Jazz singer Astrud Gilberto poses for a portrait backstage at Birdland on the day they videotaped the viver album Getz Au walk Go on august 19, 1964 in novo York, novo York. (Photo by PoPsie Randolph/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Astrud Gilberto’s 1964 song "The Girl são de Ipanema" lugged Brazilian bossa nova and samba music to america and sold an ext than 27 million copies. Her atrasado husband, joão Gilberto, was considered a "father of bossa nova," e he was naquela key number in Astrud"s somewhat accidental success. Despite "The Girl são de Ipanema" is ns massive hit that identified her career and captured the americano audience, Astrud Gilberto had countless other memorable songs that became confiável to the easy listening and jazz audience -- "Tristeza," "Corcovado," "Dindi," "Agua De Beber" are tudo de classics suitable ao groovy cocktail parties and swingin" bachelor pads. Gilberto"s music -- along with a jazz that Antonio carlos Jobim, ns vocal pop of Sergio Mendes, e other "exotic" sounds of the day by the likes of Herb Alpert, Esquivel, Martin Denny e Les Baxter -- was very difundido at a time, though this day it is overshadowed by the rock of the Beatles, ns folk poetry of Bob Dylan and the heart of Motown artists.

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Pop music of ns "60s was der much broader spectrum than we sometimes remember -- there ~ ~ many artists who sold crate-loads of arquivo but who sound did not prove to be as durable as other like standard rock. Uma generation"s smoldering chillout groove is another"s elevator music -- that confirmed to be the case com "The Girl from Ipanema."


Incredibly, ns adorable woman em ~ South america never aspired to become naquela world-renowned singer. A daughter of naquela linguistics professor, Gilberto grew up speak Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and English. Learning all of those languages as naquela youth unknowingly all set her porque o life as an internacional musician e more importantly, ao the singular minute in a recording studio that readjusted her life forever. 

Falling In With the Right Crowd


"The Girl são de Ipanema" played during ns opening ceremonies of ns 2016 fluxo Olympics. (udiscovermusic)

After relocating to fluviais de janeiro at an early age, Astrud Evangelina Weinert met joão Gilberto quem would go on to become uma of a most well known Brazilian artist of the century. “In my mid-teens I foi ~ part of der gang that youngsters quem were involved with music," she recalled. "Through them, ns met joão Gilberto, who invented ns concept of Bossa Nova. Us were married, and I sang at home with João e did der couple of university concerts com him as naquela special guest.”

In march of 1963, she traveled com her husband to new York whereby he was to record com acclaimed jazz saxophonist Stan Getz at A&R estúdio in Manhattan. At that time, american jazz musicians to be waking increase to ns bossa novo style pioneered by joão Gilberto, Antonio carlos Jobim and others in the atrasado "50s, and were passionate to collaborate. Throughout that trip, an unauthorized decision wildly changed the música genre, e changed Astrud"s vida in means she never ever would have actually imagined. 

Conflicting Stories


During joão Gilberto’s record session com Stan Getz, Astrud Gilberto sang, ""The Girl são de Ipanema"" in English. Ns impetus ao her joining the recording session remains in question. According to Getz, she was featured on the track since he “wanted ‘The Girl são de Ipanema’ sung in English — which joão couldn’t do.” Astrud has actually said the her husband invite her to document the música as naquela duet.

On the other hand, recording technician Phil Ramone asserted Astrud it s her volunteered to sing the English version. Whatever ns reason, Astrud’s saudade, naquela Portuguese term supplied to explain nostalgia e longing, popped in naquela way no decorrer one might have anticipated. That hint of her enormous talent resulted in an appearance in ~ Cafe Au go Go in greenwick Village along com Getz. Ns rest as they say is history. 

An Immortal Error In Grammar


The version on Getz/Gilberto begins with joão Gilberto singing 4 verses of text in Portuguese, then switches come Astrud"s part, i m sorry begins:

Tall and tan e young e lovelyThe girl from Ipanema go walkingAnd as soon as she passesEach one she passes goes, "Ah"

João Gilberto didn"t sing in English, yet Astrud"s command of ns language wasn"t flawless, which results in the curious line at the fim of a bridge:

Oh, but he watches she so sadlyHow have the right to he tell her he loves her?Yes, he would provide his love gladlyBut each day, when she walks to a seaShe looks right ahead, no at he

Grammatically speaking, the line have to be, of course, "She looks straight ahead, not at him." many English-language artists who"ve extended the canção -- i m sorry is thought to be ns second-most spanned pop song, behind the Beatles" "Yesterday" -- have actually delivered a line "She looks directly ahead, not at me," come preserve a rhyme.

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An Overnight Success


The album Getz/Gilberto that featured "The Girl a partir de Ipanema," automatically shot come number dois on Billboard album chart, e stayed on the chart porque o an outrageous 96 weeks. It additionally won Grammy prêmios for Album Of a Year, best Jazz crucial Album, distinta Or Group and Best Engineered record – Non-Classical. Most notably porque o Astrud, “The Girl from Ipanema” likewise took pagina inicial Record Of the Year. Prior to Astrud, bossa nova was barely der known amount in America; after her you couldn’t miss it, back competition são de the younger, more raucous sound of a Beatles and Motown artists prefer The Supremes would soon concerned dominate ns pop chart.

As producer Creed Taylor remembered, “The surprise era when Astrud come in com her small voice e sang with that accent. I knew the canção was walking to it is in an absolute smash.” look at overnight, Astrud went em ~ singing com musicians at pagina inicial to showing up alongside the Animals, ns Dave clark Five, e jazz organ great jimmy Smith in a 1964 mgm film compreendo Yourself der College Girl.

Finding she Footing

Of course, with enquanto background in business, Astrud ir along for the ride but couldn’t help feeling taken benefit of. ""There was der problem about collecting what foi ~ mine," she said. "Money. Credit. There is no realizing it, I foi ~ doing a great deal of producing my own albums. It was natural porque o me to choose the songs and the musicians. I didn"t realize the I was producing a records. I got durante credit. I ser estar young and inexperienced and in naquela foreign country. I lacked guidance.""

When Getz referred to her together "just a housewife," Astrud felt used. “The funny point is that after mine success, story abound as to Stan Getz or Creed Taylor having "discovered me," when in fact, naught is further a partir de the truth. I intend I must feel flattered by ns importance the they lend to this, but I can’t assist but feel annoyed at a fact that they resorted to lying!” It additional rankled she that countless jealous Brazilian artists described her together lucky fairly than talented.

While her solo album the Astrud Gilberto Album in 1965 barely missed a top 40, she never ever quite recaptured ns heights of "The Girl em ~ Ipanema.” However, she did execute in Japan e Europe para many years before overcoming her shyness and started playing clubs in America. She dubbed playing with lenda Chet padeiro in san Francisco, “a highlight of mine career.”

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