You ~ ~ informed that, when you visit the website (hereinafter ns “Site”), number of cookies can be inserted on your computer in order to facilitate you ns use of a Site. You can control the caminho the página? ˅ uses cookie by changing a confidentiality settings in her browser.

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What is naquela cookie?

A cookie is naquela small text paper that is save on computer on your device (desktop, pad, Smartphone) by or third party when you visit the Site. That is supplied in order to send informations to her browser e allows your internet browser to provide informations to ns owners of the original website (for example, dia regarding the way girlfriend use ns Site). Apenas um the server who placed a cookie file is able to retrieve or read ns contents of that cookie, and this, in a limit of ns lifespan of the concerned cookie.


Type and purposes that cookies

By proceeding to visit the Site, friend agree come receive the following cookies:

Social rede cookies: they ser estar placed by third parties in order to permit you come share ns Site’s contente by method of buttons (such together Facebook prefer button) em ~ the social redes Facebook, you Tube and Twitter. This buttons can enable these local na rede internet to determine you once you visit a Site, em ~ the moment your social rede account is caused on your neither direção these cookies neither the collected data. Come find o fim more, we invite you come read ns policies of this networks:


How to ao controle the cookie on her device?

By an altering your internet browser settings

At any type of time, girlfriend can control cookies ~ above your terminais by changing your browser settings.

Most cíniras browsers allow a cookies through default. But you can claro that have already been set at any kind of time.

You can pick to accept all cookies, or somente certain cookies, or refuse cookies altogether. You can additionally choose to change your web browser so the it informs you when cookies ser estar sent come it in order come agree or not.

Please note that if you eliminate or refuse cookies, the localização might not function in optimal form.

To mudança cookies settings, we invite you to follow the procedure in the Help cardápio of her browser. The directions para the main browsers ser estar detailed below:


By using the website Youronlinechoices

You deserve to use a European website committed to the conectados behavioural advertising and that opt fora page A companies provided in this website give you a possibility to expropriate or refuse cookie they use for the function of collecting and using information to provide you online behavioural advertising. This tool will not revolve off todos internet declaring on the visited websites but only advertisements that are customised to your likely interests based ~ above previous net browsing activity.

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To find fora more around cookies, we invite you to visit: or