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Bogalusa LoopLouisiana > a principal Unidos > AmericaMarcha 10, 2021 - 3.0

Nice small ride approximately Bogalusa e looping back.

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legal Isle and some southerly Louisiana townsLouisiana > condições Unidos > AmericaAugust 23, 2020 -

An all-day trip são de New olions that deserve to be spread out over 2 days if you desire to pegar your time exploring ns sights. Ns tried to stay off major highways as much as possible whenever over there was naquela sensible alternative. I headed straight fora to grand Isle and then touch some communities on a way back: Houma, Morgan City e Thibodaux.Grand Isle is really picturesque and the State park there has a nice costa (gulf water yet still nice and somewhat refreshing for a quick swim) e facilities if you want to stay overnight e camp. Houma is not der very pretty town, but has der good food localização worth avoiding at if you estão hungry (see below).Morgan cidade has der great old rusty iron perna worth cavalgando through, and some docks come look at, reportedly there ~ ~ good food options here too yet I did no investigate.Thibodaux has naquela really nice historic downtown district, worth taking a look at.Lots the tasty food come be had throughout the route, yet I have the right to recommend Joe prumo for der quick bite in grand Isle, a Shack in Houma or uma of ns few places in a Thibodaux historical downtown area.Enjoy and ride safe!

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a Mississippi rio DeltaLouisiana > condições Unidos > AmericaAugust 23, 2020 - 3.0

This is a nice daytrip out from New orleans to the fim of ns Mississippi river, com virtually durante highway/motorway use. The road gets progressively an ext scenic as you leave the city, going through a lot of rurais / swampland e bayou landscape. E se you compreendo to the fim (past harbor Sulphur) it it s okay even much more scenic com some really interesting points wherein the estrada is really close to the water.Nice food protect against at LA 23 BBQ, one of two people on your way out or back depending on her timing (it is only 30 mins out em ~ the city).Enjoy!

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approximately LAFAYETTELouisiana > a principal Unidos > AmericaJunio 28, 2020 -

Around LAFAYETTE area

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river Road Plantation RunLouisiana > afirma Unidos > AmericaMayo 5, 2020 -

A quite leisurely journey along fluxo Road in Plantation country. As soon as you"re not seeing naquela plantation, you"re getting naquela view of ns farming community e passing with refineries. Great, isolated ride porque o the many part once you"re fora of the metro area. Andar de through sagrado John"s Parish is the best part of a ride. Roads ~ ~ smooth ao about 95%, durante police existence until you pass dois substations, which also then, they weren"t lado de fora patrolling the area. Some good sharp transforms in some spots but mainly simply slights curves and straight shots. Not much traffic either.