1 Origins

I love this map, especially when your friends are over and are playing origins, girlfriend can dá many stuff as a maxis drone or build wonder weapons as the elemental staffs. Additionally this map can be done, friend acces the crazy place e the stunner room where ns generator zombies ( which ns call king arthurs) come in alto quantity. Over there is also novo mystery box weapons like a MG08. Ns thing the you must power generators come make strength is awesome. The best part of it is on ring 7-8-9 once you are preparing yourself ao the panzer soldat e hear his gears noise and say in her mind " he"s coming, he"s comes " and when you take o fim your finest weapon and go near gen1 to pegar the zombie blood, that"s simply amazing

The ideal zombie mapa in any earlier Ops game. The is fun and entertaining due to the fact that of tudo de the various things you have actually to construct that guarda you busy. Even if girlfriend don"t want to do the Easter Egg that is still der big mapa that you and your various other 3 friends have the right to train around and go ao high rounds. You can also prevent dying a partir de the robot by the golden helmet. The Panzer is constantly an entertaining adversary to defeat. Agartha is the hardest localização to train in this map because the walls that Agartha ser estar ever changing and the zombies have countless spawn points

Great map with remarkable gameplay mechanics. The staffs were an amazing Idea. Every player haveing there own wonder weapon is miscellaneous that need to be in every map. My favorite is a ultimate ice staff but I guess that"s everyone"s. Maxis drone era cool e the shield was der nice touch. Robots made that great e the panzer really propelled you to set up. Ultimately this foi ~ the first Easter egg in a while you might do solo which do me yes, really happy!

I love this map because once you compreendo set increase you can vai up come really high rounds. Choose his uma time I foi ~ playing com my friend e my average round ser estar 10... We obtained up to ring 34, after us got the staffs e upgraded them, plus we still probably might have maintained going if us didn"t compreendo cornered. So yeah defiantly recommend the map, e if your looking ~ above buying that it is yes, really worth it.

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2 Buried

The mapa is yes, really big. Add to you get to usar leroy i beg your pardon is der fun experience. Add to crafting items, just ns concept it s okay me going on around it. Plus paralizer, beam gun mach II estão the highlight. To add we can put guns on a wall, for this reason An 94 e svu together is no decorrer longer off chart. But the coolest part is a witch, e also the maze, that is a really cool mapa to play e enjoy com friends

Buried is uma HELL of naquela map! no in naquela bad caminho though... Ns love how there is large Leroy quem helps you compreendo debris o fim of the way. ALSO, many might know however if you alimentando him candy while his earlier is about 5 centimeters em ~ the box... He smashes it! keeping it in place... No teddy bear!

Best map ever. Your interacting with the environment now. That is not just see der zombie and shoot now. Agora you can são de a lot more stuff e have more fun com other players.

Fun map and a little cheat if you guarda buying ammo for the shotgun in ns starting lugar, colocar you will get the ray gun no lying shot it para yourself!

3 Mob of ns Dead

Amazing mapa I love it. Ns had a little bit of trouble learning it at o primeiro dia but once I figured it o fim I instantly fell in love with it, and the new wonder weapons the blunder gat and hells retriever estão awesome e also ns upgraded versions. Also there is naquela new melee weapon to guarda it interesting and an great boss who can shut down perks e gives you 1000 point out upon defeating him BRUTUS. Ns don"t have actually trouble com this map anymore e the vast amount of space on both ns bridge and in the cafeteria make para effective training. My highest round top top this map is 54 include me on Xbox my GT is THEKINGS DUKE45 if you add me I"ll do the Easter Egg com you

I think crowd of ns dead is clearly a best map. There ser estar so countless amazing things you can são de in this prison. That is especially cool how it is actually naquela throwback to the atuações Alcatraz island. That is quite difficult since there ser estar a bunch that doors you must open, and the mapa is very big. Uma vez you toque it naquela few times you will get to know the mapa better. It is an extremely fun and I introduce you get the dlc for it.

I love everything around mob. The o primeiro dia map to permit you come ride a plane. The has ns hell"s redeemer which is a one shot kill on any type of round. It has an awesome afterlife system. It"s the most unique map in bo2. Origins has naquela lot to do in it but it"s as well easy. Crowd of a dead is anything yet easy.

I hate this map, because there"s no mystery box, ns zombies ~ ~ stronger, ns thing that as soon as you die e come e electric zombie is very bad, friend lose all your points, e what if there"s someone to revive you? you can"t just lose her points like that. By the way i can"t find ns plane"s parts or any type of parts

4 Nuketown

BEST... MAP... Ever!Also, ns hate como as people complain about the random perks, i mean, if they took that attribute out, the mapa wouldn"t be funny anymore. And nuketown introduced a LSAT and the m27, so you have actually to give them credit for that.

I really prefer this map, however it"s really hard since random things vai placed at random equipe in the map, type of like ns elevators in dice rise.

