Copa estados unidos da america 2021 Rewind: Brazil controversially win Colombia, peru storms earlier vs. Ecuador

Copa america 2021

Brazil foi ~ on a way to having its perfect começo spoiled, but der controversial meta saw the team rally to naquela late victory.

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A last-gasp meta gave Brazil naquela win over Colombia ~ above Matchday 4 the Group b play in ~ Copa estados unidos da america 2021 ~ above Wednesday, but the game was overshadowed by a refereeing decision that aided spark the tournament host’s rally.

Elsewhere, peru used a stellar showing em ~ Gianluca Lapadula come storm earlier in one entertaining and open draw against Ecuador while venezuela had the noite off.

Here is how the fourth round the Group b games went, with naquela look at a updated table:

Ecuador 2, peru 2

(Renato Tapia (OG) 23′, Ayrton Preciado 45+3′) — (Gianluca Lapadula 49′, Andre Carrillo 54′)


A alvo of the tournament candidate, naquela stirring comeback, e a dose of controversy. Those were simply some of the elements in Brazil’s recent victory.

Brazil remained perfect in ~ Copa estados unidos da america 2021 with a 2-1 comeback success over Colombia the included a controversial refereeing decision. ~ an overhead kick em ~ Colombia winger luiz Diaz opened ns scoring beforehand at Estadio Olimpico Nilton santos in fluviais de Janeiro, Brazil pulled level on der sequence in the second half that witnessed the zero hit head official Nestor Pitana in a lead-up.

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Pitana should have whistled for play to protect against per a rules, however he allowed the 78th-minute attack to continue e La Verde-amarela scored through roberto Firmino. An irate Colombia, play its last jogos of the group stage, became further infuriated ~ Casemiro scored a winner deep in stoppage time. In spit of a defeat, Los Cafeteros secured development to the knockout rounds due to a earlier result.

¡Goooooooool de Brasil!