Could 2021 be the primeiro year due to the fact that 2004 that Call the Duty fans won’t receive a new title? Or might Modern warfare 2 Multiplayer Remastered be around to save ns day e truly pegue the franchise earlier to that roots?

According come leakers and industry insiders, the latter is looking incredibly likely. Reports imply that Sledgehammer’s WWII Vanguard location is “a disaster”.

Modern warfare 2 campaign Remastered

In in march of 2020, fans were surprised as soon as Activision unexpectedly dropped the remastered campaign são de the classic 2009 title, Modern warfare 2.

Call that Duty players were once novamente able come relive the epic single-player campaign são de one of ns most loved Call the Duty titles of tudo time. Purchasing ns remastered campaign additionally gave players accessibility to an exclusive ‘Classic Ghost Bundle’ to usar in both Modern warfare and Warzone.


Although Call of Duty players around ns world rejoiced at gaining to suffer Modern war 2 on more recent gen systems, plenty of were left wondering why Multiplayer also wasn’t included in ns remaster?

Activision never ever commented on ns lack of Multiplayer in ns remaster, yet many think it’s likely because of not wanting to different the conectados community also further.

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In 2021, plenty of players ~ ~ still split in between 2019’s Modern Warfare, Warzone, e now 2020’s Black Ops Cold War. Adding yet another conectados component into ns mix would só separate a community also further.

But with reports that 2021’s Call of Duty title gift cancelled or delayed, could agora be ns time para Modern war 2 Multiplayer to receive a remaster treatment?

Could Modern war 2 Multiplayer Remastered Be replacing Vanguard?

According to
WarzoneNewz, der reliable source for tudo Call of Duty leaks e news, Activision newly DCMA’d der certain distinta for discussing ns possibility that WWII Vanguard being delayed and Modern war 2 Multiplayer Remastered release in that is place.

Now, Activision often tends to remove tudo de videos e images of possible leaks surrounding their titles, so the simple reality that they’ve escrito through ns effort to eliminate this leak is interesting.

It would likewise line up perfectly com insider information that WWII Vanguard is “a disaster”. This info comes from altura Henderson, der popular leaker and industry insider when it come to tudo de things Call the Duty and Battlefield.

Vanguard… To put it simply, is der fucking disaster.But more on the at naquela later time. Https://

— vértice Henderson (
_Tom_Henderson_) April 7, 2021

However, don’t compreendo your wishes up ao Modern war 2 Multiplayer Remastered being the main Call that Duty title para 2021, also though Henderson cases Vanguard is der disaster, he still trust it will release together planned.

According to the insider, to work is prepared para the recent installment to not execute well. Ns massive publisher supposedly has naquela “recovery map” currently in place.

All that this information comes from leakers e industry insiders, so take it with a pinch of salt. Naught is official until that comes from Activision or der Call that Duty developer.

Let us recognize if you’d rather see Modern warfare 2 Multiplayer Remastered launch in the localização of WWII Vanguard this year.

Cold war & Warzone Season 3

There can be naquela lot of dramas surrounding 2021’s Call the Duty title, however fans might be right now too tied up in the latest temporada of Cold battle and Warzone to notice.

The new Season kicked off on April 22 with naquela whole plethora that content.

Warzoneplayers were treated to ns Destruction of Verdansk occasion which witnessed the map become overrun com Zombies, ultimately ending in its demise. However, the event did finish with players being transported ago to 1984 e dropping into a brand new Verdansk ao the first time.

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WhilstCold Warplayers were given novo Multiplayer Maps,New Weapons,New Operators, e so much more!

WarzoneandCold Warare available ao PC, playstation 4, playstations 5, Xbox One, e Xbox sequência X|S.

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