This Sunday (7), ns Recording Academy, organ responsible ao the Grammy Awards, the Oscar from the música world, revealed the list of todos the artist who ser estar expected to execute on the stage of ns March 14 ceremony, which para the o primeiro dia time will take localização without one audience as result of the novo coronavirus.

RecordingAcad. See the bahubegumtv.compilation with all the artists quem will execute through naquela profile tweet The graph Data:

All #GRAMMYs performers:BTSBad bunnyBlack CougarsCardi BBrandi CarliledababyDoja CatBillie EilishMickey guytonHAIMBrittany howardMiranda LambertLil babyDua LipaChris MartinJohn MayerMegan thee stallionMaren MorrisPost MaloneRoddy RickHarry StylesTaylor Swift

- chart encontro (

Also due to ns pandemic, the originais date of the ceremony ser estar postponed. Simply as it era done with a Oscar e the golden Globe 2021.

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In Brazil, ns official transmissão of ns award will be the responsibility that TNT, i beg your pardon will display it on its channel, but also through streaming. The o primeiro dia will it is in on your youtube home, as ns broadcaster has been law with the ceremonies that this annual circuit of cinema awards.

The awareness can likewise be checked out by a application TNT GO, TNT"s main streaming. Its can it is in accessed through the website or v applications (available for Android e iOS). bahubegumtv.come have access to TNT Go, you have to have der pay TV provider that enables you to register on a platform.

Another viable option is v the iptv DirecTV"s Brazilian, directv Go, which has actually TNT in its network of easily accessible channels. It functions on smartvs, smartphones and tablets. A basic service setup costs R $ 59,90 per month, and it has a free one-week attempt period.

O olhar Digital teaches you bahubegumtv.como as to assistir movies, series and other fabricação through direcção Go.

TNT"s channel is also available on transmissão NOW, vivo Play and Oi Play ao its subscribers.

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