Cheating in ns Sims is as much naquela traditional part of the jogos as building der wall around ns pool e watching your sim slowly drown. Ours ultimate overview to The Sims 4 cheats will tell you todos about how to enable cheats, e which cheat will give you loads of money come spend, permit you develop anywhere in ns game, or simply kill whichever Sims girlfriend don"t an especially like. No decorrer judgement são de us.

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How to use cheats in the Sims 4

To input ns Sims 4 cheat on PC, you o primeiro dia need to open up up a cheat painel within a game. Exactly como as you a partir de this will count on your hardware:

Windows users: hit CTRL + shift + C.Mac users: struggle CMD + shift + C.

In stimulate to allow many of a below cheats, you"ll first need come enter ns following into a console:

testingcheats true or testingcheats on

Not every cheat password in the game requires this, however many do. In mine opinion, it"s worth leaving trial and error cheats turned on in ns background if you intended to usar cheats in ~ all. That doesn"t impact your jogos in any kind of way, e it"s quicker and easier 보다 remembering to permit them every time.

To disable cheats again, enter the following into the console:

testingcheats false or testingcheats off

The Sims 4 simple cheats


Some cheat defy basic characterisation, but estão nevertheless part of the most advantageous in ns game, particularly if your conseguiram finds themself in der tight spot:

help: Lists tudo available commands.testingcheats or true/false>: Toggles allowing testing cheat in her game.casclockspeed <0-10>: Sets ns speed of Sims" animations in CAS. 0 is paused.resetsim : Resets naquela stuck Sim e clears their action queue.get_sim_id_by_name : exposição the called Sim"s i would number, i beg your pardon is required ao some cheats.fullscreen: Toggles full screen mode.headlineeffects : Toggles Plumbobs, believed balloons, relationship and skill changes, and other results that display over Sims" heads.hovereffects : Toggles glowing summary that indicates which tenho or thing is gift hovered over.fps : Toggles a FPS (frames every second) display screen on screen.

The Sims 4 money cheats

Money makes the world go round in a Sims 4, and just choose in atuações life, it often feels prefer there"s never sufficient of it. Luckily, there are money cheat aplenty to offer your Sims a leg-up if you pick to provide them with one:

kaching: add to 1,000 Simoleons to a active household"s funds.rosebud: to add 1,000 Simoleons to the active household"s funds.motherlode: add to 50,000 Simoleons to the active household"s funds.FreeRealEstate : Toggles skip move-in prices when moving households into residential lots, making todos homes cost-free to purchase.Money : Sets ns active household"s funds to a given amount.sims.modify_funds <+/->: adds or subtracts ns given lot of Simoleons em ~ the energetic household"s funds.

The Sims 4 structure cheats


The expansive e flexible develop Mode is commonly considered der highlight of ns Sims 4. Come really pegue your building skills to ns next level, though, you could like to play around with a following cheats:

bb.enablefreebuild: enables editing of surprise Unlocks todos Career Reward items in build Toggle to overlook most placement restrictions when put objects. Definitely ns most helpful cheat on this Shows tudo de hidden debug objects in construct Shows all out-of-bounds eco-friendly items in develop Mode.objects.gsi_create_obj : Spawns ns specified object.

The Sims 4 needs e mood cheats

Keeping Sims feeling optimistic makes it much easier to improve their skills, career performance, and more. Use a cheats below to set your Sims" moods:

fillmotive motive_Bladder: Maxes lado de fora the active Sim"s Bladder need into the green.fillmotive motive_Energy: Maxes o fim the active Sim"s power need into the green.fillmotive motive_Fun: Maxes out the active Sim"s Fun need into ns green.fillmotive motive_Hunger: Maxes lado de fora the active Sim"s Hunger need into a green.fillmotive motive_Hygiene: Maxes fora the energetic Sim"s Hygiene require into ns green.fillmotive motive_Social: Maxes o fim the active Sim"s social need into the green.sims.fill_all_commodities: Maxes tudo de needs for todos Sims in the active household.sims._buff : adds or removes the specified feel Buff.sims.remove_all_buffs: Removes all Emotion Buffs são de the energetic Sim.

Note: There ~ ~ literally thousands of moodlet buffs in the game, e it would certainly be difficult to list them tudo de here. In other places in ns guide, we encompass codes ao buffs the convey specific special statuses (i.e. Short-lived occult status) on the conseguiram for their energetic duration.

The Sims 4 relationship cheats


Without strong relationships your Sims can"t manter their sociedade needs high, breakthrough in countless careers, or (duh) make more Sims together. Here estão the cheat to aid you skip a small talk:

modifyrelationship <-100 to 100> LTR_Friendship_Main: Sets a Friendship level between a two named Sims.modifyrelationship <-100 to 100> LTR_Romance_Main: sets the novela level between dois named Sims.Modifyrelationship <-100 come 100> LTR_SimToPet_Friendship_Main: Sets ns Friendship level between a named Sim e the named Pet. (Requires cats & Dogs.)relationship.introduce_sim_to_all_others: Gives ns active tenho an Acquaintance relationship with every other conseguiram in a save file. Deserve to take a few moment to totally load in.relationships.create_friends_for_sim: Spawns der random tenho with der +80 Friendship value towards a active Sim.

