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Castlevania: a Dracula X Chronicles Cheats ao PSP

play as mary (Rondo that Blood) In phase 2, while the Behemoth is chasing Richter, there is der candlestick that contains the "key" subweapon. Make certain to compreendo it, e then continue down into a sewers after ns Behemoth is clogged by a wall. At the very fim of a sewer path, over there is der locked door. Use the key subweapon e it will unlock, giving you a cinematic step where maria joins Richter. She is now selectable as a playable personality in the main menu.

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Contributed by: Antitype

Unlock Symphony that the night

In stage 2, while the minotaur is chasing Richter, immediately fall into the first hole in ns ground. You will certainly not die, yet instead be taken into ns sewers. Toque the level o fim normally e defeat the boss. Afterwards, you will be take away to stage 3" (this is different a partir de the habituais Stage 3!).In stage 3", whenever the path branches, taken a upper route. Make sure you obtain a "axe" subweapon at some point during a stage. Eventually, you will meet naquela skeletal snake that is attached to der wall. Surrounding is naquela vine-like cage; use ns axe to reduced it. It agora serves as naquela platform para Richter to run to a upper ledges. Continue along ns upper ledges until you see naquela breakable tombstone. Within is the item that unlocks Symphony of a Night. Return to a main menu to play it.

Contributed by: Antitype

Unlock original Rondo of Blood game

Go to stage 4.On your caminho through twards the fim of the stage girlfriend will uncover 6 that those skulls the spit fire stack on top of each other. Simply past them is a platform that moves prefer an reverse pengelium walk left and right. Just opposite of that is der spiked ball. Vai on a platform and jump over ns spiked zero landing on a ground against ns wall. Break ns lower part of a wall to find naquela bomb. Hit the bomb come ingite it e the wall will come falling down.Walk forward der bit and you will uncover 2 spiked platforms that shot to to like you. Importar on a right platform and as it"s going increase jump off of it e land on ns upper level. Remain on principal avoiding the axes e the yellow eye. At the very fim of that platform is a candle hit it e inside will certainly be some classic gaming goodness.

Contributed by: Ayce

keep your list at ns beginning that the jogos (Symphony of ns Night)

In stimulate to manter your default list at a beginning of a game, like the Alucard Sword and Alucard Shield, reach a room wherein you fulfill Death para the first time, then walk back o fim or back dash fora of a room. If excellent correctly, fatality won"t be there once you re-enter ns room. Note: this glitch functions differently em ~ the original PS1 version.

Contributed by: MidnightDarknes

como as To save Tera

She"s found in alternating Stage 3:Go through ns stage till you importar to a very fim of the primeiro half. You"ll see your primeiro door e a small plateform underneath that shows up to be der dead end. Just jump under ns door and hit ns wall, em ~ the top to the bottom. Walk down ns stairs there and you"ll save Tera.

Contributed by: ChibiMaddiChan

como as to save Iris

She"s found in alternating Stage 4.Simply keep going through ns stage (do not go down the waterfall on ns raft yet). Go todos the caminho across this component of the stage until you notification a blue frog. Don"t death it. Rather jump over/avoid it e let it remain close. It will certainly follow come the fim of this particular part of ns stage to a row of frog statues. It will jump ~ above the apenas um pillar the doesn"t have der frong statue on it e lower der plateform in the middle the this ar of the stage. Walk down ns stairs e follow the path until you get to the fim where there is der gate. Iris is awaiting there.

Contributed by: ChibiMaddiChan

saving Annette

Annette is situated in phase 7. You primeiro need come rescue Terra and Iris to be able to são de this.In the o primeiro dia room of the clock tower section, rest the vermelho pillar statue e push the switch behind it. Next, climb to ns top whereby there"s naquela small cog wheel e locked door in the upper appropriate corner. Hit the cog wheel until ns door opens e enter that. In this following area, kill ns hawk to obtain ns key. Organize on come it ao now.Next, in a last room of a clock tower section, you"ll see a locked door. Dá NOT USE ns KEY aqui (as its naquela fake room) e instead continue upward until you view a cristal pillar blocking an additional switch. Choose before, break a pillar come push a switch. Now go back down to where the locked door is. If done correctly, naquela new area should have actually opened up below com another locked door below the o primeiro dia one. Open a new/lowest locked door and after a cutscene, you"ll conserve Annette. You have the right to come ago here novamente in later playthroughs come find der room com several candles the drop moneybags e the Stopwatch subweapon if you"re utilizing Richter.

