The qualifying matches of the Free Fire World sequência 2021 (Free Fire World sucessão 2021 Singapore) will certainly take lugar, colocar on the 28th the May, beginning at 10am (Brasília time) and the final will take lugar, colocar on the 30th that May, also starting at 10am ( Brasilia time).

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In total, 18 teams são de 11 regions of a world will bahubegumtv.compete to it is in crowned champions of the FFWS 2021 SG. During a qualifying phase, nine teams will cara a cara each various other to shot to vai into 1 of ns three areas in the finals. They will certainly join a nine área tournament champions porque o a acaso to win der share of the $ 2 million prize pool - a largest ever of cost-free Fire.

free Fire 2021 world Cup: em geral information guide porque o the bahubegumtv.complimentary Fire World sequência 2021 Singapore

cost-free Fire 2021 mundo Guide

Garena has actually prepared an details guide para the Free Fire mundo 2021 - #FFWS, view below:


a Free Fire World broadcast (#FFWS) football player will have the ability to follow ~ above official channels on YouTube and Booyah. A Free Fire 2021 World xícara will be transmissão from 10:00 am, Brasília time, on may 28th and 30th.


In bruta we have actually 18 groups bahubegumtv.competing porque o the location of world champion. And the representatives of Brazil will be Fluxo and LOUD.

default teams para the World xícara play-ins (Free Fire World sucessão 2021):


2. Loud (Brazil)

3. O primeiro dia Raiders Bravo (Indonesia)

4. God 's setup (Latin America)

5. Attack tudo around (Thailand)

6. Novo Gank (Singapore)

7. HQ Esports (Vietnam)

8. Singularity Invincible (CIS)

9. Stash (Europe)

groups qualified ao the free Fire 2021 World xícara finals:

1. VIP Esports (MENA)

2. Circulation (Brazil)

3. Geezer Fam (Malaysia / Philippines)

4. Evos Esports i would (Indonesia)

5. Team Aze (Latin America)

6. Fénix Force (Thailand)

7. LGDS (Taiwan)

8. Burst ns Sky (Vietnam)

9. Quiet (CIS)


free Fire 2021 world Format

a Free Fire 2021 world championship takes lugar, colocar in two stages: the o primeiro dia is Qualifying, in which 9 teams will bahubegumtv.compete porque o the last 3 places and join ns 9 critical teams.

Falls and maps

At first there will be 6 drops in each stage of the Free Fire 2021 mundo Cup and they will be played in ns following order:

Bermuda> Kalahari> Purgatory> Bermuda> Kalahari> Purgatory.

Scoring sistema

procedure of the scoring system in ns Free Fire 2021 world Cup

a points sistema is a same as ao the LBFF, every slaughter is worth 1 point e the score porque o placing ns fall, players have the right to see below:

1st (BOOYAH) = 12 clues 2nd localização = 9 point out 3rd lugar, colocar = 8 clues 4th localização = 7 points 5th place = 6 points 6th place = 5 points 7th localização = 4 points 8th lugar, colocar = 3 point out 9th place = 2 points 10th localização = one points 11th lugar, colocar = 0 allude 12th lugar, colocar = 0 point

Tiebreaker Criteria

a tiebreaker criteria ser estar defined according to a amount that Booyah, bahubegumtv.complied with by the number the kills.

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World cup MVP

Finally, the MVP will certainly be em ~ the bahubegumtv.complimentary Fire 2021 World xícara will be the player with a most kills from the champion team, for this reason in addition to a title, a team the takes this world home will additionally have 1 of your players crowned MVP of a championship.