The Sims 4 aspiration e satisfaction cheats

Life-long aspirations e short-term whims give Sims naquela sense of purpose e direction in their lives, and fulfilling them grants Satisfaction points you deserve to spend on bonuses. A cheats below can assist speed up the process:

Aspirations.complete_current_milestone: immediately auto-completes the active Sim"s present Aspiration milestone.sims.give_satisfaction_points : Adds the specified amount of Satisfaction clues to ns active Sim.

The Sims 4 characteristics cheats


Traits are what give Sims their distinguível personalities. In a Sims 4 there estão hundreds of properties in miscellaneous categories, however they tudo have one thing in common: you have the right to equip lock on your tenho using a following cheat formula:

traits._trait trait_

In ns majority the cases, the cheat code name for a trait is just its in-game display name with no decorrer spaces. However, there estão some exceptions, so you re welcome refer to ns tables below for a full list of trait password in a Sims 4.

Note: para Cause of death traits e others the convey der supernatural creature condição on der Sim, see the Occult Cheats ar below.

You can likewise use ns following cheat to instantly remove tudo de Traits a partir de the energetic Sim:


Sims 4 Personality & Bonus properties (CAS Equippable) Cheats

CodeTrait NameTrait TypePack
ActiveActivePersonality - emotional TraitBase game
AmbitiousAmbitiousPersonality - estilo de vida TraitBase game
ArtLoverArt LoverPersonality - understand TraitBase game
BookwormBookwormPersonality - hobby TraitBase game
BroBroPersonality - social TraitBase game
CheerfulCheerfulPersonality - emotional TraitBase game
ChildishChildishPersonality - estilo de vida TraitBase game
ClumsyClumsyPersonality - estilo de vida TraitBase game
CreativeCreativePersonality - emotionally TraitBase game
InsaneErraticPersonality - lifestyle TraitBase game
EvilEvilPersonality - social TraitBase game
FamilyOrientedFamily OrientedPersonality - social TraitBase game
FoodieFoodiePersonality - understanding TraitBase game
GeekGeekPersonality - understanding TraitBase game
GeniusGeniusPersonality - emotionally TraitBase game
GloomyGloomyPersonality - emotionally TraitBase game
GluttonGluttonPersonality - estilo de vida TraitBase game
GoodGoodPersonality - social TraitBase game
GoofballGoofballPersonality - emotionally TraitBase game
HatesChildrenHates ChildrenPersonality - sociedade TraitBase game
HotHeadedHot-HeadedPersonality - emotionally TraitBase game
JealousJealousPersonality - social TraitBase game
KleptomaniacKleptomaniacPersonality - estilo de vida TraitBase game
LazyLazyPersonality - estilo de vida TraitBase game
LonerLonerPersonality - social TraitBase game
LovesOutdoorsLoves OutdoorsPersonality - estilo de vida TraitBase game
MaterialisticMaterialisticPersonality - lifestyle TraitBase game
MeanMeanPersonality - social TraitBase game
MusicLoverMusic LoverPersonality - understanding TraitBase game
NeatNeatPersonality - estilo de vida TraitBase game
CommitmentIssuesNoncommittalPersonality - social TraitBase game
OutgoingOutgoingPersonality - sociedade TraitBase game
PerfectionistPerfectionistPersonality - hobby TraitBase game
RomanticRomanticPersonality - emotional TraitBase game
SelfAssuredSelf-AssuredPersonality - emotionally TraitBase game
SlobSlobPersonality - lifestyle TraitBase game
SnobSnobPersonality - estilo de vida TraitBase game
High_MetabolismHigh MetabolismBonus properties (Athletic Aspirations)Base game
MuserMuserBonus characteristics (Creativity Aspirations)Base game
DastardlyDastardlyBonus characteristics (Deviance Aspirations)Base game
FamilySimDomesticBonus properties (Family Aspirations)Base game
EssenceOfFlavorEssence that FlavorBonus properties (Food Aspirations)Base game
Business_SavvyBusiness SavvyBonus properties (Fortune Aspirations)Base game
Quick_LearnerQuick LearnerBonus characteristics (Knowledge Aspirations)Base game
AlluringAlluringBonus trait (Love Aspirations)Base game
CollectorCollectorBonus characteristics (Nature Aspirations)Base game
GregariousGregariousBonus properties (Popularity Aspirations)Base game
Toddler_AngelicAngelicToddler TraitBase game
Toddler_CharmerCharmerToddler TraitBase game
Toddler_ClingyClingyToddler TraitBase game
Toddler_FussyFussyToddler TraitBase game
Toddler_IndependentIndependentToddler TraitBase game
Toddler_InquisitiveInquisitiveToddler TraitBase game
Toddler_SillySillyToddler TraitBase game
Toddler_WildWildToddler TraitBase game
SqueamishSqueamishPersonality - estilo de vida TraitOutdoor Retreat
TBCHigh MaintenancePersonality - emotionally TraitSpa work (added in fill refresh)
TBCSpa MembershipBonus trait (Wellness Aspirations)Spa work (added in pack refresh)
DanceMachineDance MachinePersonality - estilo de vida TraitGet Together
InsiderInsiderPersonality - social TraitGet Together
UnflirtyUnflirtyPersonality - emotional TraitCity Living
VegetarianVegetarianPersonality - estilo de vida TraitCity Living
HomeTurfHome TurfBonus properties (Location Aspirations)City LivingStrangerVilleIsland LivingSnowy EscapeBust the Dust Kit
CatLoverCat LoverPersonality - estilo de vida TraitCats & Dogs
DogLoverDog LoverPersonality - lifestyle TraitCats & Dogs
Animal_AffectionAnimal AffectionBonus characteristics (Animal Aspirations)Cats & Dogs
SelfAbsorbedSelf-AbsorbedPersonality - social TraitGet Famous
ParanoidParanoidPersonality - social TraitStrangerVille
IslandAncestorsChild of the IslandsPersonality - estilo de vida TraitIsland Living
ChildofTheOceanChild of ns OceanPersonality - estilo de vida TraitIsland Living
FreeganFreeganPersonality - estilo de vida TraitEco Lifestyle
GreenFiendGreen FiendPersonality - estilo de vida TraitEco Lifestyle
MakerMakerPersonality - hobby TraitEco Lifestyle
RecycleDiscipleRecycle DisciplePersonality - lifestyle TraitEco Lifestyle
PreparedVoyagerPrepared VoyagerBonus characteristics (Star wars Aspirations)Star Wars: journey to Batuu
AdventurousAdventurousPersonality - estilo de vida TraitSnowy Escape
ProperProperPersonality - social TraitSnowy Escape
AnimalEnthusiastAnimal EnthusiastPersonality - lifestyle TraitCottage Living
LactoseIntolerantLactose IntolerantPersonality - estilo de vida TraitCottage Living