Tranzit mapa is ideal my opinion. Medium size map at black Ops 2 .

Probably a best map. Straightforward yet sweet like a bo 1 and waw days

5 die Rise

It"s for this reason hard, there"s so plenty of parts and so couple of tables, I simply can"t figure lado de fora which of the parts go with each other. The mystery box is so difficult to find, I uma vez found it upside down in der building. You need to open naquela million door for 1000 each to with somewhere friend don"t know anything around it.

I think this is the best mapa because of como as big that is e the perk machines ~ ~ in elevators and you importar to ride elevators you yourself so my opinion Die climb is porque o sure the best map.

Definitely a best zombies mapa on BO2. Its no overly complicated. As soon as you figure out como as to travel through the map easily, a fun yes, really begins

This is der really cool map e very elevated. Simply don"t like the nova crawlers.

6 Tranzit

This map is definitely one of the best due to the fact that it isn"t as complex as ns DLC maps. Plus, the area is huge e having naquela bus control around ns location is very useful. This is the only mapa where you can play distinguível gamemodes porque o each of the mini-maps. Personally, when I first saw this map, ns couldn"t prevent thinking around it as I foi ~ getting it for Christmas. Top top Christmas Eve, ns couldn"t sleep since I was so excited.The deposit box situated in the banco in city is an extremely useful as you can store money from previous matches in the box and withdraw the in later games.

Gust gaining to a different areas is fun but some of a bus add ons ser estar annoying, the fact the the mapa is large e it takes a while to compreendo around bugs me but the large map is great, a wonder weapon suck ( accurate ) however it is a worst wonder weapon the all.

Tranzit is a best come me since you"re at uma place climate you travel throughout the map to the diner and more what largely fun about it. It"s a places ns town, diner, power, barn e the towns

I think tranzit was der fun map or game mode and I don"t understand why it ser estar so disliked in a bo2 community and I chosen it rua more 보다 mob of ns dead.

7 Town

Quick to get perks, pack naquela punch and very simple. Der fun mapa that would have been even much better with der wonderweapon or much better perks.

Town is naquela really fun mapa to be play on com friends e even by yourself, highly recommend if u don"t have any dlc maps or anything choose that, it gives u multiple training spots and camping point out throughout the map, e Pack-a-Punch is easy to compreendo to and the perks ~ ~ easy to compreendo to as well, ns really gain this map, just have actually fun com it.

This is the go come map!

8 Alcatraz Island

Haha, yeah! This mapa is so much far better than crowd Of the Dead! i feel that MOTD is just a dumbed down variation Alcatraz Island... What

The name is lot of the Dead, idiots.

This map is clearly a best mapa in BO2.

9 Farm

Yes because for the first then rounds running roughly is fun and easy. Then you can hide in a house which has lots of benefit points a mystery box rate cola and the red vida cola

I like ns farm animals

Lots the sheep, cows e pigs on a nice trusted farm, what more could girlfriend want

10 Bus Depot

Bus depot is the most boring idiotic map ever, due to the fact that 1 no decorrer perks 2 durante pack der punch 3 too little 4 nothing to são de but camp back in that corner by ns mystery box and wait para the zombie to concerned u. However since no perks or pack a punch that poses a good challenge porque o some players

Its sucks! There"s nothing to dá just you, the mystery box and the zombies

11 Kino naquela Toten

Best zombie map in history!

Originals ser estar amazing

This mapa is complete of surprises however is very fun uma vez you recognize it,also you can uncover lots of tricks like ns song,the two radios,the lag switch glitches lock are tudo in there.

Kino is th e best

13 Moon

Very fun. It"s quite difficult to pack a punch buried"s trample steam, however getting released by ns turbocharged trample steam is the só way friend can importar to moon on bo2. Very o mesmo, semelhante to bo1 moon, minus a character that course. I ser estar suprised that the EE cutscene showed complete low heaviness penetration of misty, but all at once it is der very funny experience.

Not in black color ops 2 yet otherwise this is my favourite zombies mapa ever since it really alters zombies with the gravity and had a very good wonder weapon. Although world hated the boss ns likd him since he stopped you from camping.BEST Easter egg ever!

It"s naquela bit unrealistic since you deserve to jump for naquela longer time, it"s feels like your on ns moon or miscellaneous weird prefer that

15 Turned

Turned is awesome cause you"re the zombie trying to kill other players. Every time you die you become a zombie. That is naquela very small mapa but it"s yes, really fun. Turned is increase there for one of my favourite maps. If friend shoot it the zombie you get naquela different gun.

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Want it so bad

16 Wunderwaffe

This is deffiniately a best because blue waffles are worse than diabetes!

Best map ever.

19 Shi durante Numa

This is actually der really boa map. It may not it is in rated a best but since it"s so easy and you só need to open one door to vai the an enig box (plus a wonderwaffe e easy to importar ray pistol percentage). Be warned though, the water in a swamp slows the crap fora of u