Rua da Conceicao 154 departamento 609 | 24020-082, fluxo de Janeiro, State of fluxo de janeiro 20080-032, Brazil

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Marvelous City! papai noel Teresa, Selaron steps, Churrascaria lunch, Christ a Redeemer (Cristo Redentor), Sugarloaf Mountain, e dirves follow me Ipanema, Copacabana, and Leblon beaches. What an incredible city ... What one ncredible day!

Rio de cidade tour, Sugar loaf mountain, Christ ns Redeemer and Celeron Steps, marakana stadium, sambradome and cathedral
Well priced tour. Excellent viagem guide named Gustavo. Viagem included tudo entry tickets, cable car and full delicious lunch.Christ ns Redeemer is der must view to experience a religious ideas of a statue. Naquela bit overcrowded for this reason it"s best to walk early. Sugar loaf mountain has actually spectacular sights of fluviais ie. Copacabana de praia ipanema etc.the Celeron steps ser estar a must and the background of mr Celeron is intriguing. Areas were relatively safe e lots that police presence. Americanos are supermarkets wher tbings are really sensibly priced. Overall good xperience

I booked naquela day tour to see tudo the highlights of fluviais in just 1 day. Choose up at ns hotel, max 14 persons in mini válvula with airco. Even in outono is that 35 c degrees. Highlight were Christ Redentor, Sugar load mountain, são Bento cathedral, futebol Maracanã stadion, favela, mosaic stairway Escadaria Selarón. Our viagem guide Kiko ser estar really great e very helpful com making pictures. Roberto the driver turned lado de fora to be naquela great salsa dancer ;-). We had actually lunch at a typical Brazilian steakhouse in Ipanema Beach. On a other sideOn the other lado of the rua was a cute local market com nice commodities made by artists. Ns bought naquela lot of souvenirs here. In short, der perfect work with naquela drop off at my hotel. I would certainly recommend it to everybody come see rio this way.

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This tour shows you the highlights of fluxo de Janeiro. The tour leader and bus driver are really friendly and from my endure it is not simple to find der tour leader the really speaks e understands english e spanish in Rio. So this was a plus point para this viagem leader.The sites we saw were also an extremely well chosen e gives you a most necessary highlights of fluxo for ns fee the this tour. Scenic paths compliments your visit to Rio and photo oportunities ser estar available most of a tour.I would sure recommend this city tour to todos who quer to importar to know fluviais in naquela short visit.

No one told united state we needed a yellow fever shot porque o this tour. We cancelled due to the fact that it era too risky to go without a shot e we were very advised by a concierge of ours hotel and locals that us knew not to go. Quiet waiting porque o our refund são de the viagem Company. I saltar they dá the right thing by refunding ours money. If so, i will update this reveja so it’s not so unfavorable.