Sims 4 Reward characteristics Cheats

CodeTrait NameTrait TypePack
LongevityLong LivedAspiration reward (Bodybuilder)Base game
Kindness_AmbassadorKindness AmbassadorAspiration price (The positive Challenge)Base game (challenge discontinued however trait still accessible)
ExpressionisticExpressionisticAspiration reward (Painter Extraordinaire)Base game
EpicPoetPoeticAspiration price (Bestselling Author)Base game
PiperPiperAspiration price (Musical Genius)Base game
MastermindMastermindAspiration prize (Public Enemy)Base game
BaneTormentorAspiration prize (Chief the Mischief)Base game
LivingVicariouslyVicariousAspiration prize (Successful Lineage)Base game
PaMatriarchMatriarch/PatriarchAspiration prize (Big feliz Family)Base game
FreshChefFresh ChefAspiration reward (Master Chef)Base game
PotionMasterPotion MasterAspiration prize (Master Mixologist)Base game
MeltMasterMelt MasterAspiration prize (Grilled Cheese)Base game
InvestedShrewdAspiration prize (Fabulously Wealthy)Base game
ValuedCustomerThriftyAspiration price (Mansion Baron)Base game
TheKnackHandyAspiration prize (Nerd Brain)Base game
ChroniclerProfessorialAspiration reward (Renaissance Sim)Base game
WebmasterWebmasterAspiration price (Computer Whiz)Base game
PlayerPlayerAspiration prize (Serial Romantic)Base game
EternalBondCompanionAspiration reward (Soumate)Base game
OneWithNatureNaturalistAspiration reward (Freelance Botanist)Base game
AnglersTranquilityAngler"s TranquilityAspiration reward (Angling Ace)Base game
AppraiserAppraiserAspiration prize (The Curator)Base game
HilariousHilariousAspiration reward (Joke Star)Base game
LegendaryBelovedAspiration prize (Friend of ns World)Base game
PerfectHostPerfect HostAspiration reward (Party Animal)Base game
AlwaysWelcomeAlways WelcomeSatisfaction Rewards StoreBase game
AntisepticAntisepticSatisfaction Rewards StoreBase game
BeguilingBeguilingSatisfaction Rewards StoreBase game
BraveBraveSatisfaction Rewards StoreBase game
CarefreeCarefreeSatisfaction Rewards StoreBase game
ConnectionsConnectionsSatisfaction Rewards StoreBase game
CreativeVisionaryCreative VisionarySatisfaction Rewards StoreBase game
EntrepreneurialEntrepreneurialSatisfaction Rewards StoreBase game
FertileFertileSatisfaction Rewards StoreBase game
ForeverFreshForever FreshSatisfaction Rewards StoreBase game
ForeverFullForever FullSatisfaction Rewards StoreBase game
FreeServicesFree ServicesSatisfaction Rewards StoreBase game
FrugalFrugalSatisfaction Rewards StoreBase game
GreatKisserGreat KisserSatisfaction Rewards StoreBase game
GymRatGym RatSatisfaction Rewards StoreBase game
HardlyHungryHardly HungrySatisfaction Rewards StoreBase game
IndependentIndependentSatisfaction Rewards StoreBase game
MarketableMarketableSatisfaction Rewards StoreBase game
MemorableMemorableSatisfaction Rewards keep (removed)Base jogos (removed em ~ game but still accessible via cheats)
MentorMentorSatisfaction Rewards StoreBase game
MorningPersonMorning SimSatisfaction Rewards StoreBase game
NeedsNoOneNeeds no decorrer OneSatisfaction Rewards StoreBase game
NeverWearyNever WearySatisfaction Rewards StoreBase game
NightOwlNight OwlSatisfaction Rewards StoreBase game
ObservantObservantSatisfaction Rewards StoreBase game
ProfessionalSlackerProfessional SlackerSatisfaction Rewards StoreBase game
SavantSavantSatisfaction Rewards StoreBase game
SeldomSleepySeldom SleepySatisfaction Rewards StoreBase game
ShamelessShamelessSatisfaction Rewards StoreBase game
SincereSincereSatisfaction Rewards store (removed)Base game (removed a partir de game yet still accessible pela cheats)
SpeedCleanerSpeed CleanerSatisfaction Rewards StoreBase game
SpeedReaderSpeed ReaderSatisfaction Rewards StoreBase game
SteelBladderSteel BladderSatisfaction Rewards StoreBase game
SuperGreenThumbSuper environment-friendly ThumbSatisfaction Rewards StoreBase game
CreativelyGiftedCreatively GiftedChild Aspiration reward (Artistic Prodigy)Base game
MentallyGiftedMentally GiftedChild Aspiration reward (Whiz Kid)Base game
PhysicallyGiftedPhysically GiftedChild Aspiration price (Rambunctious Scamp)Base game
SociallyGiftedSocially GiftedChild Aspiration reward (Social Butterfly)Base game
Happy_ToddlerHappy ToddlerToddler skill RewardBase game
Top_Notch_ToddlerTop Notch ToddlerToddler ability RewardBase game
SurvivalistSurvivalistAspiration prize (Outdoor Enthusiast)Outdoor Retreat
GreatStorytellerGreat StorytellerSatisfaction Rewards StoreOutdoor Retreat
IncrediblyFriendlyIncredibly FriendlySatisfaction Rewards StoreOutdoor Retreat
StovesandGrillsMasterStoves and Grills MasterSatisfaction Rewards StoreOutdoor Retreat
SicknessSickness ResistanceCareer prize (Doctor Lvl 8)Get to Work
TBCCalming AuraAspiration reward (Zen Guru)Spa job (added in pack refresh)
