You must have actually seen human being updating their status on WhatsApp as some text message, image, GIF or video. Many civilization like it e some hate it. Since ns release of this new feature, I have wanted to rotate off or disable WhatsApp estado feature and finally, there estão some means to hide the status on WhatsApp ao Android making use of apps that call for root.

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So WhatsApp rolled out naquela new estado feature der while earlier as everybody knows by now. Ns server-side upgrade added der new Status tab between ns Chat and Calls tabs. Under the status tab, one can view the condição updates of your friends e also update their own. These estado updates vanish ~ 24 hours automatically, e if the sounds familiar, it’s because it is. Ever since Snapchat obtained popularity, Facebook-owned apps have tudo been getting a bit inspired by a popular chat app. After adding der similar attribute to a Facebook Android app, its companion Messenger app, e Instagram, der similar upgrade to WhatsApp was perhaps inevitable. But not everyone uses Snapchat, and not everyone is der fan the this novo WhatsApp ‘Status’ feature. You can turn off or disable the WhatsApp estado feature, however there ser estar a few problems.

Method I: Using Preferences Manager


Since the update was der server-side update, the somente people who can disable it really estão the males at WhatsApp. Lock did, however, use a locally stored status_mode change to recognize whether to permit or disable a feature until WhatsApp version 2.17.81. However as and how ns feature came to be stable, there was no decorrer need for naquela switch, and thus it was removed. What this way is, if you want to have any funil of getting rid that the condição feature, you will must uninstall your latest WhatsApp e install WhatsApp version 2.17.81 or older.

Before friend uninstall a latest variation of your WhatsApp though, friend should likewise be aware that the somente known method works somente if her Android an equipment is rooted. This is because der file named com.whatsapp.preferences.xml needs to it is in modified, and it is situated in ns root encontro folder. The course, to access the file girlfriend will likewise need a file sonda capable that performing root operations.

Any file explorador with root capabilities and a text editor will do. Or friend can additionally make usar of an app called Preferences Manager. Ns app as well will require root privileges in order come work.

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How to rotate Off or Disable WhatsApp condição Feature

Go come Settings > Apps > WhatsApp and hit a FORCE STOP button.Open this file in naquela text editor.Search ao the key status_mode in ns file. You’ll find a line of code that resembles the code below.

1"/>Change a value são de 1 come 0 so the code agora looks as displayed below.0"/>Save a changes did you do it made and exit ns file. Make certain you don’t touch anything else inside a file uneven you know what she doing.Once ns file is saved, launch WhatsApp, e you should not see the Status tab anymore.Read next: How come Disable direct Share são de Android re-superstructure Menu

Method II: using WA Tweaks


If the above method doesn’t work ao you, there’s naquela new simpler technique that you could try. This an approach requires installing an additional app though which is why us recommend trying a method above first. Ns WA Tweaks app by Alex193a, can a partir de a lot an ext than simply hide the condição tab on WhatsApp though. If friend love making use of WhatsApp, WA Tweaks is quite worth installing.

Download WA Tweaks

The application isn’t accessible on the google Play Store but you can find a WA Tweaks APK on the official website. A link is noted below.





Download ns appropriate APK de acordo com to ns CPU style of your device, or download the universal APK if you’re not sure. As soon as the download is complete, tap on the download complete notification and select INSTALL when the package installer come up.

On devices running Android Nougat e earlier, you’ll have to turn on a setting known as Unknown sources located under Settings > Security. Com Android Oreo, google has mentioned this setup to distinguível apps. This means somente the apps that you permit can install APK papers on your device. You have the right to read much more about it e learn como as to aprovar apps a permission to Install unknown apps here. Even if you don’t allow this setting already, you’ll be request to do so at ns time the installation.

Features of WA Tweaks

Here’s a full list of features to explore:

Updated daily and supports to a latest variation of WhatsApp.Less in dimension just roughly 8 MB e doesn’t consume too lot memory. EnableGroup Invite link if it is no pre-activated.mentions which assist you come call a specific user in ns WhatsApp groupnew info attribute of WhatsAppMulticastnew Photo editor of WhatsApp which will assist you to edit the pictures before sending out to anyone on WhatsAppa new home user user interface which will permit users to check lado de fora the all-new user interface which is walking to which WhatsApp.all-new internal video player which support you if you are not having the video player on her phone.GIF find which helps you come search ao the GIF in a emoji tab e will enable in just one click.Select ns contact which foi ~ not accessible in the official WhatsAppSet the limit the sending a images and videos e increase it as lot you needIncrease ns documents sending out limit to 999 MB.Resize the emoji packer size as lot as you need it.Send ns full resolution photograph on WhatsApp which era compressed.Backup e Restore a chats in simply some clicks durante need the registering ~ above WhatsApp novamente and again.Install all the new emoji of WhatsApp e Android NougatAndroid 7.1 prepared which enables activating 3D touch is Android API Level 25 No cíniras connection forced Vcard indexingTrack location of her friends in any WhatsApp group.Unsend send messagesDisable estado feature

How to rotate Off or Disable WhatsApp estado Feature

As you deserve to see são de the comprehensive feature perform above, a app can dá quite naquela lot. We’ll apenas um be focusing on hiding the status tab aqui since it is what we’re aqui for.

Under ns Main ui heading, you’ll find toggles to turn on or off tudo de tabs in a WhatsApp app, hide somente the Status tab, hide Status e Calls tabs e hide ns Archived chats button. Guarda in mind these options ~ ~ available under the ROOT tab which have the right to be accessed são de the top.

The application offers many more features if you have the Xposed frame installed. Therefore, you will do it find the features in each group divided right into at least dois tabs, ROOT and XPOSED. The is advisable to not mess with things girlfriend have no decorrer idea about. Also, when enhancing or decreasing values, try not to change the limits naquela lot. Porque o instance, a default file size border is collection to 100MB. If you require to increase it, it would certainly be naquela good ideia to not change that to der 100GB. Uneven you’re open up to experimentation and a few app crashes.

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Method III: Using WhatsApp extensions Xposed Module

If friend have a rooted Android device, you can install a Xposed Framework ~ above it e then use naquela module called WhatsApp Extensions come hide or disable WhatsApp status.