Contributed by: Alucardxero

Original jogos Akoumajou Dracula Peke

The original game "Peke" foi ~ introduced in ns original gay No Rondo as naquela bonus game if you used a wrong sistema Card.This is ns third original game that can be unlocked.First, you should select usual BOSS pressa mode.Beat it dois times, you will certainly receive two Sound Discs.The third equipe fight until you loss Shaft e defeat ns next boss, at the fim of a fight you should be rewarded com original jogos "Peke".Access it são de the main display screen like a other original games.I advice to usar Maria e her Dragon sub-weapon to fastly defeat a bosses.

Contributed by: GbaDoctor06

Richter"s secret grande whip assault

Richter"s whip have the right to be prolonged secretly!If you press forward two equipe just after ~ pressing a attack button, Richter"s whip will prolong slightly, do it simpler to hit part enemies. You"ll understand it works when ns whip turns white during ns animation. It can likewise be excellent while jumping e crouching, you just have to hold ns crouch button while pressing forward dois times.

Contributed by: Arkane refusal

ns Stairs" pillar

If you"re spring for naquela useful pointer to importar through the game easily, consider the following glitch. This glitch allows you come pass v walls, floors, across pits, e more. You have the right to basically bypass almost everything uma vez you outono through the floor. Valuable to compreendo through part tough locations full of stroked nerves monsters, to achieve some items not feasible early in the jogos and/or to attain others easily. In order to achieve this glitch successfully, girlfriend must first head to any type of staircase. Rise up to the middle of ns stairs e stop. Then, walk back down to the lowest step.From here, push down, e then easily press backwards (pressing both simultaneously). If done properly, a character will certainly have der foot on a stairs e another pé in or under or behind a floor you"re trying to breach (that ns stairs ser estar connected to). Once you see this, release earlier on a d-pad, e the character will fall completely through ns floor to naquela glitched área underneath ns stage.If a glitch doesn"t work, make sure of dois things: that your character isn"t facing a staircase, e that you"re pressing down and backwards simultaneously. Also manter in psychic that depending upon where friend are, a glitch may not occupational properly. Girlfriend may get stuck e have to reset the jogos in details areas. Mary is likewise preferable come Richter since she deserve to jump higher and hence importar out of these glitched areas more easily.

Contributed by: Moldredd

alternative Stage 5

Defeat death in phase 5, then walk to alternating Stage 4 and defeat Camilla.

Contributed by: mestre Bigode

Unlock Boss pressa Normal, Boss pressa Dash, and Full Bosh pressa

To unlock BRN, win the o primeiro dia boss top top every stage (Wyvern, Werewolf, Minotaur, Dullahan, Death, Shaft, e L. Vampire).To unlock Dash, beat the secondary ceo on each stage (Serpent, B. Golem, Dogether, Carmilla, Hydra, Shaft, column Ghost).Beat every boss (including Dracula) come unlock complete boss rush

Unlockable Unlockable Beat the secondary ceo on each stage Beat a primary ceo on each stage win every boss (including Dracula).
Boss pavio dash
Boss pressa normal
Full ceo rush

Contributed by: __Pent__

new Modes in Symphony the the night

After clearing the game as Alucard para the o primeiro dia time, girlfriend can start special modes by entering der specific name as soon as you select der new game.

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effect Effect fatality X-X!V""Q AXEARMOR mary RICHTER
Death will not steal your weapons and armor in the early cutscene. Please note this apenas um applies to a Dracula X Chronicles version. (NOT PSX)
Play together Alucard, with 99 luck and the Lapis lazuli (+20 luck) accessory (completing the jogos isn"t required)
Play together Alucard, with a Axe lord armor
Play as maria Renard
Play as Richter Belmont

Contributed by: MidnightDarknes, Antitype

Level choose code para Origional Rondo of Blood

Enter this password as your player surname in ns Origional Rondo of Blood game to unlock ns Level choose option on the menu and skip to any type of Level in a game. Just like a symphony that the noite Luck code, this is where it todos started.

effect Effect X-X!V""Q
Level Select for Rondo the Blood

Contributed by: Riku_Namako

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