TBCClear PerspectiveAspiration reward (Inner Peace)Spa job (added in load refresh)
TBCSelf-Care ExpertiseAspiration reward (Self-Care Specialist)Spa work (added in load refresh)
ClubPresidentNatural LeaderAspiration prize (Leader of ns Pack)Get Together
InTheKnowIn the KnowAspiration reward (City Native)City Living
hidden_career_critic_thriftyCritically ConnectedCareer reward (Critic Lvl 8)City Living
ChopstickSavvyChopstick SavvyGameplay Feat prize (Chopstick Use)City vida / Snowy Escape
SpiceHoundSpice HoundGameplay Feat price (Eat Spicy Food)City Living
TheMasterI am ns MasterAspiration price (Vampire Family)Vampires
TrueMasterA True MasterAspiration price (Master Vampire)Vampires
RegainedHumanityRegained HumanityAspiration reward (Good Vampire)Vampires
SuperParent_RoleModelRole ModelAspiration reward (Super Parent)Parenthood
Animal_WhispererAnimal WhispererAspiration prize (Friend of the Animals)Cats & Dogs
ArchaeologyMuseum PatronAspiration reward (Archaeology Scholar)Jungle Adventure
JungleExplorer_TreasureHunterTreasure HunterAspiration prize (Jungle Explorer)Jungle Adventure
ScoutingAptitudeScouting AptitudeCareer prize (Scout Lvl 5)Seasons
BurningManHeat ProofSatisfaction Rewards StoreSeasons
ColdAcclimationCold AcclimationSatisfaction Rewards StoreSeasons
HeatAcclimationHeat AcclimationSatisfaction Rewards StoreSeasons
IceManIce ProofSatisfaction Rewards StoreSeasons
StormChaserStorm ChaserSatisfaction Rewards StoreSeasons
WaterproofWaterproofSatisfaction Rewards StoreSeasons
WorldRenownedActorWorld renowned ActorAspiration price (Master Actor)Get Famous
UnstoppableFameUnstoppable FameAspiration prize (World famed Celebrity)Get Famous
HeroOfStrangerVilleHero of StrangerVilleAspiration reward (StrangerVille Mystery)StrangerVille
Strangerville_InfectedInfectedGameplay Feat reward (Consume Fruit or Spores)StrangerVille
Strangerville_VaccinatedVaccinated (hidden)Gameplay Feat reward (Receive StrangerVille Vaccine)StrangerVille
beachbum_laidbackLaid BackAspiration prize (Beach Life)Island Living
FriendOfTheSeaMaster of ns SeaCareer price (Conservationist - naval Biologist Lvl 10)Island Living
NaturalSpeakerNatural SpeakerCareer price (Conservationist - Environmental gerente Lvl 10)Island Living
Knowledge_SlingerOfSpellsSlinger that SpellsAspiration reward (Spellcraft & Sorcery)Realm that Magic
Nature_MasterMixerMaster MixerAspiration reward (Purveyor of Potions)Realm the Magic
Cauldron_Potion_ImmortalityImmortalGameplay Feat price (Drink potion of Immortality)Realm that Magic
University_HigherEducationHigher EducationAspiration prize (Academic)Discover University
SeasonedGamerSeasoned GamerCareer reward (E-Sports competitor Lvl 4)Discover University
TBCMental MagisterSecret sociedade Reward (Brainiacs senior Member)Discover University
MasterMakerMaster MakerAspiration reward (Master Maker)Eco Lifestyle
InfluentialIndividualInfluential IndividualAspiration price (Eco Innovator)Eco Lifestyle
ChampionOfThePeopleChampion of the PeopleCareer reward (Civil Designer - public Planner Lvl 10)Eco Lifestyle
EcoEngineerEco-EngineerCareer reward (Civil Designer - environment-friendly Technician Lvl 10)Eco Lifestyle
FizzyheadAfizzionadoSkill prize (Juice Fizzing Lvl 5)Eco Lifestyle
SacredKnittingKnowledgeSacred knitting KnowledgeAspiration reward (Lord/Lady of ns Knits)Nifty web Stuff
HeroicPresenceHeroic PresenceAspiration reward (Paragon the Hope)Star Wars: journey to Batuu
SleightOfHandSleight that HandAspiration prize (Galactic Privateer)Star Wars: trip to Batuu
SupremeAuthoritySupreme AuthorityAspiration reward (Enforcer the Order)Star Wars: journey to Batuu
SurvivalInstinctSurvival InstinctAspiration reward (Extreme esportes Enthusiast)Snowy Escape
WorldlyKnowledgeWorldly KnowledgeAspiration prize (Mt. Komorebi Sightseer)Snowy Escape
CorporateWorker_CharismaticCroonerCharismatic CroonerCareer price (Salaryperson Lvl 4)Snowy Escape
CorporateWorker_LegendaryStaminaLegendary StaminaCareer price (Salaryperson Lvl 10)Snowy Escape
Excursion_Mountaineer_Rank1Middling MountaineerGameplay Feat reward (Mountain climbing Excursion)Snowy Escape
Excursion_Mountaineer_Rank2Capable MountaineerGameplay Feat price (Mountain climbing Excursion)Snowy Escape
Excursion_Mountaineer_Rank3Expert MountaineerGameplay Feat price (Mountain rise Excursion)Snowy Escape
Freelancer_Career_ ParanormalInvestigator_LicenseParanormal InvestigatorSatisfaction Rewards keep / medium skill prize (Lvl 5)Paranormal Stuff
TBCFast & FastidiousAspiration reward (Perfectly Pristine)Bust the Dust Kit
TBCFilth DwellerAspiration reward (Fabulously Filthy)Bust a Dust Kit
Nature_CountryNature ConversationalistAspiration reward (Country Caretaker)Cottage Living

