Hosting/Website Statistics and Facts 2021

30. Tim Berners-Lee created the first web server (called CERN HTTPd) e the o primeiro dia website at (Wikipedia)

31. a 3 most difundido web hosting providers are:



32. ns United says is terra natal to more web servers than any kind of other country, com 39.7%. (W3Techs)

33. There ~ ~ 1.82 exchange rate websites. (Internet viver Stats)

34. 68.2% of tudo de websites usar HTTPS. (W3Techs)

35. 49.6% of todos websites use HTTP/2. (W3Techs)

36. These ser estar the top 3 languages used on websites:

English: 60.5%Russian: 8.6%Spanish: 4.0%



37. ns average transfer dimension of naquela website is:

(HTTP Archive)

38. ns average mobile page takes 9.3 secs to load (until interactive). (HTTP Archive)

39. mobile visitors ser estar 123% much more likely to bounce from a mobile website if it takes 10 seconds to load (as opposed to 1 second). (Think with Google)

40. WordPress is ns leading contente management system with 63.9% market share and 39.3% of todos websites built with it. (W3Techs)

internet Search Statistics 2021

41. google holds a majority market share that all search engine activity, com 92.16%. (statcounter)

42. bing is a second most estendido search engine in the world with naquela measly industry share the 2.88%. (statcounter)

43. 68% of todos website web traffic comes a partir de search engines. (Smart Insights)

44. google receives about 7 billion find queries every day. (Internet live Stats)

45. google has indexed numerous billions of web pages. That is approximated that ns Google find Index has over 100,000,000 gigabytes that data. (Google)

46. google now indexes all websites using naquela mobile-first algorithm. (Google Developers)

47. more than half (50.33%) of all Google searches an outcome in não tem clicks. (SparkToro)

gato Advertising trends 2021

48. 66% of providers use online advertising e do for this reason through naquela variety the channels. A most popular are:

Social média ads: 86%Display ads: 80%Paid search marketing: 66%Retargeted ads: 43%

(The Manifest)

49. The greatest share of ad spend (for all media) goes to the following:

Television: 29%Paid search: 17%Social media: 13%

(Zenith Media)

50. global ad spending dropped 9.1% in 2020 early to ns coronavirus pandemic. (Zenith Media)

51. global ad spend is meant to recover e grow by 5.8% in 2021. (Zenith Media)

52. 6.85% of tudo Google desktop computer search clicks and 11.38% that mobile search clicks estão on paid ads. (SparkToro/Jumpshot)

53. 20.3% of consumers have actually never purchased noþeles after seeing an ad porque o it in search or on social media. (Statista)

54. an ext commonly, 37.9% of consumers will buy something der quarter of the time that they view an ad. (Statista)

55. 47% of cin users usar an ad blocker. This is the geógrafo breakdown:

APAC: 40%North America: 38%MEA: 37%Europe: 36%Latin America: 35%

(GlobalWebIndex globais Ad-Blocking behavior infographic)

56. a top 3 factors consumers give ao using ad blockers are:

Too numerous ads: 48%Ads are annoying or irrelevant: 47%Ads ~ ~ too intrusive: 44%

(GlobalWebIndex global Ad-Blocking habits infographic)

57. U.S. Businesses falecer an estimated $12.12 exchange rate due to advertisement blocking in 2020. (Statista)

E-Commerce Statistics 2021

58. An estimated 2.14 billion people will shop conectados in 2021. (Statista)

59. 47% of tudo de purchases ser estar done online. (Think com Google)

60. In Q2 2020, 31% of online sales took lugar, colocar on mobile devices. (comScore State the Retail)

61. worldwide retail eCommerce sales is projected to with $4.88 sunshine in 2021. (Statista)

62. retail eCommerce sales is projected to crescer to 6.54 trillion united state dollars in 2022. (Statista)

63. Amazon alone marketed $275.86 exchange rate in products in 2019. $160 billion of it came from marketplace merchants. (Digital commerce 360 2019 eCommerce in review report)

64. 83% of U.S. Consumer leveraged dia from e-commerce local na rede internet to educate their sleeve shopping experiences. (Think com Google)

65. the average online order value different depending on the device:

Desktop: $179.98Tablet: $87.01Smartphone: $79.33Other: $70.95



66. 50% of consumer say complimentary shipping is the #1 fator when deciding even if it is to make a purchase. (comScore State the Retail)

Social médio Statistics 2021

67. there are 4.14 billion energetic social media users around the globe. (Statista)

68. consumers spend an average of 2 hours and 24 minutes every day on social media e messaging apps. (GlobalWebIndex Social media Trends 2020)

69. ns 3 most estendido social media and messaging platforms ser estar (in millions):

Facebook com 2,701,000 usersYouTube with 2,000,000 usersWhatsApp com 2,000,000 users



70. although social média users usually estão on more than uma network, there’s naquela generational dividir in how many they manage at uma time:

Millennials have ns most com 8.1 accountsGen Z has 7.9Gen X has 6.3Baby Boomers have 4.6

(GlobalWebIndex Social media Trends 2020)

71. There estão over 180 million businesses that use Facebook and its associated properties (i.e. Instagram, Messenger, etc.) every month. (Facebook)

72. end 100 exchange rate messages estão sent e 1 billion stories ~ ~ shared through Facebook commodities every day. (Facebook)

73. 70% of a time invested on youtube is v users’ cell phone devices. (YouTube)

74. 60% of Instagram users have actually discovered novo products there. (Instagram)

75. end 200 million Instagram customers will visit in ~ least one business file every day. (Instagram)

76. civilization most commonly use social médio in a following means when shopping:

Do pesquisar on commodities they’re interested in (43%)Learn around brands and products em ~ ads (27%)Get recommendations em ~ their relationships (24%)

(GlobalWebIndex Social media Trends 2020)

77. 40% the Americans have actually bought something they discovered on social media. (Mint)

78. 26 percent that shoppers depend on sociedade media for help com holiday shopping. (Statista)

79. mobile devices ~ ~ responsible para over 95 percent of Facebook ad clicks. (Merkle digitais Marketing Report, Q1 2020)

What do You Think About the Above internet Facts and Stats?

You find ns above gato statistics amazing, don’t you?

Nowadays, you can’t imagine naquela world without a Internet. We use it porque o almost every little thing we do.

It is reported the by 2021 ns percentage of human being going online will grow to it is in 53.7%. A continuous increase of internet users will likewise mean that modern technology will go with innovations, creating new opportunities and benefits of accessing ns Internet.

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To think that there to be hardly any kind of social media platforms and no smartphones available 15 years ago, what will a next 15 year bring?

It is tough to predict how the future of the conectados world will certainly look specifically but one thing is ao sure – the cíniras era has só just begun.