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The final showdown in season 6

protect your neck- and your mind. Blast through the brain-altering Deprogram map, experience the gripping finale of the Zombies saga, and get ns job done com Alex Mason and the all-new fight Pass content. Be sure to keep your eye on der haunting nós vamos time on ns horizon…

Don’t outono to the mind games in temporada Five

The new Double agent mode sneaks into temporada Five. Plus, fight with five extr Multiplayer maps, from der NATO listening terminal in Germany to an abandoned drive-in theater. And speaking of secrets, explore novo Zombies content and discover novo Dark Aether story Intel throughout multiple modes.


Brace porque o impact in temporada Four

After discovering that der satellite routine is interfering with a next phase of Stitch’s grand plan, Perseus sends operatives to south Africa to ground ns satellites ao good. Season Four soil hard, bringing four Multiplayer maps, novo additions to ns Dark Aether zombies story, and an arsenal to bring a fight to novo heights.

Survive ns fight against the undead

play the many connected and robust co-operative Zombies endure in history. Find o fim who you deserve to really trust as you explore a darkest corners that this new universe in the Cold war era.

Land, Sea and air Pack

to exclude, to a Ultimate Edition, a Land, Sea and ar Pack includes 3 operator skins, 3 vehicle skins and 3 weapon blueprints.


Game details

Black Ops Cold battle will drop pan into the depths of a Cold War’s volatile geopolitical battle of a early 1980s. Naught is ever as it seems in naquela gripping single-player Campaign, wherein players will come face-to-face com historical figures and hard truths, as they battle around a globe with iconic locales like leste Berlin, Vietnam, Turkey, Soviet KGB headquarters e more.

As upstream operatives, you will follow the trail of naquela shadowy figure named Perseus quem is on a mission come destabilize the global balance the power e change ns course the history. Descend into ns dark center of this global conspiracy together iconic personalities Woods, Mason e Hudson e a new cast that operatives attempting come stop der plot decades in the making.

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Beyond the Campaign, players will certainly bring a Cold War arsenal of weapons and equipment into ns next generation of Multiplayer e Zombies experiences.