The Sims 4 career e school cheats


Sims will have actually trouble if their filho don"t attend school agora and novamente — despite work for adults is, technically, totally optional (see Money cheats, above). Yet it doesn"t need to be a matter of difficult graft, many thanks to a cheats below:

careers._career : Instantly join or quit a named : breakthroughs the conseguiram to ns next level in ns named career, school grade, or after school activity; or adds uma Odd Jobs star : Demotes the conseguiram to ns previous level in ns named career, college grade, or after college activity; or removes one Odd Jobs estrela : instantly retire from the called career.Sims.modify_career_outfit_in_cas : allows you come edit a named Sim"s job outfit in Create-A-Sim.

Sims 4 career & school Cheats

CodeCareer NamePacks
AstronautAstronautBase game
AthleticAthleticBase game
BusinessBusinessBase game
CriminalCriminalBase game
CulinaryCulinaryBase game
EntertainerEntertainerBase game
PainterPainterBase game
SecretAgentSecret AgentBase game
InfluencerStyle InfluencerBase game
TechGuruTech GuruBase game
adult_WriterWriterBase game
adult_freelancer_artistFreelancer - digitais ArtistBase game
adult_freelancer_agency_programmerFreelancer - ProgrammerBase game
adult_freelancer_agency_writerFreelancer - WriterBase game
PartTime_BabysitterPart-Time - BabysitterBase game
PartTime_BaristaPart-Time - BaristaBase game
PartTime_FastFoodPart-Time - rapid Food EmployeeBase game
PartTime_ManualPart-Time - manual LaborerBase game
PartTime_RetailPart-Time - retail EmployeeBase game
Teen_BabysitterPart-Time - avestor (Teen only)Base game
Teen_BaristaPart-Time - Barista (Teen only)Base game
Teen_FastFoodPart-Time - rapid Food Employee (Teen only)Base game
Teen_ManualPart-Time - manual Laborer (Teen only)Base game
Teen_RetailPart-Time - sleeve Employee (Teen only)Base game
HighschoolHigh institution (Teen only)Base game
GradeschoolGrade school (Child only)Base game
DetectiveDetectiveGet to Work
DoctorDoctorGet to Work
adult_active_ScientistScientistGet come Work
careers_adult_CriticCriticCity Living
ActivistPoliticianCity Living
SocialMediaSocial MediaCity Living
ScoutAfterschool task - explorar (Child e Teen only)Seasons
ActorActorGet Famous
DramaClubAfterschool task - Drama sociedade (Child and Teen only)Get Famous
ConservationistConservationistIsland Living
PartTime_DiverPart-Time - DiverIsland Living
PartTime_FishermanPart-Time - FishermanIsland Living
PartTime_LifeguardPart-Time - LifeguardIsland Living
Teen_LifeguardPart-Time - Lifeguard (Teen only)Island Living
OddJobFreelancer - fashion PhotographerIsland Living
Fashion_PhotographerFreelancer - moda PhotographerMoschino Stuff
careers_Adult_EducationEducationDiscover University
careers_Adult_EngineerEngineerDiscover University
careers_Adult_LawLawDiscover University
career_Volunteer_E-SportsAfterschool task - E-Sports contender (university students only)Discover University
careers_Volunteer_SoccerTeamAfterschool activity - futebol americano Team (university student only)Discover University
careers_Adult_CivilDesignerCivil DesignerEco Lifestyle
careers_adult_freelancer_agency_makerFreelancer - CrafterEco Lifestyle
CorporateWorkerSalarypersonSnowy Escape
ParanormalinvestigatorFreelancer - Paranormal InvestigatorParanormal Stuff
decoInterior DecoratorDream casa Decorator

