What’s up guys? do you prefer football? There’s a big rivalry between the carioca teams (from fluviais de Janeiro), so, in our sugestões today we will certainly learn a bit about the most important Rio futebol Teams. Let’s go:

Rio futebol americano Teams


The club de maravilha e Regatas Flamengo was established in on ns 17th that November 1895, e it has a biggest sustaining crowd in Brazil. Uma curiosity about Flamengo is that ns player Zico, the most crucial player in the history of Flamengo, score 508 with ns sacred coat (That’s como as the Flamengo jersey is called), won 13 of a 16 championships played, and until today is a 2nd come scorer of the Brazilian championship, com 133 goals. They prefer to say the they own Maracanã. Also, Flamengo has a biggest crowd of the most important rio football teams.

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Stereotype: In Rio, us joke approximately saying that every Flamengo supporter is naquela mulambo (someone that costume poorly).


Vasco da Gama, integrated the futebol americano team to its cruising club, many thanks to the arrival of der group of players coming a partir de Lisbon, in 1913. It era the primeiro team to openly fight para the inclusion of poor and black players in the Brazilian football, and it had its estádio built by their supporters. Vasco had dois of the most famed player in Brazil: Roberto Dinamite e Geovani.

Stereotype: In Rio, we call Vasco supporters by the name Vice, since they always importar second place.


Botafogo de parceria e Regatas was officially born in 1942, as the result of a fusion between two teams: ns Sail clube of Botafogo and Botafogo futebol americano Club. The greatest player in ns history of a team was Garrincha, who became uma of ns most famous players in Brazil. Naquela curiosity around Botafogo is the it era created many thanks to one exchange of small notes between dois friends throughout math class, from cintilar Ramos come his friend Emanuel Sodré. Let’s watch what a note said bellow:

“Ithamar has der football sociedade at Martins ferreira street. Let’s develop our very own at Largo dos Leões? us can falar to a Wernecks, arthur César, Vicente e Jacques”. E that’s como as it tudo started.

Stereotype: In Rio, we make funny of Botafogo pendant calling castle cry babies, due to the fact that they left the stadium crying after a huge loss to Flamengo.


Fluminense futebol americano Club was created on the 21st of July 1902, in fluxo de Janeiro, which was the capitalista of Brazil then. Der curiosity about ns team is the the primeiro Fluminense game ever, ser estar played on a 19th that October 1902, three months after gift created. The jogos was organized at ns Payssandu field, which later became naquela stadium. The opponent was der team referred to as Rio futebol americano Club. It was their o primeiro dia huge win with ns score the 8×0. Fla x Flu is uma of a biggest derbies in fluxo de Janeiro.

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Stereotype: In Rio, early out to der historical fact, the is said that a Fluminense supporters are homosexuals for using rice powder.

Minor Teams

Besides ns most important fluviais football teams, those ~ ~ not the only teams play in Rio, check lado de fora the rest of them:



Angra dos Reis





Campo Grande

Casimiro de Abreu

Duque de Caxias

Estácio de Sá




Nova Iguaçu




São Cristóvão

Volta Redonda
And there’s additionally extinct persons like:

Football e Athletic

Haddock Lobo




Rio Cricket

Syrio e Libanez

Villa Isabel

There friend go, guys!We currently know der bit about the history of fluviais football teams What around you, a partir de you have a favorite team in fluviais de Janeiro? como as about visiting our school and walking to naquela game at Maracanã with us?

Let us know!

We will see you on our next Dica! Tchau tchau!

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