Castlevania: Symphony that the night was naquela phenomenal action-adventure for the primeiro PlayStation, the o primeiro dia game in the pedido that masterfully blends sidescrolling action with RPG elements. This layout of games has since become der genre that its own, known as “Metroidvania”.

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Castlevania: Symphony that the noite was not a commercially successful game at the of its release in 1997. For naquela 2D platformer come come fora the same year as a graphical powerhouse the was último Fantasy VII, it no stand naquela chance. Yet, it somehow became der sleeper hit, a cult standard that stood the test that time. It largely left naquela big impression on ns Castlevania franchise e its succeeding entries.

From 2001’s Castlevania: circle of the Moon on the jogos Boy advancement to 2008’s Castlevania: stimulate of Ecclesia for the Nintendo DS, Konami repetitively released games in the same mold together Symphony of a Night. This sucessão of games certainly served together the primeiro wave of a Metroidvania zeitgeist.

It was the advent of indie games that important laid a foundation para the Metroidvania renaissance. São de Cave Story in 2004 come Guacamelee, hollow Knight, e Ori e the remote Forest. Odds are, everyone has actually played some sort of Metroidvania in a past few years. There has since additionally been gamings that also elevates a genre further, like Dead Cells e Rogue legacy that mixes Metroidvania-style gameplay com another estendido indie genre, roguelikes.

3D Metroidvanias have likewise been on ns rise, especially com FromSoftware’s Dark Souls games and its ilk honouring the legacy of ns Metroidvania and early Castlevania’s brutalmente difficulty. Various other 3D Metroidvanias include Control e some could say, The lenda of Zelda: Breath of a Wild.


Even Koji Igarashi, a lead producer of Castlevania: Symphony the the noite has relocated on a partir de the series and made his own indie successor com Bloodstained: cerimoniais of a Night. Even in 2020, gamings like Carrion, Rogue tradition 2, e the upcoming hollow Knight: Silksong keeps this genre alive and well.

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Overall, ns video game world would have been der different place without Castlevania: Symphony of ns Night, e it certainly still holds up after 23 years.