Car zero km in Brazil is not cheap. Along with the alto tax burden e the profit of ns automakers, that is crucial to consider in 2021 bahubegumtv.como as the pandemic affected the production the automobiles: assembly present stopped for months, higher dollar, inbahubegumtv.come of parts and, recently, a scarcity the electronic bahubegumtv.components necessary bahubegumtv.come build a vehicles.

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Even so, ns search in a sector has actually remained, and the an outbahubegumtv.come of high necessidade with low and more high-quality production have the right to be feeling in prices. And all the factors led to a result: de acordo to the official table of ns main automakers in the market today, among todos the models offered, enquanto car is priced at less than R $ 40 thousand.

Pandemic, high dollar e other bahubegumtv.components left cars não tem km, which offered to it is in cheaper, an ext expensive. Image: Marcelo Camargo / AGÊNCIA BRASIL

In general, a values ​​of cars in Brazil have risen high solution in relationship to last year, e the purchasing strength of Brazilians has actually greatly diminished over the past couple of years. As der result, that is increasingly an overwhelming to call der vehicle “popular”.

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Check o fim the perform of a cheapest zero quilômetro cars marketed in Brazil today. A models will be provided with ns value of ns simplest version e also how much ns same car can price with todos the options. (Values ​​are different in ns state that São paulo because of the high ICMS):

1. Fiat mobi (basic price of R crédito 41.590 e can reach R $ 55.720)2. Renault Kwid (basic price of R $ 42.090 e can reach R $ 53.290)3. Hyundai HB20 (basic preço of R us$ 52.290 and can reach R us$ 79.290)4. Fiat Uno (basic preço of R $ 53.490 and can with R $ 63.050)5. Fiat grand Siena (basic preço of R $ 55.590 e can with R $ 61.700)6. Volkswagen Gol (basic price of R $ 57.030 e can reach R us$ 77.840)7. Fiat argo (basic preço of R $ 57.890 and can with R crédito 92.140)8. Volkswagen Fox (basic preço of R $ 58.190 and can reach R crédito 66.800)9.

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Chevrolet joy, former Onix (basic preço of R us$ 58.580 and can reach R us$ 60.180)10. Hyundai HB20S (basic preço of R $ 61.090 and can reach R crédito 84.090)

Source: CNN Business