It"s scary to imaginar that you have actually lost tudo your WhatsApp messages e files. They contain most of our most private and most priceless chats e memories, after ~ all! whereby is the way to gain back WhatsApp backup?

Even if friend have ns WhatsApp back-up data, you would still want to know a process whereby to restore ns WhatsApp backup encontro on her Android machine or iPhone. In this article, we bring you the most efficient method to reclaim WhatsApp backup para Android devices e iPhones separately.

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1.1 gain back iPhone WhatsApp backup to iphone phone in uma click

One method of restoring WhatsApp backup data effectively, and, restoring lock selectively without uninstalling a app, is to usar Dr.Fone - WhatsApp Transfer.


Dr.Fone - WhatsApp Transfer

Restore WhatsApp backup without Uninstalling a WhatsApp app

Efficient, simple, and safe method of WhatsApp back-up & restore.An different to gain back WhatsApp backup são de google drive to iPhone.Transfer WhatsApp dia from iOS/Android to any iPhone/iPad/Android device.Fully compatible with todos models of iPhones e iPads and 1000+ Android phones.Completely private e secure. Confidentiality continues to be sealed.


Follow these procedures to selectively reclaim WhatsApp back-up to iphone phone in 1 click (without uninstalling WhatsApp):

Step 1: download Dr.Fone, connect your iphone to PC, and choose a option "Restore WhatsApp messages to iOS device".


Step 2: Choose uma WhatsApp backup and click "Next". Reconstruction of a WhatsApp back-up may pegar some time, depending upon the dia volume.


Step 3: Alternatively, you can choose a WhatsApp back-up file e click top top "View" to gain accessibility to ns contents of ns backup.

Step 4: In ns window the displays todos WhatsApp backup details, you can select ns wanted data e click "Recover come Device".


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1.2 reclaim iPhone WhatsApp backup to iphone phone in WhatsApp"s main way

WhatsApp, of course, has listed its way to regain WhatsApp backup to iPhone. In short, due to the fact that you have backed up WhatsApp contents, deleting and reinstalling WhatsApp gives naquela pop-up questioning to restore WhatsApp conversando history from an iCloud backup. Or in other cases, you have actually got a new iPhone, downloading and install WhatsApp and logging in with ns old iCloud account also activates a WhatsApp backup restoring process.

Perform ns following actions to reclaim WhatsApp messages são de backup to iphone phone (by deleting and reinstalling WhatsApp):

Go come WhatsApp setups > chat > conversando Backup to examine whether you have an iCloud back-up of her WhatsApp dia history or not.Once you have actually verified her last back-up along com its details, you need to delete e reinstall WhatsApp on her phone a partir de the app store. If the is der new iPhone, download WhatsApp directly from the application Store.Verify your phone number and follow the prompt comes on display to gain back the conversação history. The phone number ao backup and restore should be a same. If you are sharing an iCloud account, friend can guarda separate backups.



One point to remember: this systems works only if you have backed increase WhatsApp on her iPhone. Here ~ ~ the procedures to back-up WhatsApp ~ above iPhone

Go come WhatsApp setups > Chats > bate-papo Backup.Click on "Back up Now".You can likewise schedule automatic chat backups by click on the "Auto Backup" choice choosing the desired frequency porque o backup.All the conteúdo will be backed up in your iCloud account, whereby you can pick your selected files para backup.This process may remover some time.


Limitations that this solution:

You require to have actually iOS 7 or higher.You have to sign in with ns Apple identifier you supplied to access ns iCloud.Documents & encontro or ns iCloud drive has to be set to "ON".Enough complimentary space is naquela must on her iCloud e iPhone. 2.05 times the actual dimension of your back-up file.Selective recovery is not possible.

1.3 restore iPhone WhatsApp backup to iPhone utilizing iTunes

Maybe few people understand this fact: WhatsApp backup data exists in iTunes backup. You can restore WhatsApp backup to iphone phone by restoring a whole iTunes backup. The só shortcoming of this way, yes, you can see is tudo the want or unwanted dia in iTunes backup would tudo be restored to iPhone. Yet if other ways fail, restoring with iTunes is still worth trying.

