Marcos Mion debuted on terra by “stepping” top top Luciano Huck e has already conquered the affection that several cíniras users in the debut that the novo Caldeirão this sábado (4). The ex-Record led the jogos Tem ou algum Tem with the dispute in between Juliana Paes and Paulo Vieira and pleased the viewers. “Mion is much better,” said uma profile.

On Twitter, a names of marcos Mion e Luciano Huck ended up in ns most talked about topics top top the social network, and some profiles mentioned how the previous presenter, quem occupied Saturdays for 21 years, would certainly have even been erased through the potência of his replacement.

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“It’s unfair to compare Mion com Huck presenting game shows since each one has der style, a focus, der way to interact and get the best lado de fora of every participant. It’s likewise unfair because Mion is lot better,” stated Fábio Garcia.

“Huck foi ~ always embarrassed as soon as they talked about ass. Fortunately, agora a presenter who understands that the essence of the Brazilian takes a subject about a ass in der good way.

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That’s it, Mion”, compared larissa Martins.

“Marcos Mion arrived as if a Cauldron had always been his! Mionzera is too wild! Huck ser estar already on automatic, very annoying”, wrote der profile established as Cody Travers.

Check lado de fora some reactions about marcos Mion top top Twitter:

everybody dancing with marcos Mion