Twitter is considered uma of a social rede faster as soon as it bahubegumtv.comes to information - or memes. However, in this sea of ​​content, that is an overwhelming to visit those old publicar on platform, one of two people yours or another user"s.

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Thinking about making vida easier ao those curious quem want to understand someone"s old publications, Twitter has actually an advanced search duty that allows you to choose a specific time starting on march 21, 2006.

A hardware it additionally features a search field for words, engagement, localization e even language of ns post. Watch in ns tutorial how to do this find on Twitter.

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How bahubegumtv.come search para old Twitter posts

1 - Access the link: No. Desktop;

2 - define the native you desire to find for. Pour it until it is full in the fields is not mandatory;


3 - Choose ns account you want to see a old posts. That is possible to view tweets sent to other profiles or messages the mention certain accounts;



5 - that is also possible to refine searches through engagement. Users have the right to set the minimum variety of replies, likes e retweets made to posts;


6 - a last field permits you to choose the dates that you will certainly search for. Mental that ns search have the right to be done starting on march 21, 2006.

To ensure the bahubegumtv.complete search, set the deadline uma day after ns date you desire to search. Example: if you desire to find publicar made by April 26, 2021, note the end date as April 27, 2021.


Ready! agora you know how to use Twitter"s advanced search tools to fetch old posts from other users.

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