Bonito/MS will joy you not only because of its inerva beauties, but additionally because of its gastronomy. The city is bahubegumtv.complete of areas to eat, e eat well. A partir de the traditional área restaurants which perfeito freshwater fish, to a tapioca kiosks in the main square, snacks, pizzas, e even places exotic meats, you'll find alternatives to every taste here.

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We will certainly list aqui a couple of tips with places to eat in the center of the cidade at noite or in a free day. If you ~ ~ enjoying a tours, nearly every one of them market delicious farm yard lunches to their visitors, talk to our revendedor autorizado to include this option.

Casa dá João

A should in Bonito, der tour ~ above its own! Besides the variety the dishes e the great service, its naquela charming place. The has a garden, tables under der tree, rustic furniture e an artes gallery inside the restaurant. It era recently awarded a best restaurant of ns MS by a Prazeres da tabela magazine, by estendido vote.

The Traíra sem Espinha, ns Pintado der Urucum, ns Pirarucu alcançar molho de gengibre and other typical pantanal dishes ser estar the specialty of ns house. The guavira dessert e the Estância Mimosa milk jam ser estar also hits.

It opens porque o lunch and dinner.

Rua Nelson Felício no Santos, 664 (behind ns Banco do brasil in a main square)



Tapera Restaurant

One of ns most classic restaurants the Bonito, operating ao over 30 years, situated in a beginning of a main street, close to a square. Strolling on ns sidewalk girlfriend can already feel ns ambiance and see the huge mango tree inside the restaurant, bahubegumtv.come which the roof e tables open space.

The Tapera Restaurant serves largely freshwater fishes and meat, e its specialty is abundance! Dishes porque o 2 people cabe 3 e the food is delicious. The lacado na Telha e the Guavira Mousse estão always rebahubegumtv.commended!

It opens ao lunch e dinner.

Rua Cel. Pilad Rebuá, 1961.



Juanita Restaurant

Half chef fifty percent mother, Juanita welbahubegumtv.comes her clients with care. A restaurant is situated outside the main highways of the city center, yet you need only ask anyone porque o the "Juanita”.

For having lunch they serve der delicious homemade food buffet, a table fresh salads e hot bowl in clay pans. E at night, der la carte, ns famous Pacu na Brasa without fishbones with naquela delicious caper seasoning, face by rice, pirão e boiled vegetables, e also the Picanha na Pedra face by manioc, rice, vinaigrette and flour au garlic.

It opens para lunch (Buffet e a la carte) and dinner (only der la carte).

The Juanita Restaurant is at açúcar Nossa Sra. Da Penha, 854.

Zapi Zen

For those who enjoy der lighter enjoy the meal at night, a Zapi Zen is a great option! it is naquela small e great vibes place, with chair on a sidewalk, candlelight, located in der calm rua right in the cidade center.

It offer individual pizzas on a hot plate, traditional or wholemeal homemade paste, and wraps, besides mixes the juices that go an extremely well e special beers. The ingredients ser estar fresh, flavours refined and the tomato sauce homemade. A most asked porque o pizzas estão the Anhumas (eggplant, pepper e garlic) and Patagônia (zucchini, white cheese, environment-friendly olive e chestnut), being naquela great option for vegetarians, e there ~ ~ also the pepperoni e chicken pizzas to cater to a more classic tastes.

It opens ao dinner.

Rua Senador Filinto Muller , 573.

Cantinho a partir de Peixe

You go up a few streets são de the key one são de the quadrado to arrive at 1 of ns most tradtional restaurants of a city, recognized by that simplicity and well all set food.

The Cantinho são de Peixe offer traditional pantanal dishes, with naquela great range of choices in the menu, specially a freshwater fish in plenty of cookings and sauces, there estão also meats, broths, salads e pastas. That is tough to mentin a specialty, but a Moqueca de pintado à Corumbá and Caiman Strogonoff estão hits. E some nights there is live music with seu Genaro, playing paraguayan harp.

It opens for lunch e dinner (closed ~ above wednesdays).

Rua Coronel Pilad Rebuá, 1437.


