(National Mobilization against Sweatshops) is a workers membership company that foi ~ founded by young working human being in 1996 in new York City. We have a Workers’ centro in ns Lower east Side the Manhattan, and members and supporters all over the country. Several of us are:

Injured employees fighting ao our best to compensation e medical benefitsWorking people from Lower Manhattan suffering health e economic problems since of the government’s discrimination against low-income world following a 9-11 disasterMothers demanding recognition ao the occupational we do raising kidsGarment, restaurant, construction, office and other employees standing up to grande work hours e other sweatshop conditionsStudents, white collar workers, e others feeling the sistema is more e more limiting ours choices, downsizing ours dreams and channeling our lives.We are people born in this country and we ser estar immigrants em ~ many regions of a world.

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Together, as functioning people, we ser estar taking back ns right to control our work, our health, ours time e our lives. One quartel general demand the unites is ns right to a 40-hour workweek at naquela living wage para all. This go not typical that we estão fighting porque o everyone to work a same hrs or para there come be naquela cap ~ above hours. Instead, we are demanding control end our time — a right come say “no” to hrs beyond der 40-hour workweek and the right to have the hours we put in raising a next generation of workers in our dwellings compensated as part of that 40-hour workweek. We recognize that working civilization taking earlier this type of direção means ending what we call “the sweatshop system.”

The flor States this day resembles the brutais sweatshop sistema that exist in a garment sector over der hundred year ago. Financiers and employers are sweating immense wealth lado de fora of us without any kind of accountability, utilizing downsizing, subcontracting, outsourcing, e temporary e contingent labor. We ~ ~ working longer e longer hours, leading to injuries e occupational diseases. Our person rights to medical attention, to compensation, come rest e recovery ser estar increasingly violated. This sweatshop sistema also stops working to compensate the hard work-related we a partir de outside of ours jobs, such as raising crianças in ours homes. That is stealing improvisado our freedom e our lives, turning us into disposable work-related machines.

In its first few short years played der leading function in forcing the scandal the sweatshops to ns forefront the national and international consciousness. We’re getting human being to see that sweatshop conditions exist right aqui in the United States. Sweatshop conditions, such as grande hours have actually spread come every corner of ours economy. We’ve started to popularize the ideia that grande hours ser estar the an essential issue dealing with U.S. Workers.

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We estão organizing in numerous ways v fighting campaigns e building a new functioning people’s society through videos, theatrical productions, music concerts, city slams, arte shows, social events. We ser estar educating people with presentations, ours website, and publications such as Sweatshop Nation.