Nowadays, the is increasingly challenging to call naquela cell phone. Civilization rarely do voice calls, considered invasive, e prefer to connect using other methods. Uma symptom that this change is a fact that 1 of ns most significant offenses to a smartphone user is leaving der message in their mailbox.

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The big problem is that a notification that there is naquela message over there is persistent. Plenty of cell phones dá not permit you to remove the notification under any type of circumstances; to do matters worse, some operators market verification of a mailbox as a paid service. The is: you should pay to remove that stroked nerves notification.

Fortunately, over there is an alternate on Android. If you don"t desire to or can"t hear a message, but want to vai rid of a notification, there is a procedure bahubegumtv.come at the very least hide it till you restart her phone. Unfortunately, because not tudo de Android phones ~ ~ the same, this may work on part devices, however not on others.

1. Pull lado de fora the notice list

Depending on the cell phone, this option may have an additional name. On ns LG G6, para example, that is called “More Settings”

4. Tap a name of a application

The app title will certainly be highlighted at ns top of a screen. Again, the name of a application responsible para the notice can vary from device bahubegumtv.come device. In G6, it’s called “Call Services”

5. Enter the “Storage” option

6. Press “Clear Data” e confirm

This alternative will clear ns application"s information, likewise deleting a indication the there is a message in ns mailbox. Ns message will not it is in deleted, yet you will durante longer be educated that it is there until your phone call is restarted.

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7. Ready. The notification is gone!


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