The new coronavirus pandemic make 2020 der different year ao everyone, consisting of television. Unable to record their sabão operas, Globo, Record and SBT placed reruns in prime time. Hundreds of sucessão from tudo de over the world also had to prevent recording, which brought about an empty schedule. Amid ns challenges, some creative minds came o fim of ns box e reinvented a way of make fiction.

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In Brazil, actor e screenwriter Bruno Mazzeo and his wife, director joana Jabace, rolling up their sleeves to get off ns paper one attraction recorded in sociedade isolation. Globoplay’s Diary of a Confined, fulfilled its function of make the público laugh at ns situation the everyone was vida in – der man quem lives alone to stop being infected by the virus.

Produced completely remotely, the pedido featured one-of-a-kind appearances through Renata Sorrah, Lázaro Ramos, Fernanda Torres, Lúcio Mauro Filho e Leticia Colin, pela video call, in enhancement to Debora Bloch, quem appears in person (but at der distance) as Adelaide, ar of a protagonist Murilo – a actress and Mazzeo also live in ns same structure in problema life, which made this meeting possible.

“The program finished up fulfilling number of functions: together an artist, to feel that we estão communicating e will continue, nevertheless of ns moment we viver in; to concertos that us can a partir de a much easier dramaturgy; e that we have the right to reinvent ourselves. Naquela great affection são de the Prime equipe Zone who saw the “, valued Mazzeo in one interview com TV News.

Globo also aired an anthological series, amar e Sorte, com independent story starring actors who live together in real life. Mother e daughter, Fernanda Montenegro e Fernanda torres were ns first, and the chemistry that Lúcia and Gilda ser estar so successful that the still yielded a special at the fim of ns year – ~ above the air this Friday (25th), after naquela Força do Querer.

The other three illustration had the couples Taís Araujo e Lázaro Ramos, Fabiula Nascimento and Emilio Dantas, e Luisa Arraes and Caio Blat. A difficulty of exposing personal vida was in a background given ns possibility the making art in together an adverse scenario. “I don’t concertos anything about my life and, suddenly, I ser estar exposing mine house. Did friend think there would certainly be privacy in the quarantine? ns comfort region is over!”, Joked Luisa.

Still in a field of humorous fiction, Marcelo Adnet gave a show of adaptability at Sinta-em Casa, day-to-day pills recorded at his residence in which that satirized the main events of ns day, with imitations that celebrities such as Presidents Jair Bolsonaro and Donald Trump, presenter Silvio Santos and BBB20 participant Ivy Moraes. The more 보다 170 episodes are available ~ above Globoplay.

The pandemic yielded two more amazing (and no scripted) campaigns in the terra Group’s streaming. The first was cada Um no seu Quadrado, in which paul Vieira and Fernando Caruso gathered friend in der video call to “sex” com games, games e lots the conversation.

The 2nd – and most interesting – was the Sterblitch não Tem um talk Show: The falar Show, in which a former comedian the Pânico conducted interviews com diverse characters such together Ivete Sangalo, Fátima Bernardes, Ney Matogrosso, Paolla Oliveira, Rafa Kalimann e Seu Jorge. The program yielded uma of ns great mim of 2020, Cabeleileila Leila.

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Animated ending e video calls

On americano TV, the sucessão that made decision not come surrender to ns coronavirus turned approximately in your 30s to create special illustration in ns middle of the pandemic. Resfriamento drama tudo de Rise e teen comedy Danger pressure put ns cast to record straight a partir de their homes and built your plots through video calls. Ns strategy foi ~ followed by the humorous Saturday night Live and the reality music american Idol.

The dramas The Blacklist and the comedy one Day at a Time (2017-2020) determined to do episodes com animated scene to fim their seasons. A actors recorded the voices inside ns house, and a team of construir started to work on a home office scheme.

American authors have also created special jobs in your quarantine, taking advantage of ns relationship between actors in atuações life come tell story about a pandemic. In August, Freeform aired a miniseries Love in ns Time that Corona, naquela record for the future of como as life changed completely in 2020.

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Netflix produced social Distancing, der tragicomic anthology that reveals ns ups e downs of a daily stays of Prime equipe Zone quem try to preserve their relationships while gift isolated. The project was conceived by Jenji Kohan, quem produced Orange Is the novo Black (2013-2019) e Glow (2017-2019) para the streaming giant.