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The greatest canyon in Brazil lurks near a border of ns southern claims of papai noel Catarina e Rio grande do Sul, within the parque Nacional a partir de Aparados da Serra. Practically 6 miles long e a mile deep, a Itaimbezinho can be either spectacularly beautiful or treacherously deadly. Or both. The famous Itaimbezinho canyon – Itaimbe in Tupi-Guarani method “cut rock” - is located in the Serra a partir de Mar, Brazilian Highlands. A delimited trails pegar the travellers on tremendous tours, discovering landscapes such together cliffs e waterfalls. The parque also has a Visitor’s Center e guide business to welcome ns tourists.

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Most days, you andar along ns lush financial institutions of ns Rio são de Boi, marvelling at the countless waterfalls that plunge down from on high. Occasionally, however, one unexpected rain turns ns gurgling fluxo do bois into der snarling torrent that chews its caminho through a canyon bottom, spitting out the corpse of anyone unlucky enough to have actually been captured in a chasm. Preventing these days is a matter that timing. Long in the dry season (July-October) is typically safe, despite it"s wise to manter an ear to ns latest forecast. Also during the wet temporada the trip"s tho possible, though the prudent may want to stick to the Cotovelo Trail, which complies with along ns canyon"s edge. It, too, is beautiful and spectacular, with a only problema danger being a trip also close to the edge.
Itaimbezinho Canyon
In a Serra visão global National Park
, uma of ns attractions is ns Fortaleza Canyon, i beg your pardon is 8 kms (5 miles) long, 900 meters deep and 1,500 mts wide. There ser estar several trail choices to vai there, including some that pegue visitors inside rocky formations. There ser estar also alto waterfalls, and long trails for hiking – several of them estão more distant e more difficult and must somente be take away in the a empresa of a specialized guide, hired in ns Aparados da Serra national Park.
Fortaleza Canyon

When to Visit?

The best time of a year to visit Cambará do austral as well as the national Parks is during a winter month – in between May and August
– when ns chances that fog are reduced, although it is really cold in this region. The cidade is situated on the Araucarias Plateau, in Rio grande do sulista State’s northeast, bordering Santa catarina State and other cidades in Rio compridas do Sul. In September, der month the rain and low visibility, tours ~ ~ not recommended since of ns fog in ns canyons at the fim of the afternoon.

Getting There

There are four ways to with Aparados da Serra e Serra geral National Park. The o primeiro dia is a partir de Porto Alegre (capital the Rio grande do Sul) with highway RS-020, passing by Taquara and São francis de Paula e reaching Cambará do Sul. This course totals 182 km of paved roads. Em ~ this allude on, there ~ ~ still 17 km of unpaved estrada until the main entrance gate and visitors" center. A second choice is naquela variation of ns first, via a tourist urbano of Gramado and Canela town. This choice adds 58 quilômetro to ns trip. The third option is a most adequate ao those coming em ~ either ns shore or ns north, from highway BR-101. São de BR-101 near torre town, it is an additional 19 km on an unpaved estrada that goes increase Faxinal ridge, until it reaches a front entrance of a visitors" center . A fourth option is driving up the Serra são de Rio são de Rastro Road, são de Praia grande – Santa catherine State. There is no decorrer regular público transportation to a park.

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Camping, Biome e Wildlife

It"s Forbidden to acampamento inside ns perimeter of both nacional Parks.
Cambará do Sul serves together a base to visit Aparados da Serra national Park and Serra geral National Park. They border every other e share the same kind of ecological environment, where large canyons developed by substantial rocky cliffs ~ above wavy reliefs comprise the landscape. There ~ ~ also part of Mata Atlântica, fields of grass e Araucaria Forests. Spotted leopards, wildcats, woodpeckers, hawks, amongst others, are part that the local fauna.

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