The Sims 4 skill cheats

Sims can practice naquela wide range of skills to help development them through their careers, fulfil their aspirations, e generally do day-to-day vida easier and more rewarding. You deserve to use the following cheat come set a Sim"s proficiency level in any skill:


Sims 4 ability Cheats

CodePossible # ValuesSkill NamePack
Major_Charisma1-10CharismaBase game
Major_Comedy1-10ComedyBase game
Major_HomestyleCooking1-10CookingBase game
Major_Fishing1-10FishingBase game
Skill_Fitness1-10FitnessBase game
Major_Gardening1-10GardeningBase game
Major_GourmetCooking1-10Gourmet CookingBase game
Major_Guitar1-10GuitarBase game
Major_Handiness1-10HandinessBase game
Major_Logic1-10LogicBase game
Major_Mischief1-10MischiefBase game
Major_Bartending1-10MixologyBase game
Major_Painting1-10PaintingBase game
Major_Piano1-10PianoBase game
Major_Photography1-5PhotographyBase game (formerly required vai to Work)
Major_Programming1-10ProgrammingBase game
Major_RocketScience1-10Rocket ScienceBase game
Major_VideoGaming1-10Video GamingBase game
Major_Violin1-10ViolinBase game
Major_Writing1-10WritingBase game
Skill_Child_Creativity1-10Creativity (Child only)Base game
Skill_Child_Mental1-10Mental (Child only)Base game
Skill_Child_Motor1-10Motor (Child only)Base game
Skill_Child_Social1-10Social (Child only)Base game
Skill_Toddler_Communication1-5Communication (Toddler only)Base game
Skill_Toddler_Imagination1-5Imagination (Toddler only)Base game
Skill_Toddler_Movement1-5Movement (Toddler only)Base game
Skill_Toddler_Potty1-3Potty (Toddler only)Base game
Skill_Toddler_Thinking1-5Thinking (Toddler only)Base game
Major_Herbalism1-10HerbalismOutdoor Retreat
Major_Baking1-10BakingGet come Work
retail_maintenance1-5Maintenance (hidden skill)Get to Work
retail_sales1-5Sales (hidden skill)Get to Work
retail_workethic1-5Work Ethic (hidden skill)Get come Work
Major_Wellness1-10WellnessSpa Day
Minor_Dancing1-5DancingGet Together
Major_DJ1-10DJ MixingGet Together
Major_Singing1-10SingingCity Living
Major_PipeOrgan1-10Pipe OrganVampires
VampireLore1-15Vampire LoreVampires
Skill_Bowling1-5BowlingBowling night Stuff
skill_Dog1-5Pet TrainingCats & Dogs
Major_Vet1-10VeterinarianCats & Dogs
Major_Archaeology1-10ArchaeologyJungle Adventure
Minor_LocalCulture1-5Selvadoran CultureJungle Adventure
statistic_skill_AdultMajor_FlowerArranging1-10Flower ArrangingSeasons
Hidden_Skating1-5Skating (hidden skill)Seasons
Major_Acting1-10ActingGet Famous
Minor_Media1-5Media ProductionGet Famous
Major_ResearchDebate1-10Research & DebateDiscover University
Major_Robotics1-10RoboticsDiscover University
AdultMajor_Fabrication1-10FabricationEco Lifestyle
AdultMinor_JuiceFizzing1-15Juice FizzingEco Lifestyle
AdultMajor_Knitting1-10Knitting (Child e older)Nifty knitting Stuff
Major_RockClimbing1-10Rock ClimbingSnowy to escape / Fitness ingredient (hidden)
Major_Skiing1-10SkiingSnowy Escape
Major_Snowboarding1-10SnowboardingSnowy Escape
Minor_Medium1-5MediumParanormal Stuff
Skill_CrossStitch1-5Cross-StitchCottage Living

The Sims 4 life and death cheats


Sims ser estar designed to açao and die, however you can customise their lifespans in a gameplay options menu (including turning ageing off altogether). To really exercise strength over life and death, however, you have the right to use the following cheats:

death.toggle : completely disables all death types (including those that ~ ~ not disabled when you revolve ageing off).sims.add_buff buff_Pregnancy_Trimester1: sets an existing pregnancy to the first trimester.sims.add_buff buff_Pregnancy_Trimester2: to adjust an existing pregnancy to a second trimester.sims.add_buff buff_Pregnancy_Trimester3: to adjust an existing pregnant to ns third trimester.sims.add_buff buff_Pregnancy_InLabor: Sends der pregnant tenho into labour.sims.add_buff Buff_Mortified: Puts conseguiram in brewing danger of fatality by embarrassment.sims.add_buff Buff_Motives_Hunger_Starving: Puts conseguiram in impending danger of death by starvationsims.add_buff buff_Death_Electrocution_Warning: Puts tenho in impending danger of fatality by electrocution.sims.add_buff buff_Hysterical: Puts sim in unavoidable danger of fatality by hysterical laughter.sims.add_buff buff_Enraged: Puts conseguiram in unavoidable danger of death a partir de anger.sims.add_buff buff_Death_ElderExhaustion_Warning: Puts sim in unavoidable danger of death são de overexertion.

