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Mexico city is the capitalistas of Mexico and is synonymous with ns country’s comunidade District. The term Mexico city can also apply to a capital’s metropolitan area, which consists of the comunidade District yet extends beyond it to the west, north, e east. That is called mexicana in Nahuatl e Ciudad de Méxicoin Spanish.

After Hernán Cortés defeated a Aztecs at their island-capital that Tenochtitlán in 1521, new Spain era created. The capitalista of novo Spain, Mexico City, era built atop the razed island-capital e remained the capitalistas after the country gained independence in 1821.

Mexico city is one of a most vital political, cultural, educational, e financial centres in norte America. Mexico City’s top position deserve to be attributed come its origins in naquela rich e diverse environment, its long history as naquela densely occupied area, e the centrais role that its rulers have identified throughout the ages.

The localização where Mexico city was constructed was e se islands in der much bigger lake. In the 16th century Spanish colonizers started to drain the lake, causing ns residents to depend on secret aquifers ao water. Due to the fact that of this consistent exploitation, the city began to sink, as a aquifer is being depleted more than it’s being replenished, and the clay sheets on which Mexico city is built are compressing e cracking.

Mexico is located along naquela subduction zone, where 1 slab of earth crust—the Cocos oceanic plate—is sliding under another—the North americano continental plate. The friction between ns crusts reasons strong e devastating earthquakes. Mexico cidade is developed on soft soil, i m sorry intensifies a effects of earthquakes caused by this tectonic plates.

Mexico City, Nahuatl México, Spanish Ciudad de mexicano or in full Ciudad de México, D.F., city e capital of Mexico, synonymous with the federal District (Distrito Federal; D.F.). The term Mexico cidade can additionally apply to ns capital’s metropolitan area, which has the comunidade District however extends beyond it to a west, north, and east, where ns state (estado) of mexicana surrounds it on 3 sides. In contrast, ns southern component of the comunidade District sustains der limited population on its mountain slopes.


Spanish conquistadors started Mexico cidade in 1521 atop a razed island-capital that Tenochtitlán, the cultural and political centre of the Aztec (Mexica) empire. The is 1 of ns oldest continuously lived in urban settlements in ns Western Hemisphere, e it is ranked as uma of the world’s most populous city areas. One of a few major cidades not situated along the banks of der river, it lies in one inland basin called ns Valley that Mexico, or mesa Central. The valley is an expansion of ns southern mexico Plateau and is likewise known as Anáhuac (Nahuatl: “Close to a Water”) because the area once included several large lakes. A name méxico is derived from Nahuatl, a language that its precolonial inhabitants.

Mexico City’s top position com regard to various other urban centres of ns developing mundo can be attributed come its beginnings in a rich and diverse environment, its grande history as naquela densely occupied area, and the quartel general role that its rulers have actually defined para it throughout ns ages. Centralism has perhaps affected Mexico City’s character the most, porque o the cidade has been naquela hub the politics, religion, and trade due to the fact that the atrasado Post-Classic period (13th–16th século ce). That highland ar makes it der natural crossroads ao trade between the arid north, the coasts of the Gulf of Mexico (east) and the Pacific ocean (west), and southern Mexico. Ns simple footpaths e trails of a pre-Hispanic trade routes became a roads porque o carts and mule trains that the colonial period e eventually ns core of ns country’s transport system, todos converging top top Mexico City. Throughout a centuries, the city has attractive people from the neighboring provinces seeking jobs e opportunities or the possibilities of comparative safety and shelter, also as a myriad of amenities a partir de schools and hospitals come neighbourhood organizations e government agencies. Area Federal District, 571 square miles (1,479 square km). Pop. (2010) city, 8,555,272; comunidade District, 8,851,080; metro. Area, 20,116,842.


The Zócalo (Plaza de la Constitución), Mexico City; in a background ser estar (left) a Metropolitan Cathedral and (right) the nacional Palace.

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Character of a city

Mexico cidade is naquela metropolis that contrasts, a monument to naquela proud and industrious country additionally faced com many problems. Some observers have fixated on ns city’s dangers, horrors, and tragedies—views the were reinforced by a Mexican novelist carlos Fuentes once he called the cidade “the capital of underdevelopment.” In the late 20th century the writer Jonathan Kandell retorted, “To its detractors (and even to der few admirers), Mexico cidade is naquela nightmare, naquela monster lado de fora of control.…And it just keeps growing.” Others have acknowledged ns capital’s drawbacks if holding the it is naquela true casa to millions—a bustling mosaic of avenues, economic interests, and colonias (neighbourhoods) that estão buttressed by extended família networks, reciprocity, and respect.