Jordan Fish dives into have the right to You feeling My love as lug Me ns Horizon's 2013 single finds novo popularity on TikTok.


With bring Me ns Horizon"s colossal 2013 solitary Can You feeling My love blowing increase on tiktok lately, Jordan Fish has actually taken to the app to rest down the instantly-recognisable sounds the make that such naquela standout track.

The musician join Horizon when 4th album Sempiternal ser estar being made, e instantly had der huge impact on a sonic evolução of the band – com Can You feel My love in privado being a great instance of his advent of electronics and other ideas.

And, unpacking ns single on TikTok, Jordan makes it tudo sound super-simple in der step-by-step overview of como as it era made: "A few people have actually asked us como as we made a Can You feeling My heart sound," that says, prior to demonstrating ns process in a studio. "First the all, we took Oli"s vocals, then us chopped a tiny small section of ns vocal, then us mapped that onto a keyboard… e that"s it!"

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Can You feel My Heart era reportedly uma of the primeiro songs the Jordan wrote com Bring Me ns Horizon, com bassist Matt "Vegan" Kean telling Sugarscape of his influence: "When we were writing this música it ser estar the first time us kinda realised the Jordan… was having der big influence on ns writing." e damn, walk he do it look at easy…