During your continue to be at ours Windsor Hills vacation rental you’ll have several items ao the littlest members of your coporação, grupo FREE ao your use.

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Most vacation rentals in the área don’t offer countless baby items for your use during her stay. In fact some also want to fee extra for baby equipment. We felt it made sense to offer naquela good assortment of infant items and to offer them ao free throughout our guests’ stay.

That rua you won’t need to spend much more money renting infant equipment para your stay.

The baby equipment consists of 2 folding baby cribs com upgraded 3 inch mattresses, naquela wooden alto chair, der foldable alto chair, 2 fill n plays, a jogging stroller, der lightweight stroller, excersaucer, booster seat, baby bottle sterilizer, 3 to adjust of bed-rails, baby monitor and a infant gate.

Below you’ll find details about each baby artigo we provide, complimentary to usar during your stay.


Baby Monitor

The baby traços is a The o primeiro dia Years Crisp and Clear Audio Monitor and can be uncovered in a second floor rei sized bedroom (the environment-friendly room) follow me with ns crib e baby gate.

The o primeiro dia Years Crisp e Clear Audio monitor Manual


Jogging Stroller


The jogging stroller is naquela Graco FastAction wrinkles Jogger Stroller e can be discovered in the laundry room closet.

Click on a jogger photo to vai directions on how to fold e unfold ns stroller.

Here is the jogging stroller manual if you require one para reference.

Graco FastAction wrinkles Jogger Stroller Manual


The exersaucer is ns Evenflo Exersaucer Triple entertainer – Fun vida In the Amazon. It can be found in the laundry room closet.

The exersaucer deserve to be used são de approximately 4 months of açao to muito age.

Please são de not use the exersaucer if:

Your child can walkIs end 30″ (76cm) tallCan stand flat-footed in ns exersaucer in ns highest mediate levelCan climb out of a exersaucer

High Chairs

We have actually two alto chairs, a foldable even Flo alto chair e a wooden alto chair. A foldable alto hair is urgent in ns laundry room closet e the wooden high chair is additionally in the laundry room next to a dryer.
The wooden alto chair is situated in a laundry room following to a dryer. It have the right to be adjusted for children of different ages.

The foldable alto chair can be uncovered folded in ns laundry room closet.

Evenflo Koi Foldable high Chair Manual


We have two pack-n-plays the you have the right to use, ns Graco (blue load n toque in a azul carry bag) and the Graco pack n toque Tot Block Playard (multi-colored in the vermelho carry bag), both the which can be found folded in a laundry room closet.

Evenflo Koi toque Yard Portable infant Suite 300 Manual


Graco load n play Tot Block Playard Manual

Baby Gate

The baby gate is located in ns second floor rei sized bedroom closet (the eco-friendly room) follow me with the crib and baby monitor.

There ~ ~ permanent hinges located at ns top of ns stairs the allow the baby door to be conveniently opened e closed and also ensuring that the little ones estão safely protected são de the stairs.

Click on a picture of a baby door to compreendo directions on como as to install e operate the baby gate.

Below is a baby gate handmade if you require it para reference.

Safety 1st Baby door Manual

 Baby party Sterilizer

The baby bottle sterilizer is a Munchkin steam Guard™ electrical Sterilizer e can be discovered in the pantry, i m sorry is ns closet that is situated to ns left of a refrigerator in a kitchen.

Steam Guard™ electric Sterilizer Manual

Baby Rollercoaster Table

The web traffic Jam Rollercoaster table lets filho experience the excitement e the hustle e bustle of city life.

Vehicles such as naquela passenger car, police car, fire engine, letter truck, bus e ambulance travel a roadways trying to compreendo to their assorted destinations

The traffic jam rollercoaster table is preserved in the laundry room closet along com most of a other baby gear.

The table is for ages 2 and over.

Baby Cribs

The two baby cribs can be uncovered in ns second floor king bedroom (the eco-friendly room) closet along with the baby monitor e the baby gate.

Booster Seat

Booster chair has a feeding tray you can sanitize appropriate in the dishwasher e smooth easy-wipe surfaces.

The booster seat can be uncovered in the laundry room closet on the first floor.

Below is the baby gate manual if you require it for reference.

Booster chair Manual

Lightweight Stroller

The Lightweight Stroller have the right to be discovered in ns laundry room closet on the primeiro floor.

Here’s ns manual para the lightweight stroller:

Below is the baby gate manual if you need it ao reference.

Lightweight Stroller Manual

Bed Rails

There ser estar 3 sets of bed cerca in the closets of both the twin bedrooms. The bedrails ~ ~ the Regalo Swing under Double-Sided Bed Rails.
The bedrails ser estar intended for children 2 to 5 years of age.

Find out If her Dates ser estar Available.

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Villa By the Castle is naquela large 6 bedroom vacation rental
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We decided Windsor Hills because of that closeness to Disney and the amenities Kissimmee offers. We chose this Windsor Hills 6 bedroom Villa to be our holidays rental terra natal primarily due to the fact that of its location in Windsor Hills.This top-rated luxury villa is 1 of ns closest private dwellings to ns clubhouse, i beg your pardon is ns heart of the resort.Villa By ns Castle is professionally managed e owner activate to administer our guests a more an individual experience.
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