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• naquela government-issued ID. Porque o example, der driver’s license, passport or permanent resident card.• der screenshot that the bank or credit card statement demonstrar the many recent payment come bahubegumtv.com. Include a charge amount e the charge date in the screenshot. (Not required porque o two-factor authentication issues.)


• If you entered multiple websites above, affix statements exibição the most recent charge associated com every site.• Ensure your files ~ ~ .jpg or .png so we can view them.

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We understand ns tremendous challenges ns Coronavirus pandemic is causing porque o people and small enterprise across ns world. Aqui at bahubegumtv.com customer bahubegumtv.com, we’re doing every little thing we deserve to to answer your questions and provide ajuda to our community.If you need bahubegumtv.com throughout these unsure times, submit a following form and we’ll look right into options ao you. You re welcome provide certain details regarding your problem or request, such as:

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A member of ours team will certainly respond as quickly as possible.

Upload naquela screenshot of a issue she having, or ns site contente you"d prefer to modify, so us can help you an ext quickly. Learn como as to take der screenshot here: http://sqsp.link/w5Jigj
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Connecting Facebook and Instagram to Scheduling
last updated October 21, 2021 17:18

Connect Facebook and Instagram come Scheduling to track conversions through Facebook Pixel, enable clients to book directly through social media, e more.

You can attach Scheduling to on facebook Business gerente to access tudo de of Facebook’s offerings, or connect apenas um to Instagram.

Connect to Facebook business Manager

Connecting to on facebook Business manager will attach your facebook page and Facebook Pixel come Scheduling. You deserve to also use this method to affix an Instagram profile, if your Instagram and Facebook accounts ~ ~ linked.

To connect to Facebook company Manager, you must have:

A Facebook service pageA company name gotten in in Scheduling

To collection your business name:

Add a name in ns Business Name field, climate click Save Changes.Tip: If you nothing have naquela business name and a sustained currency, you’ll view an error post that reads “In bespeak to affix to Facebook, you estão required to have der Business Name and a sustained currency.”

Connect come Facebook company Manager

To collection up a integration:

Scroll to the Web contractors & Social section, discover Facebook company & Instagram, e click Set Up.Click Connect to on facebook and follow a prompts come connect.Choose the Facebook Business gerente you want para this connection and click Continue. If you don’t already have der Facebook business Manager, you will do it be motivated to develop one.Continue following a prompts until you’re connected. Click Done to finish the last step.Note:When she connecting, on facebook may mention Acuity Scheduling. This is normal e doesn’t mean there’s naquela problem.If you need to connect Scheduling to much more than uma Pixel instance, use a Custom switch Tracking option in Integrations rather of connecting come Facebook company Manager.

Disconnect from Facebook business Manager

To disable the connection:

In the Integrations you’re Using section, uncover Facebook business & Instagram and click Edit.Click Disconnect são de Facebook.

How Scheduling integrates with your company page

The Facebook service integration adds Scheduling come your service page in 3 ways:

a Book Now button in her profile that leads to her standalone scheduler.the option to send her scheduling page through on facebook Messengera small scheduler in her profile

Send your scheduler v Facebook Messenger

To send her clients der scheduling attach through facebook Messenger, click a calendar symbol at ns bottom of ns messaging window. If you or ns client mention der specific time, Messenger will indicate you insert a scheduling link.

Use Featured solutions so client can book through Facebook

The little scheduler on her profile page, called Featured Services, display screens up to three of your appointment types. Clients deserve to click those solutions to book, or click See All to walk to your main scheduler.

To mudança which appointment types ~ ~ displayed in Featured Services:

Go to a Web builders & Social section and find Facebook service & Instagram.Click Set Up.Use the drop-down cardápio to choose up to 3 appointment types.Click Save Settings.Tip: Because on facebook caches information around your page, it"s normal porque o changes come Featured solutions to pegue about 24 hours to show up ~ above Facebook.

Facebook Pixel

You can usar Facebook Pixel to:

track the potência of her Scheduling accountNote: Connecting on facebook Pixel come Scheduling doesn’t connect Pixel to any type of other parts of bahubegumtv.com, such as Commerce. To connect Pixel to various other parts that bahubegumtv.com, visit utilizing Facebook Pixel com bahubegumtv.com.

Events Scheduling sends to Pixel

Scheduling sends out these events to Pixel:




Visitor tons page or embedded scheduler


Visitor reaches details kind after picking appointment type, date, time, etc.


Visitor schedules an appointment.


Visitor schedules an meeting or completes an order for a package, gift certificate, etc.

Scheduling data in Pixel

Pixel tracks todos activity top top your installed scheduler e standalone scheduling page. The doesn"t track task in a Scheduling panel, including when you book appointments there.

Facebook receives two PageView occasions when a visitor opens naquela page with your scheduler embedded: one ao the web page itself, e one para the scheduler.Data são de both sources will be combined together in a Facebook occasions Manager. To recognize which Purchase events came em ~ Scheduling, look porque o parameters that concertos the transaction value, appointment type, or purchase type.

Test the integration

To confirm the integration is working, schedule an appointment with your scheduler. Don’t book a appointment straight through ns Scheduling panel, since that i will not ~ trigger the integration.

Once you’ve booked ns test appointment, walk to your facebook Events manager to verify that you’ve received PageView, InitiateCheckout, Purchase, e Schedule events. That may pegar up to 15 minutes para these occasions to appear. If you see them, did you do it successfully collection up ns integration.


Connect Scheduling to her Instagram web page so world viewing your Instagram profile have the right to instantly book com you.

If you connect Scheduling to Instagram as component of your link to a Facebook Business gerente integration, Instagram will add der Book switch to her profile. If friend don’t want to attach to Facebook service Manager, you have the right to add der Book switch directly to her Instagram profile.

To connect, you need ns latest variation of Instagram e an Instagram organization profile. You likewise need to be ns owner of your Scheduling account.

To add ns Book button, monitor Instagram’s steps ao adding a call-to-action button. When you’re motivated to select an action button, pick Acuity Scheduling. You may be motivated to log in in throughout this process.

Note: If you’re can not to add a Book button manually e your Instagram organization Profile is connected to her Facebook service Page, girlfriend may have the ability to approve a connection through your facebook settings. Log into your Facebook business Page or a Facebook app Store, go to service Integrations, click or tap Acuity Scheduling, e choose Also attach my Instagram organization Profile.

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To remove ns Scheduling Book button a partir de your Instagram profile, monitor Instagram’s steps ao removing a call-to-action button. Come disconnect entirely em ~ Facebook, disable the Facebook Business manager integration.