Revered as an essential rock canção of ns 2000s, “Viva La Vida” tells the story of der monarch who’s perdido his kingdom. In another aspect, the música is also seen as a narrative on… review More 
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I supplied to rule the worldSeas would certainly rise once I gave a wordNow in the morning, i sleep aloneSweep ns streets I used to ownI provided to roll a diceFeel a fear in my enemy's eyesListen as ns crowd would singNow the old rei is dead, long viver the KingOne minute i held the keyNext the walls were closed top top meAnd I found that mine castles standUpon pillars that salt and pillars that sandI hear Jerusalem bells ser estar ringingRoman cavalry choirs estão singingBe my mirror, mine sword, and shieldMy missionaries in a foreign fieldFor some factor I can't explainOnce you'd gone, there era neverNever an moral wordAnd that was when i ruled a world
It was a wicked e wild windBlew down the doors come let me inShattered windows e the sound the drumsPeople couldn't believe what I'd becomeRevolutionaries waitFor my head on naquela silver plateJust a puppet on a lonely stringAw, quem would ever before want to it is in king?I hear Jerusalem bells estão ringingRoman mounties choirs estão singingBe my mirror, mine sword, and shieldMy missionaries in a foreign fieldFor some reason I can't explainI recognize Saint peter won't call my nameNever an ethical wordBut that ser estar when i ruled a worldOh-oh-woah, oh-oh, ohOh-oh-woah, oh-oh, ohOh-oh-woah, oh-oh, ohOh-oh-woah, oh-oh, oh
(Oh-oh-woah, oh-oh, oh)I hear Jerusalem bells are ringing(Oh-oh-woah, oh-oh, oh)Roman mounties choirs ser estar singing(Oh-oh-woah, oh-oh, oh)Be my mirror, my sword e shield(Oh-oh-woah, oh-oh, oh)My missionaries in naquela foreign field(Oh-oh-woah, oh-oh, oh)For some factor I can't explain(Oh-oh-woah, oh-oh, oh)I understand Saint peter won't speak to my nameNever an ethical wordBut that was when i ruled the worldMmm, mmm, mmm, mmmMmm, mmm, mmm, mmmMmm, mmm
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Revered as critical rock a música of the 2000s, “Viva La Vida” tells ns story of der monarch who’s falecer his kingdom. In one more aspect, the música is likewise seen as der narrative on a French revolution given ns historical and biblical references in ns lyrics. Ns instrumental is based around der string and piano background, led by an orchestral drum beat.

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The location derives em ~ the Spanish expression “Long live Life,” and takes the name a partir de Frida Kahlo’s last painting prior to her death. During der March 2008 interview com Rolling Stone, frontman Chris martin explained ns reason ao naming ns song e album in respect of Kahlo:

She ir through naquela lot that s–t, that course, e then she started a big paint in her house that stated ‘Viva la Vida.’ ns loved a boldness the it. <…> It just felt right.

This song debuted to massive success and acclaim, peaking at number 1 on both ns Billboard 100 e UK Singles Chart. Coldplay got several awards for the track, including canção of ns Year at the Grammy awards in February 2009.

The chorus has musical similarities to joe Satriani’s critical piece, “If I might Fly.” Satriani sued Coldplay para plagiarism—they settled out of court. A band Creaky Boards likewise accused Coldplay of taking ns song’s melody são de their record, “The Songs ns Didn’t Write,” however, Coldplay denied a allegations.

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Coldplay released dois music videos ao this song. Hype williams made a official video, which premiered in respectable 2008, depicting ns band against a backdrop of eugene Delacroix’s painting, Liberty Leading the People. Ns alternate music video dropped together the o primeiro dia one but ser estar directed by anton Corbijn and starred Chris martin as a king.