For methods to insta-kill your Sims, see the Occult Cheats ar below, which details como as to equip a Cause of fatality trait (resulting in immediate death e a playable ghost Sim).

The Sims 4 occult cheats


Sims can pegue on occult status through gameplay, and with specific DLC friend can develop occult Sims in CAS. However, if you want to skip right to the good part, this cheats will confer supernatural estado on the active tenho right away:

traits._trait : Permanently add to or removes ns named occult type estado from ns active Sim.sims._buff Ghostly: to add or removes der temporary Ghost occult estado to the active Sim. Buff lasts 4 in-game hours and does not add a cause of fatality trait to the Sim.sims._buff buff_PlantSims_MainBuff_Visible: to add or removes the temporary PlantSim occult estado to a active Sim. Buff lasts 5 in-game days. (Formerly forced Cool Kitchen Stuff, but agora available in base game.)stats.set_stat commodity_BecomingVampire 2160: sim begins to shift into der vampire. Full transformation after roughly 36 in-game hours. (Requires Vampires.)sims._buff Buff_Skeleton: to add or removes ns temporary Skeleton occult condição to a active Sim. Buff lasts 12 in-game hours. (Requires jungle Adventure.)sims._buff buff_HauntedHouse_Visible_BonehildaForm: add to or removes a temporary Bonehilda occult condição to ns active Sim. Buff lasts 4 in-game hours. (Requires Paranormal Stuff.)

Occult XP increase Cheats

You can track the occult talent progress of Vampires (from Vampires) e Spellcasters (from realm of Magic) in their Simology tab. To artificially increase or to decrease their particular XP points, use ns cheats below:

stats.set_stat rankedStatistic_Occult_VampireXP <0-202>: Vampire conseguiram becomes naquela Minor Vampire. (Requires Vampires.)stats.set_stat rankedStatistic_Occult_VampireXP <203-630>: Vampire sim becomes naquela Prime Vampire. (Requires Vampires.)stats.set_stat rankedStatistic_Occult_VampireXP <631-1058>: Vampire sim becomes naquela Master Vampire. (Requires Vampires.)stats.set_stat rankedStatistic_Occult_VampireXP <1059-1486>: Vampire sim becomes naquela Grand mestre Vampire. (Requires Vampires.)stats.set_stat rankedStatistic_Occult_VampireXP <1487-1593>: Increases a Grand master Vampire"s rank bar. Top value maxes the Vampire rank bar e grants two Vampire strength Points. (Requires Vampires.)stats.set_stat rankedStatistic_WitchOccult_WitchXP <0-50>: Spellcaster conseguiram gains a Neophyte Rank. (Requires kingdom of Magic.)stats.set_stat rankedStatistic_WitchOccult_WitchXP <51-350>: Spellcaster conseguiram gains the Acolyte Rank. (Requires kingdom of Magic.)stats.set_stat rankedStatistic_WitchOccult_WitchXP <351-850>: Spellcaster sim gains a Adept Rank. (Requires kingdom of Magic.)stats.set_stat rankedStatistic_WitchOccult_WitchXP <851-1550>: Spellcaster tenho gains master Spellcaster Rank. (Requires kingdom of Magic.)stats.set_stat rankedStatistic_WitchOccult_WitchXP <1551-2350>: Spellcaster tenho gains Virtuoso Spellcaster Rank. (Requires kingdom of Magic.)stats.set_stat rankedStatistic_WitchOccult_WitchXP <2351-2850>: Increases naquela Virtuoso Spellcaster"s XP bar. Principal value maxes the bar e grants zero to dois Talent points (depending ~ above Bloodline stamin trait).

