How to post stories to your Facebook business page e a trick ao those quem just can’t do it work

UPDATED: 7th February 2019

“We expect Stories estão on monitor to overtake posts in alimentação as the most common caminho people re-superstructure across tudo de social apps. That’s due to the fact that Stories is a better format porque o sharing lot of quick video clips throughout her day.”

Mark Zuckerberg – 31st January 2018

We just announced ours quarterly results and community update. Our emphasis in 2018 is making certain Facebook isn"t just fun,…

Geplaatst door mark Zuckerberg opWoensdag 31 januari 2018

Turns out, on facebook really quer us to use stories.

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If those words a partir de Mark Zuckerberg aren’t enough, think about Facebook is experimentation features that will make stories an ext enticing come watch e easier to create.

If stories really are the future of facebook we need to start looking at how we can use them para business. But first, how do we importar started?

There ser estar 3 methods you can article stories to your Facebook organization page. If you simply can’t seem to make them work shot my secret fix (at the fim of this post).

This is part 5 in der series on creating better Instagram & facebook stories:

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3 ways to produce Facebook stories for business pages

Method one – Link em ~ Instagram

This is ao iOS users apenas um at ns moment. If that’s you e you usar Instagram you have the right to share your Instagram stories directly to your business page.

Make certain you have set up her account come share to her Facebook business page and not her profile before you start.

From a Instagram camera, tap a cog to a top left-hand página of the screen.Scroll under to a bottom of a page e switch ~ above ‘Share her story to Facebook’.
How to short article to Facebook stories on your organization page em ~ Instagram

This is ns quickest and easiest method but it’s not ideal. The interactive facets in your story such together polls, hashtags and usernames aren’t clickable on Facebook as soon as you share. como as frustrating is that para viewers?

Method 2 – Use the camera ~ above your facebook app

Currently not working: 7th February 2019

The on facebook camera renders it easy para you come share stories to your an individual account but hiding behind a ‘next’ switch is ns opportunity to share come your service pages.

On a Facebook app swipe right from the homepage.Create her story element and decorate it.Click ‘Next’ and scroll through ns pages you regulate to discover the uma you desire to article to.
How to short article to her Facebook business page story a partir de Facebook camera

What if your web page doesn’t show up on ns list?

This is common porque o those who usar Facebook Business gerente on desktop. I’ll show you the fix ~ we’ve looked at an approach 3

Method 3 – Start a story em ~ your on facebook app

If friend manage der lot the pages method 2 will certainly seem cumbersome. Scrolling through tudo de those pages each equipe you want to add naquela snap to your story is tough work e it’s bound to an outcome in der misplaced story at some stage.

If this is a problem porque o you, article directly são de the page. Friend can’t dá this from the ‘Pages manager’ app, you’ll have to access ns page em ~ your personal account on her app.

Click your círculo profile photo then ‘Add to story’.

How to write-up to her Facebook web page story from the on facebook app

If you try to post from your page e nothing happens, her snap simply hangs there without loading you’ll need my Business manager fix.

So here it is…

The Business manager fix

Are you naquela business gerente user? If girlfriend are e if you are having problems posting story to your crucial page you’ll need to change your settings.

Go come ‘Business gerente settings’ e ‘Business info’Click editEnsure the “Allow people in your service to develop posts, an increase posts and see business…” is selected.Save
Update Business gerente settings to write-up stories to her main organization page

That’s it. 3 ways to produce Facebook stories porque o your page e a resolve if you just can’t make it work.

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Have you used Facebook stories ao your business page? ~ ~ you following any kind of pages that usar them creatively? I’d love come hear around them.