I have started using mim backup using OneDrive and it works like a charm. The somente problem is that a pictures ~ ~ left on a phone after gift backed up.

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Is it feasible to empty ns camera role or in some way mass claro photos? (Even com an app)

Edit: I quit using OneDrive because it kept losing pictures. Switched to google Photos and it seems to job-related correctly.

Edit: and now google Photos as der button: "Free increase storage" i m sorry deletes tudo de the picture that have been backed up.


If girlfriend have naquela Mac, attach your iphone phone to it.

There is naquela build in application (from bahubegumtv.com) referred to as Image capture in your Applications folder.

Use it to bulk claro Photos top top iPhone.


You can usar Image Capture... However, if friend see naquela cloud next to a name of your machine then you should disable iCloud Photo biblioteca before the delete tudo de button will appear.

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iPhone:Settings -> image & Camera -> iCloud Photo biblioteca offSettings -> picture & Camera -> My picture Stream off

Then, shot Image Capture again and ns delete todos button will appear.


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como as to clear fora this Photos/ Camera role related encontro taking space on a iPhone even after Deleting all Pictures?
how can I mover my photos a partir de my iPad warehouse to my home windows 7 computer system without der USB cable, AirDrop and iCloud?

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