Sims 4 Occult Cheats

Creature CodeOccult type (Trait)PackNotes
angerGhost (Death by Anger)Base game
cowplantGhost (Death by Cowplant)Base game
drownGhost (Death through Drowning)Base game
electrocutionGhost (Death through Electrocution)Base game
embarrassmentGhost (Death by Embarrassment)Base game
fireGhost (Death through Fire)Base game
hungerGhost (Death by Hunger)Base game
laughGhost (Death through Laughter)Base game
exhaustGhost (Death by Overexertion)Base game
oldageGhost (Death through Old Age)Base game
steamGhost (Death through Steam)Spa Day
TBCGhost (Death by Pufferfish)City Living
Vampire_SunGhost (Vampire fatality by Sunlight)Vampires
poisonGhost (Death by Poison)Jungle Adventure
TBCGhost (Death by Rabid Rodent Fever)My o primeiro dia Pet Stuff
TBCGhost (Death by Flowers)Seasons
Ghost_FrozenGhost (Death by Freezing)Seasons
Ghost_LightningGhost (Death through Lightning)Seasons
Ghost_OverheatGhost (Death by Overheating)Seasons
TBCGhost (Consumed By a Mother)StrangerVille
Ghost_WitchOverloadGhost (Death by Spellcaster Overload)Realm the Magic
trait_Ghost_MurphyBedGhost (Death By being Crushed By naquela Murphy Bed)Tiny living Stuff
trait_Ghost_BeetleGhost (Death through Beetles)Eco Lifestyle
trait_Ghost_FliesGhost (Death By gift Swarmed through Flies)Eco Lifestyle
trait_Ghost_ClimbingRouteGhost (Death by Falling são de Heights)Snowy Escape
trait_Ghost_VendingMachineGhost (Death through Vending Machine)Snowy Escape
TBCGhost (Death by Killer Chicken)Cottage Living
TBCGhost (Death through Killer Rabbit)Cottage Living
Ghost_OldAge Ghost pets (Death by Old Age)Cats & DogsCan somente be applied to a cat or dog. Pets ID is required since pets cannot be ns active character.
trait_OccultAlienAlienGet come Work
trait_OccultMermaidMermaidIsland Living
trait_Occult_WitchOccultSpellcasterRealm that Magic
trait_Occult_WitchOccult_BloodlineWeakSpellcaster (2nd generation)Realm of Magic
trait_Occult_WitchOccult_BloodlineStrongSpellcaster (3rd generation)Realm that Magic
trait_Occult_WitchOccult_BloodlineAncientSpellcaster (4th generation or higher)Realm of Magic
trait_MagicSage_MischiefSpellcaster - Sage of Mischief MagicRealm that MagicInaccessible through playable Sims in ordinary gameplay.
trait_MagicSage_PracticalSpellcaster - Sage of practical MagicRealm of MagicInaccessible through playable Sims in ordinary gameplay.
trait_MagicSage_UntamedSpellcaster - Sage of Untamed MagicRealm of MagicInaccessible through playable Sims in ordinary gameplay.
trait_Humanoid_Robots_MainTraitServoDiscover University

The Sims 4 debug cheats


While a other sections in this guide cover cheat codes that you go into into ns command console, there ~ ~ other cheat in ns Sims 4. Com testing cheats enabled, shift+click top top a tenho or object to reveal a host of previously-hidden debug options for you to play with.

Just like with buff cheats, there ~ ~ far too plenty of of these to perform comprehensively here — no to mention a fact that few of them don"t actually do much para you anyway. Therefore instead, I"ve put together naquela list of the most advantageous ones:

Add come Family: Shift+click on one NPC to instantly include them come your energetic household. Alternatively, Remove from Family soon turns naquela member of a playable household into an NPC.Buy fauna Clothing: Shift+click on der farm animal or wild fauna e flora to choose naquela specific item of fauna e flora clothing come buy. (Requires cottage Living.)Cheat Eco lifestyle NPC function Behavior: Shift+click top top any conseguiram to include or remove 1 of a Eco estilo de vida hidden NPC traits: Eco Master, Entrepreneur, or mestre Crafter. (Requires Eco Lifestyle.)Cheat connection > collection Max Friendship: Shift+click on any farm animal or wild fauna to maximise their friendship level with ns active Sim. (Requires head Living.)Cheat require > make Happy: Shift+click top top any conseguiram to max out tudo their needs and give them a Happy buff.Cheat require > require Decay: Shift+click on any sim to toggle need stasis.Cheat tenho Info > Lifestyle: Shift+click top top any sim to choose their Lifestyles. (Requires Snowy Escape.)Get tudo de Animal Clothes: Shift+click on a farm fauna e flora or wild fauna to get todos items of animal clothing. (Requires cottage Living.)Give Bucks > : Shift+click top top a tenho in a active household e add 500 of ns named currency to the household funds. (Requires Eco Lifestyle.)Instantly NAP: Shift+click on the mailbox to soon repeal or enact a Neighborhood activity Plan for the current neighbourhood. (Requires Eco Lifestyle.)Make Clean: Shift+click on a dirty object to soon clean it. Alternatively, click on a clean object ao the option to Make Dirty.Make right into Plant Sim: Shift+click on any sim to revolve them into der PlantSim (see Occult Cheats, above, for an different method).Marriage > clean Marriages: Shift+click top top any conseguiram to clear e reset your marital estado to single. Romantic connection values remain a same.Modify in CAS: Shift+click on a conseguiram in a active household to open up Create-A-Sim e edit the household. Keep in mind that you require to have actually cas.fulleditmode enabled as well to remover full benefit of todos CAS features. (See Basic cheats, above.)Public Image: Shift+click ~ above any conseguiram for a menu that options allowing you come increase/decrease their Celebrity Level, set their Reputation, e add/remove call Quirks. (Requires importar Famous.)Reset Object: Shift+click on any kind of object come reset it come its default status e unstick any conseguiram interacting with it.Set as Head: Shift+click on any object to set it as a active Sim"s head.Teleport Here: Shift+click on a ground whereby you"d like ns active tenho to teleport.University debug > Enrol in University: Shift+click top top any conseguiram to soon enrol them in university. (Requires discover University.)Shift+C: With der roof selected, hold Shift+C come add more options ao roof manipulation.Shift+< and Shift+>: when holding things in construct Mode, shift+< or shift+> to resize a object.

And over there you have it! Every solitary Sims 4 cheat at your fingertips. Whether her intention is come create a paradise ao your Sims or der hellish vida of suffering and torment (again, come each their own), you have the right to now do exactly that.

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For more on como as to get the most lado de fora of ns Sims 4, check lado de fora our an extensive buyer"s guide to ns Sims 4 DLC.