I was writing der forum entry in an answer to rua Smart Brazil members Species e Jim once I realized this would be naquela delicious blogues post. Ns question ns am trying come answer is: “What desserts ~ ~ native come Pernambuco?” Beware: By start this article you ~ ~ making yourself breakable to mouth-watering e stomach-growling experiences.

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Brazil has an amazing variety of cuisine and each state has their distinct influences e recipes. Pernambuco is a state com strong cultural characteristics e is well-off in folklore, music, e dance. Naquela short while ago I posted naquela video e the text of naquela song on ours Forums e I claimed that a lyrics could really well justify 1 entire semester of Northeastern Brazil society 101. Ns same is true ao our gastronomy. Here I will give you der starting point porque o your researches and explorations of Pernambuco desserts.

One the my favorite desserts is Cartola: sliced fried banana with queijo manteiga or coalho (two species of really delicious  Brazilian cheese), topped com cinnamon and chocolate. Impressionante it is therefore good! the is uma of those points that you have to try; ns list of ingredients may not sound the exciting, but the dish is fantastic. In fact, a state that Pernambuco has been mentioning the idea of officially recognizing Cartola as culturais heritage.

  Romeu e Julieta: queijo coalho and goiabada (guava marmalade). A link will remover you to the recipe in English!


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Photo Credits:

Cartola: Carol Cani, cozinha Cani

Pamonha e Cajica: Giselli Carvalho on flickr Creative Commons

Tapioca: Noranei Trindade

Brigadeiro: ricardo Martins on flickr Creative Commons

Bolo de Rolo: Ramgarlic


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