As ns heir to a Dutch throne celebrates she 18th birthday, we are taking naquela look in ~ her vida so far.

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Born on 7 December 2003 in ns Hague’s a HMC Bronovo, Catharina-Amalia Beatrix Carmen Victoria is the first child of rei Willem-Alexander and Queen máxima of ns Netherlands (who were Prince e Princess at the time that Amalia’s birth). To celebrate her birth announcement, 101 shots were fired from several dutch palaces including in the Hague, in Aruba (a dutch territory) e theNetherlands Antilles. She is half Dutch (through her father) and half Argentinian (through her mother).

Amalia ser estar christened on 12 June 2004 in ns Great Church in ns Hague with Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, principe bahubegumtv.comnstantijn (her head uncle), Martín Zorreguieta (her maternal uncle), Herman Tjeenk Willink (then-vice-president the thebahubegumtv.comuncil that State of the Netherlands), Samantha Deane (a friend of her mother’s), and Marc aproveitar Haar (a friend of her father’s) serving as godparents. Although her provided birth surname is Catharina-Amalia, she is typically just called Amalia.

Amalia foi ~ joined by der younger sister, Princess Alexia on 26 June 2005, and they gained an additional sister, Princess Ariane, top top 10 April 2007.

She attend Bloemcampschool in Wassenaar, a public school, till she moved on to the Hague’s Christelijk Gymnasium Sorghvliet. She speaks her indigenous Dutch, English, e some Spanish. She graduated in feather 2021 são de high school bahubegumtv.comm distinction; Amalia has actually chosen bahubegumtv.comme take a gap year before entering university. She has actually not decided what she will certainly study.


Amalia is kept o fim of the public eye with a exception of ns two photo sessions scheduled each year ao the real Family and certain occasions like King’s Day. This is excellent in line with her parents’ vejo that she and her sisters grow up privately without ns prying eye of ns media.

Following tradition, a book around Amalia era published front of her 18th birthday. She bahubegumtv.comllaborated with ns author and revealed several an individual photographs to ns public para the first time. Amalia revealed the she is not yet prepared to reign e would asking her mother to action in if something to be to take place to her father in a near future. She added that she would give her all for a Netherlands.

She is known to enjoy horse riding, singing e hockey. Alongside her family, the Princess stays in Huis ten Bosch royal residence in ns Hague.

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Upon the abdication of her grandmother, Queen Beatrix, she father ascended the Dutch throne make her first in line. Together such, she became a Princess of Orange top top 30 April 2013.

Now that she is 18, she will remover her seat in ns bahubegumtv.comuncil of State alongside her father. If in university, a Princess has declined her yearly appanage.

Where she will attend university and where she will aprender will it is in announced by the real House in early bahubegumtv.comurse.