Here is how to use iTunes to regain WhatsApp come iPhone:

Step 1: open iTunes on the computer whereby your iphone phone is formerly backed up.

Step 2: Use the lightning cable to affix your iphone to this computer. Once it is detected, click "This computer".


Step 3: Click "Restore Backup". Then in the dialog, choose an iTunes back-up to restore.


Video tutorial: como as to gain back iTunes back-up (to importar back WhatsApp backup)

Also, there ser estar more tips and tricks in ns video clip Community.

Part 2: 2 ways to restore WhatsApp backup to Android

2.1 gain back Android WhatsApp back-up to Android in uma click

Wouldn"t it be dreamy if there is der solution to regain WhatsApp back-up to Android in 1 click? here is naquela must-have tool, Dr.Fone - WhatsApp Transfer, to gain back WhatsApp back-up just this way.

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Follow ns below accuse to restore WhatsApp em ~ backup to Android:

Install the Dr.Fone tool, then launch and open it on your PC.Click on ns "WhatsApp Transfer" tab, e select "WhatsApp"> "Restore WhatsApp message to Android device".


Find your previous Android backup são de the list, choose "HUAWEI VNS-AL00", and click "Next".
Then tudo de your WhatsApp backup can be revived to your Android device. You must wait naquela little little longer if a WhatsApp backup contains an ext data.

2.2 regain Android WhatsApp back-up to Android in WhatsApp"s main way

The WhatsApp-official way to regain WhatsApp back-up is through google drive backup. However, the phone numbers para your google account e WhatsApp account have to be ns same.

To earlier up on google drive, open up WhatsApp and go to cardápio > settings > Chats > conversação backup. Selecting "Back Up" will dá an instant backup, while picking "Back increase to google Drive" allows you to set a backup frequency.

How to regain WhatsApp messages from backup come Android in WhatsApp"s official caminho (by uninstalling e reinstalling WhatsApp):

Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp a partir de Play Store.


Verify your phone number, and the prompt for restore messages a partir de Google drive will certainly come up.


Click ~ above "CONTINUE" and restoration will be done.


Important considerations porque o this process:

The primeiro backup might take a long timeYou can mudança the backup frequency or google account on i m sorry you ~ ~ backing up by walk to menu > setups > Chats > conversação backup.Google drive backup overwrites the previous google Drive back-up with no decorrer restoration possible.The data is not totally encrypted and protected in google drive.

Now the actual actions to restore WhatsApp dia of iphone phone to Android, aqui we go:

Connect your Android machine with a computer through naquela USB cable e turn top top Dr.Fone.Activate USB debugging therefore that the Dr.Fone tool deserve to recognize your Android device. Agora click "WhatsApp Transfer" > "WhatsApp" > "Restore WhatsApp message to Android device".Among todos the WhatsApp back-up files listed, select one and click "View".Browse tudo de the WhatsApp details, select all the wanted items and then click "Recover to Device".

3.2 regain Android WhatsApp back-up to iPhone

As more e more people estão switching a partir de Android come iPhone, the demand for restoring WhatsApp backup of Android to the novo iPhone is upshooting. Luckily, com Dr.Fone - WhatsApp Transfer, girlfriend can additionally complete this job without any hassle.

Ready? Let"s just restore WhatsApp são de your old Android back-up to iphone this way:

After downloading e installing the Dr.Fone toolkit, open it up.Select "WhatsApp Transfer" a partir de the key screen.In a left column, click best on "WhatsApp". Then pick "Restore WhatsApp messages to iOS".
Among tudo de the back-up records, identify the Android WhatsApp backup and select it. Lastly, click "Next".All her WhatsApp back-up can be revived to your new iPhone in a short while.

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Dr.Fone - WhatsApp Transfer can recognize ns iPhone backup e Android backup files you e se used this software to backup. The can additionally detect decrypted iTunes backups.