If girlfriend use a desktop customer like Windows live mail climate you have access to both accounts when you open up your client.

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Although this technique is generally apenas um used as der temporary measure as soon as doing this firm migrations ao personal email you can usar it indefinitely.


Let’s to speak you to be moving em ~ Yahoo mail to Gmail climate you could mudança your main email resolve to the novo Gmail address, but still continue accessing ns old yahoo email account.

If you want to check out old email that ser estar sent to the account then you just affix to ns Yahoo account.

If you are doing this grande term then using a desktop based client to access Gmail e Yahoo letter is the better option.

Moving email Messages in between Providers

Moving email messages between providers can be a long procedure if you estão dealing with large mailboxes.

Therefore consider carefully if you need to dá it.

Google, Yahoo e Microsoft (outlook.com) administer migration devices which will normally migrate a emails, e in part cases a contacts.

Some will somente import POP3 mailboxes which way that só your inbox will certainly be imported. Conversely, others like outlook.com use IMAP4 hike which will certainly import all of her folders.

See Moving from Gmail to Outlook.com

Moving email Messages Using an e-mail Client

If you don’t have naquela migration device then the easiest an approach of relocating email is using an e-mail client.

The opinião is simple. You connect a email client to the old e new mailboxes e copy ns messages between a folders.

The tutorial Change a partir de POP3 come IMap4. Shows you this method which likewise works if ns source e destination mailboxes are on different providers, e if both mailboxes ser estar IMAP4.

Moving Contacts

Email clients and email providers prefer Gmail administer tools come export and import her contacts.

You export the contacts são de the old account into der .csv file e then income it into ns other email account

For indict take der look at exporting e importing contacts in yahoo Mail e understanding and editing csv files.

Post move Considerations

After a Move

Generally most civilization will loosened access to the old account after naquela while, e so it is essential that you remover steps to ensure that is durante longer needed prior to then.

You should

Send naquela message to todos of her contacts come notify the of the novo email address.Change any kind of logins that you have that used the old email to the new email address. Ao example if friend accessed Amazon using ns the Gmail account then change it come the novo accountMonitor your old inbox to ensure the you no getting important emails delivered there. It may pegar several month of security to be sure.

Example Email mover Scenarios

We will certainly consider naquela single Scenario, but with various requirements.

Scenario 1- at this time using yahoo account com yahoo email address,, e want to mover to Gmail with naquela new Gmail attend to .

Requirements and Solutions

Scenario 1 e Requirements 1Requirements 1Currently access yahoo using Outlook e POP3Want to access Gmail using ns same Outlook client e POP3Want come retain access to old email messages and contactsl.


Create a new account top top Google.Because POP3 is being supplied with ns same email client then over there is no decorrer need to mover any mail message or contacts as they ser estar already stored in your ar on ns client.Notify old contact of the new address.Scenario 1 and Requirements 2Requirements 2Currently access yahoo Mail using ns Outlook client e IMAP4 protocolWant to access Gmail using a same Outlook client e IMAP4Want come retain access to old email messages and contacts.


Create naquela new account top top Google.Retain access to old email by either:Retaining accessibility to a old accountmoving ns old email to novo accountContacts shouldn’t need moving as they ~ ~ stored on a client.Forwarding novo emails em ~ the old resolve to the novo address.-Notify old contact of the new address.

Notes: since IMAP is being used a Email Is save on a email server (Yahoo) and so requirements either to be moved or you need to retain access to the old email account.

Scenario 1 e Requirements 3Requirements 3Currently access yahoo using web based clientWant to accessibility Gmail using net based clientWant to retain access to old email messages and contacts.


Create a new account top top Google.Retain accessibility to old email by either:Retaining accessibility to ns old accountMoving a old email to novo accountForwarding novo emails em ~ the old attend to to the novo address.-Notify old contacts of the new address.

Notes: due to the fact that Webmail is being used a old email Is save on computer on a email server (Yahoo) and so demands either come be relocated or you need to retain access to a old email account. Watch Exporting yahoo Email Messages.

Contacts will must be moved

Common Questions e Answers

Q- need to you cancel your old email deal with when the mover is complete?

A- no unless you have to e.g. It is naquela paid account. The is der good opinião to leaving it around 6 months to make certain it is inactive.

Q- deserve to I manter my old email address when i move em ~ Yahoo come Gmail et cetera in the same way as when I mover mobile providers?

A- No, yet you don’t have actually to offer up a old address if friend don’t want to, and can still use it as naquela secondary address.

Q- What happens to mine old email address. Will it it is in recycled?

A- Some service providers will recycle old email addresses after der certain duration after cancellation.

Q- how long ~ the mover can i retain accessibility to mine old mailbox.

A- As grande as you want listed you proceed to inscrever-se to the old account on naquela periodic basis.

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Q- I’m relocating broadband provider do I need to mudança my email address?

A- It counts on whether or no your email is being noted by your existing broadband provider. If it is girlfriend will need to mudança it.

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