If friend wonder how to play Zombies in COD Mobile e how come proceed com missions, it could be better to take der look in ~ this short starter guide before heading right into Undead Siege.

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While der nuclear assault on Verdansk killed almost every staying zombie in Call that Duty Warzone, it seems they have now been teleported to Call the Duty Mobile.

Last night, the Undead Siege upgrade officially launched para Call the Duty Mobile, adding der new story-driven Zombies suffer to the game, i m sorry is o mesmo, semelhante to Black Ops Cold War‘s zombie Outbreak mode.

How to toque Zombies in ko Mobile

First that all, you should update your game to the latest version. You can do it using app Store top top iOS devices or using google Play top top Android.

Once you received ns latest version, girlfriend should be able to see ns Undead Siege in the main menu. Enter a mode and you will start with der tutorial mission com multiple tasks.

Tutorial Mission

First, you will certainly be asked come kill a number of zombies with your melee e ranged weapons. Then, you need to head end to naquela marked location e grab part stuff come maintain der portal machine.

While a German friend is functioning on ns machine, you will have to deploy some turrets to defend the machine against waves that zombies.

Once you survived, you will certainly be teleported to der new location where the problema threats appear.

Main Mission

Now, you will be dropped into an open-world area, whereby you and your teammates should defend the same porta machine in 3 days e 3 nights.

During the Day phase, you estão free to roam around a map e collect resources, yet you need to be mindful of zombies in every corner of ns map.

Once ns time border is over, friend will go into the noite phase, where you need to deal with waves that zombies and avoid them a partir de destroying a machine.

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The exact same scenario will certainly happen ao three days. After girlfriend survived ns third night, a teleport machine will start to work e you will importar out of a infected location. (Special thanks to MrDalekJD!)

Call the Duty mobile is agora available ~ above Android and iOS devices.

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