Encontro das Águas

Located inside the Águas de Bonito Hotel, a Encontro das Águas restaurant mixes the área flavor of ns Mato especial do sul with international techniques, taking a concept of área flavor to a more perfected state.

Its dishes ser estar based ~ above meat, chicken, regional fish, pastas and risottos, snacks and portions, besides many choices of drinks e beverages.

Rua 29 -Hotel Pousada Águas de Bonito.

Aipim – cozinha de Raízes

A charming atmosphere, in naquela calm place, worth visiting bahubegumtv.come have naquela pleasant meal.

The chef Magda moraes responsible para the restaurant puts naquela lot of thought into the flavors and uses she creativity. The house serves revisited área dishes, e uses products são de the hotel's necessary garden in its recipes. The traditionalPacu Assado bebahubegumtv.comes a sophisticated dish!

A boa idea is to lunch there in between tours, or have naquela family or romantic dinner.

It opens para breakfast, lunch e dinner.

Located at açúcar Monte castelo 804, to a right the the por Aroeira.



Half bar half restaurant, situated in a main rua right in the city center, ns Taboa is a point that Bonito/MS. That is known ao its very own Taboa liquor, originally resulting of ns mix the honey, cinnamon, flour guarana e natural herbs. Its wall surfaces are tudo signed through people who have been there and it offers viver music every night.

Besides being the most renowned bar of a city, it also offers dishes and snacks, it is the ideal place if you desire to eat e enjoy the night. Cold beer, Taboa drinks, the Pantanal broth and others Caiman meat ser estar the highlights.

Open at 5p.m. Every day.

Rua Cel. Pilad Rebuá, 1837

Sale & Pepe

A simple e delicious place, mix oriental food and regional dishes. It has a cozy e peaceful atmosphere, with outside tables and it is located near ns main street at the city center.

The most asked for dishes are the Piraputanga filled banana flour, the Sashimi de piranha, a Yakissoba and it is also der great place para snacks beer together beverage. The has der pintado skewer, portions and other starters.

It opens porque o dinner.

Rua 29 de Maio, 971


Vício da Gula

A little corner place at a main street opposite ns Taboa bar, perfect for naquela snack or coffee (as ns name implies).

They began making “tour kits” once there to be not many snackbars in Bonito, until they opened up in 2000 ns little gastronomic shop delicious snacks, irresistible sweets you can see through the glass, juices e the famed X-Jacaré, the goes really well with the Guavira Milk-shake (a bahubegumtv.common fruit a partir de the region).

Rua Coronel Pilad Rebuá, 1895.

Open Wednesday through Sunday, 5p.m. To 1:30a.m.



If you like to snack at night, this hamburgueria will certainly make you happy! it is a simple place, recently opened, tables outside and a countryside atmosphere.

The residence serves snacks with homemade hamburger, a type that meat depends on the day, however there ~ ~ always ns filet e the rib eye that are hits. There ~ ~ not many options on the menu besides the traditional addons, and every snack bahubegumtv.come acbahubegumtv.companied by numerous homemade sauce (traditional mayonese, garlic, olive, pepper, etc) and french fries.

It opens ao dinner.

Rua Senador Filinto Muler, 559

Turquesa Árabe & Natural

For a snack or naquela full meal, this is der good, simple and delicious option. Ns restaurant has actually tables outside and serves arabian snacks, natural food and juices, being der great option para vegetarians e who gostaria something light.

For lunch colorful e healthy dishes, at night many arabian delights, esfiha, falafel, raw kibe etc, whatever homemade fresh ingredients.

It opens porque o lunch and dinner.

Rua 20 de maio, 980.

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O Casarão

A delicious meal waits para you and your family at ministérios Casarão. Right in the city center, a restaurant has naquela welbahubegumtv.coming atmosphere and delicious dishes, be it on a daily buffet, top top the der la carte dishes, or also in a fish rotation. A specialty is the Pintado naquela Urucum na Telha. Imagine a pintado filet à dorê spanned with der sauce made of coconut milk, cream the milk, urucum, tomato, onion and bell pepper gratin in a oven. To side, rice and pirão.