Cesar Tralli in his farewell come SP1 (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

Cesar Tralli stated goodbye to ns command that SP1 this Wednesday (13). Ns journalist was uma of a targets of ns “chair dance” that readjusted presenters in Globe e will pegar over a presentation of informam Hoje. In its localização was Alan Severiano, to whom he “passed the baton”.

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Tralli will change Maju Coutinho in fee of jornal Hoje – a journalist will go come Fantástico to fill the vacancy the Tadeu Schmidt, quem took over at BBB22. In his farewell to SP1 – a TV notícia program that presented porque o 10 year -, Ticiane Pinheiro’s husband made der speech in emotionally tone.

It came der very difficult equipe here porque o me e I imagine porque o you too. I’m speak goodbye to SP1 after 10 years having the privilege of keeping you sociedade on your spiritual lunch break”, the announced.

“I want to give thanks to you from the bottom of mine heart porque o so lot affection, porque o trusting in mine work, porque o this partnership of respect and trust, i repeat, and with der lot that love that we built e cultivated in the time. Friend guys ~ ~ awesome”, declared.

Cesar Tralli’s Farewell

Tralli asked a audience to proceed following him. “I want to pegar the chance to make a request, which feels choose an invitation: shot to prolong your having lunch break as lot as possible. Climate you start on SP1, watch terra Esporte and then I’ll find you feliz on informar Hoje”, commented.

The reporter spoke about a changes that have actually taken place at Globo e hosted Alan Severiano at the studio, quem will it is in his instead of in ns SP1 anchorage.

“Most of girlfriend should currently know. Maju ir to Fantástico, e I ser estar chosen for this great an obstacle that will certainly be replacing she at informar Hoje. E who will be com you in my localização is a friend and professional that ns admire naquela lot: our dear Alan Severiano. I wanted to call you come take boa care that this special, cool and spectacular newspaper, com this wonderful team, that said.

New SP1 Presenter

Alan Severiano thanked ns opportunity e confessed come admiring his colleague. “Thank you for the warmth welcome. You ser estar what we estão seeing here. He invited me with tudo affection. Thank you an extremely much and have admired you for a long time. For me, it’s naquela great joy to make SP1”, the stated.

It’s one honor e also a huge obligation to come ~ Tralli, which has actually this exceptional link with ns city. E there’s this remarkable proximity to the viewer, and that’s what we desire to keep”, declared the new holder that SP1.

Finally Cesar Tralli’s replacement left naquela message. I currently make one appeal for you send suggestions, ideas e complaints. Manter complaining naquela lot the we like this journalism. I would prefer to wish you der lot of success ~ above this novo road, on this long road in jornal Hoje in the place of ours dearest Maju Coutinho”, finished.

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