Key facts

Club: club Athlético Paranaense | Opening: 1999 | Capacity: 41,456 seats

History and description

The arena da Baixada, officially well-known as estádio Joaquim américo Guimarães, got built in the tão tarde 1990s in localização of Athlético’s old stadion Joaquim americano Guimarães. That officially opened on 20 June 1999 and was considered uma of the most modern-day stadiums that Latin america at that time.

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The stadion could originally hold about 30,000 spectators e was temporarily change the name Kyocera arena in the mid 2000s following a naming rights deal.

In 2009, the arena da Baixada obtained selected as 1 of the playing venues of the 2014 world Cup, e despite having been opened up only naquela decade earlier, had to undergo a thorough redevelopment come comply with fifa requirements.

Building works started late 2011, however delays intended that a expected reopening in ns summer the 2013 had actually to compreendo postponed until might 2014, only naquela month prior to the start of ns World Cup. 

During ns 2014 world Cup, the arena da Baixada hosted four matches in the primeiro group stage.

How to importar to the arena da Baixada

The arena da Baixada is situated rather centrally in the city of Curitiba just south of the city centre. Ns walk a partir de the gorjeta Praça Tiradentes bring away about fifty percent an hour. The stadion lies just 5-10 minutes whaling south that the avenida Sete de Setembro, 1 of Curitiba’s principal avenues.

Curitiba’s main bus terminais (and train station), com frequent relations to Sao Paulo, is located around 2.5 kilometres east of the stadium just south-east that the cidade centre.

Bus 203, i beg your pardon runs follow me the caminho Sete de Setembro, deserve to be valuable to importar to a stadium from the centre, but overall you will conserve little time in comparison com walking. Taking der taxi is, the course, even quicker.

Address: Rua Buenos Aires 1260, Água Verde, Curitiba 80250-070

Eat, drink, e sleep close to the arena da Baixada

The arena da Baixada is located in naquela reasonably well-off residential area consisting that low-rise housing, though the alameda Sete de Setembro with its high-rise flats is just naquela short walk a partir de the stadium.

There ser estar plenty that restaurants and fast-food outlets around the caminho Sete de Setembro.Nightlife have the right to be uncovered in a Batel area a 20-minute walk north-west of a stadium, or in the city centro (Centro).

There is a good variety of hotels at close distance of the arena da Baixada, though most come in the higher price ranges. A Mercure Curitiba Batel, Harbor hotel Batel, four Points by Sheraton, and Slaviero Hotelare todos within 15 minute walking and get very boa reviews.Click herefor summary of hotels near the arena da Baixada.

You can discover some cheaper choices closer to Curitiba’s cidade centre, which you have the right to explore here.

Athletico Paranaense Tickets

Athletico Paranaense tickets can be purchase online, or at the ticket home windows of arena da Baixada.

Tickets often tend to walk on revenue from der day before the match. Tickets are also easily accessible before the começo of the fósforos at ns stadium.

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Expect to salary R$100 come R$150 for der ticket.

Photos of arena da Baixada

Photo credits: Gisele Teresinha

Useful cíniras links – main website of Clube athletic – Curitiba publicamente transport information.