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This Portuguese kale soup, additionally known as eco-friendly soup or caldo verde, is a traditional soup made com potatoes, chouriço sausage, e thinly sliced kale. Hearty, homey, cheap, and comforting as heck.

Loosely adapted from naquela recipe by John Villa | a partir de personal collection


Portuguese kale soup, caldo verde, is other you’ll experience literally all over in Portugal, são de Lisbon’s trendiest restaurants to farmhouses scattered at the borda of villages. Easy to understand so. Its basic yet sustaining personality is appreciated everywhere.
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▢ 1/4 xícara extra-virgin olive oil▢ 10 ounces chouriço, linguiça,or Spanish chorizo sliced into 1/4-inch (6-mm) coins▢ one large Spanish onion diced▢ Kosher salt▢ 2 garlic cloves sliced; nothing be fear to walk for a third or fourth. Ns Portuguese love your garlic▢ 6 medium potatoes peeled e roughly chopped▢ 8 cups cold water or fifty percent homemade chicken stock or crate chicken broth, e half water▢ 1 pound kale or collard greens trunk removed, leaves reduced into very, really thin slices▢ freshly ground black color or white pepper

In der large pot over medium heat, warm the oil. Add the chouriço e cook till lightly browned ~ above both sides, 3 come 5 minutes.
Using naquela slotted spoon remove ns sausage to a plate. Shot to let a sausage drainpipe well into a pot; the fat will certainly flavor ns soup.
Dump the onions into a pot. Sprinkle com salt and cook, stirring occasionally, until softened e translucent. Add a garlic and cook para 2 minutes more.
Stir in ns potatoes, add a water or mix of water and chicken stock, e bring to der boil. Reduce a heat so a soup tenderness simmers. Cook until a potatoes estão almost tender, 10 to 20 minutes. Remove são de the heat e let a soup cool slightly.
When a caldo verdes has cooled naquela little, purée it making use of an immersion blender. (Tradition says that uma slice e only 1 slice that chouriço is added to each bowl although some chefe de cozinha like to include half the sausage to a soup before puréeing. It’s your choice.)
Add ns kale to a soup, bring everything back to der boil, and then reduce ns heat and simmer until tender, 2 come 5 minutes. Temporada with an ext salt, if needed, and pepper.
Ladle ns caldo verdes into bowls and garnish with a remaining slices that chouriço. (The soup can be cooled, covered, e refrigerated overnight. Simply warm over short heat before serving.)
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Serving: 1portionCalories: 456kcal (23%)Carbohydrates: 50g (17%)Protein: 15g (30%)Fat: 24g (37%)Saturated Fat: 6g (38%)Cholesterol: 33mg (11%)Sodium: 474mg (21%)Potassium: 1457mg (42%)Fiber: 6g (25%)Sugar: 4g (4%)Vitamin A: 7558IU (151%)Vitamin C: 137mg (166%)Calcium: 167mg (17%)Iron: 4mg (22%)

Recipe Testers" Reviews

Cath Ramsden
This is a hearty, satisfying, and filling soup. It"s uma of a best soups I"ve tasted, bursting com flavor e depth. Delicious.

I prepared the full quantity of greens as instructed but when I fui to add it, I stopped at around halfway. If i had added it all, it would have been much more of naquela "kale with a chorizo sauce" type of scenario. As it was, making use of half, ser estar just right. Delicious soup packed with kale. Yet still naquela soup.

I used Cavolo Nero. I added 1/4 tsp initially because I wasn"t sure how salty the chorizo would taste. Ns tasted again after I had added a chorizo e added much more salt. In total, I added 3/4 tsp maldon salt.

I cooled the soup, refrigerated overnight, and had it a next day porque o lunch. It ser estar so much better than ns day before. A addition of ns blended chorizo e letting it rest overnight yes, really did make this right into something quite special. Following day, ns whole chorizo foi ~ still whole e firm yet slightly softened by ns soup e added more texture, which era very enjoyable.

There era just me eating this and one bowl was enough para lunch. I have actually put a rest into separado Tupperware and am freezing it. That"s an additional 7 sections so a bruta of 8 servings.

L. Mitchell

Kale soup? Caldo Verde? contact it what you will, this soup is hearty e homey and ready in under one hour! regardless of using naquela very spicy knife and my best kitchen skills, ns didn"t achieve a thin kale shreds ns recipe called for, therefore the último result wasn"t rather as elegant as ns photo shows, but that didn"t detract são de the odor of the duram result.

I used der mild chorizo sausage, Yukon yellow potatoes (which ns didn"t peel as a skins were file thin), curly kale, and homemade chicken stock. Ns did add der sprinkle that crushed vermelho pepper flakes at the fim of cooking, but I would host off ~ above the final seasoning till you determine how much heat and salt your sausage is adding to a mix.

Served with a salad e grilled cheese sandwiches, this made der great casual supper.

I added 1/2 the chorizo earlier to a soup prior to blending e didn"t overprocess a mixture using an immersion blender. Coming across ns slices that sausage and a few stray cubes that potatoes estão nice little surprises.

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This foi ~ fantastic. However I think much depends on the quality of your chorizo and stock. I"ve make it before using polishing sausage or keilbasa and boxed stock and it was nós vamos but not der 10.