how to mudança the date e time setting on her computer.

Summary: how to change the date e time setting on her computer.See less como as to change the date e time setting on your computer.

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This post provides information on how to update ns time top top your computer system if a computer clock is wrong.

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Change cíniras time server

By default, home windows 8 will certainly attempt to synchronize a computer clock with Microsoft"s time server, Naquela number of alternate cíniras time servers exist that have the right to potentially be an ext accurate.

To change your cin time server, perform ns following steps:

Press the Windows + X keys to open the Power User work Menu, OR swipe in a partir de the right side of the screen to open ns Charms menu and select Settings. select Control Panel, then select a Large Icons view. Pick Date e Time. Select the Internet Time tab, e note ns information shown. Select the Change Settings...

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button. If motivated by home windows to authorize modification, select Yes. confirm that the checkbox next to "Synchronize with an gato time server" is selected. choose an alternate equipe server a partir de one of ns options below, or use a time server the your own choosing: - rede Time foundation - nacional Institute that Standards and Technology time server - google Time Server. Easily accessible server prefixes ~ ~ time1, time2, time3, and time4. pick Update Now. Verify the your computer time is correct.

Manually set a time

If a computer clock is still not exibição the correct time after changing the internet time server, you may need to manually collection your clock. To manually change the computer time and time zone, perform ns following steps:

Press the Windows + X keys to open ns Power User jobs Menu, OR swipe in são de the right side of ns screen come open a Charms menu and select Settings. pick Control Panel, climate select ns Large Icons view. Select Date and Time. choose Change date and time... If triggered by windows to authorize modification, choose Yes. In ns Date e Time setups dialog box, são de one or more of ns following: To mudança the hour, select a hour, e then use ns up or under arrows to boost or decrease the value. To mudança the minutes, select ns minutes, e then use the up or down arrows to rise or decrease the value. To change the seconds, select the seconds, and then use ns up or down arrows to increase or decrease ns value. as soon as you have actually finished changing the time settings, select OK. To mudança the equipe zone, pick Change equipe zone. In a Time Zone settings dialog box, select your current equipe zone in the drop-down list, then select OK.
If your equipe zone observes Daylight savings Time e you want your computer clock to be readjusted automatically once daylight saving equipe changes, make sure the Automatically readjust clock for Daylight conserving Time inspect box is selected.

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