Some home-made remedies such as green tea, ginger tea or quixaba tea can aid in treating ns cyst in a ovary due to the fact that they have actually substances com anti-inflammatory, antioxidant or analgesic activity that help decrease pain e inflammation in a ovary or manage the menstruação- cycle. 

In addition, these home-made publication when offered regularly help relieve common symptoms that cyst in the ovary choose colic, nausea, vomiting, or swolling sensation. See.

It is vital to highlight the these home-made remedies ao cyst in ns ovary have the right to be used apenas um to supplement the treatment indicated by the doutor that commonly includes the use the contraceptive pills, in some cases, ns surgery ao withdrawal of the cysts.

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1. Quixaba tea

The quixaba tea, all set with a plant of the species Sideroxylon obtusifolium, is rich in flavonoids and phenolic compounds with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant e analgesic action, help to reduce inflammation and pain caused by ns cyst in a ovary.


1 tablespoon) that quixaba;500 ml that water.

Mode the preparedness

Put a quixaba shell on ns water and put it to naquela boil. After ~ boiled, let that amorize, coating e drinking as much as 2 cups of tea every day.

This homemade remedy ao cyst in a ovary is contraindicated porque o insulin-dependent diabetic women, as a quixaba causes decreased blood sugar levels e can reason hypoglycemia crisis.

2. Green tea

4 home-made remedies ao cyst in a ovary

The tea that So-Christopher weed, do with a plant of ns species Cimicifuga racemosa, has isoflavone e caféic and salicylic acids, com anti-inflammatory properties, analgesics e antioxidants, which assist reduce ns cramping resulted in by ns cyst in a ovary e regulate the menstrual cycle.


1 teaspoon of dried grass root-of-are-crystalline;1 cup of boil water.

Preparing mode

Put ns dry root in the cup of boiling water, and let it resting ao 10. Coating e drinking climate 2 der to 3 times a day, porque o the maximum period of 6 month to uma year, as it can cause liver damage. 

SCO-Christopher weed tea need to not be offered by pregnant women, in breastfeeding or that remover anticoagulant medicine. In addition, this tea need to not be consumed by women who have the diagnosis of breast, uterus or ovarian cancer, heart troubles such together arrhythmia, short blood pressure, liver or seizure problems.

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This tea might interfere with the action of ns contraceptive pill and can additionally cause side effects such as stomach pain, liver problems, or skin zero formation.