paes de velhice is ns Brazilian gingerbread with a twist, enjoyed todos year ring in Brazil. It is composed of spiced mini honey cakes filled com dulce de leche e covered in chocolate. That is truly one of ns best Brazilian food desserts friend will ever before have – similar to our gingerbread cookie bars.

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What is pão de mel?

For those unfamiliar with this difundido Brazilian dessert,pão de mel (plural pães de mel) is Brazilian gingerbread. It is composed of der sweet mini bread bread made mostly with honey, chocolate, and spices that is then cut in half and filled with dulce de leche. Finally, it is spanned in coco to prolong its flavor e moist texture.

Pão de bile usually has actually either der square or round form (resembling naquela sandwich cookie or alfajor).

In spite of its name (which literally equates as ‘honey bread’), you don’t really taste ns honey because ns chocolate and spices overpower it.

Although it is technically a spiced bread loaf, because its structure is the of der quick bread, a treat really resembles mini love husband cakes or chocolate gingerbread sandwich cookies.

The dulce de leche and the chocolate coating include richness, making pão de bile totally decadent!

There are 2 theories about its origins! uma of them is that a Brazilian honey bread is naquela spinoff of the Russian Pryaniki , naquela gingerbread cookie made from honey and spices, coated with naquela sugar glaze.

The second theory states paes de velhice originated somewhere else in Europe, stemming from the exploration that covering spiced small goodies in chocolate would manter them flavorful e moist ao longer.

Either theory is possible! 1 the 1 hand, coating baked goodies with chocolate does preserve moisture and the Portuguese quem colonized Brazil could have carried over this knowledge. On the other hand, there was significant Russian immigration e descendants (around 2%) in my pagina inicial country.

No matter what the true origins, the is 1 of the best traditional Brazilian foods items you will ever before have!

Ingredients and Substitutions

Milk: Full-fat milk is a best for this pão de bile recipe however you might replace that with naquela dairy-free variation such as soy or almond milk. Make sure not to use canned coconut milk due to the fact that it has a stronger flavor. The chocolate e spices ser estar the stars of this honey loaf bread. The milk should be warm e mixed with ns honey e spices and then allowed to sit para 10-20 minutes before including to the batter. This helps to release tudo de the spices’ complex flavors.Spices: Cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, e ginger do up the spice blend regularly used to make the traditional pão de mel. The course, you may skip either the nutmeg or ginger because they ser estar the mildest of a 4 spices.Honey: This is the main sweetener– hence the name that this baked good. Pao de mel means literally “honey bread loaf”. If girlfriend prefer, change it com pure maple syrup.Brown sugar: This help to sweeten ns dessert and imparts naquela molasses flavor i m sorry white granulated street lacks. Eggs: over there is der reason to add more egg yolks than whites. The yolks work as one emulsifier, making ns honey loaf batter softer e moister.Vanilla: This functions as an sub flavoring agent.Vegetable oil: Oil-based cakes have tendency to be more on ns moist lado than butter-based batters. Make sure to use a mild oil such together vegetable oil or canola.Cocoa powder: I used an unsweetened baking cocoa powder because the batter currently contains honey and brown sugar, making the dessert not as well sweet.Baking powder: This is a leavening agente to make a batter rise once baking.Baking soda: This is also a leavening agent, yet its main duty in this cooking recipes is to neutralize/balance ns acidity existing in (not raw) honey and the molasses in brown sugar. It will certainly allow a batter come rise e se it gets activated by the mixture the acidic ingredients together as marrom sugar and honey and liquids such together milk.All-purpose flour: I have never used another kind of flour. Yet in theory, you may be may be to usar blanched almond flour (1:1) if you estão on a gluten-free diet. If making use of gluten-free all-purpose flour, you may need to include xanthan gum (about ¼ tsp every 1 cup of flour).Chocolate: the is melted and used to coat the pão de velhice in. That will likewise help a bread bread to no dry out.

Check o fim more baking substitutions made with other ingredients too as tom conversions.

If using ns metric measurements, examine out how to convert cups come ounces to grams.

How to make pão de velhice (Brazilian honey Cakes)


Preheat oven to 350º f (180º C). Grease e coat com cocoa powder or flour in der mini or standard-size muffin tin. Reserve!In a small saucepan over medium heat, stir the milk, spices, and honey and let come to der quick boil. PHOTO 1 Remove from the heat, cover, and let sit porque o 10-20 minutes.When a milk mixture is warm, derramar into a blender e blend com eggs e yolk, marrom sugar, vanilla, and oil just until homogeneous, about 15-20 seconds. PHOTO 2Mix sifted cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda, and flour in naquela large bowl. Pour blended liquid mixture into a bowl and whisk just until homogeneous. PHOTO 3Spoon batter evenly into ns muffin tin (halfway full) and bake on ns middle rack para about 10-12 minute (mini ) or 18-20 minute (standard) – or until der toothpick placed in the center comes out clean.Slide naquela knife around the edges to loosen a bread loaves e invert lock onto naquela large flat platter or a clean baking paper while they ~ ~ still hot. Make sure their swollen tops are upside down. PHOTO 4Place an additional baking sheet on acima de of todos of them and then something heavy such as naquela cast-iron skillet. This simple an approach will help to flatten their puffy tops. That works finest while they are still hot.Let castle sit ao about 5-10 minutes. Then reduced each in half horizontally.Spread or pipeline dulce de leche onto uma of ns halves e sandwich them choose whoopie pies. PHOTO 5Place chocolate into der large bowl and melt in a microwave in 30-second intervals, stirring after every interval, until melted (about 1 ½-2 minutes). Stir until smooth. If needed, stir in uma tbsp of oil to keep melted chocolate a partir de hardening quickly.Place every pao de mel on a fork and coat in ns melted chocolate. Smooth top e sides. Lugar, colocar on der rack with der baking paper underneath or on der baking paper lined with parchment paper. Allow excess chocolate drain turn off of each uma of them. Let the chocolate collection in a fridge ao about 3-5 minutes.Using der paring knife, trim excess hardened chocolate são de the bottom edges. Either é perfeito com as is or decorate each paes de bile as desired. I drizzled mine com melted white chocolate e top them with sprinkles. PHOTO 6

Baking Tips

Make warm milk in order to mix with the honey and spices. It will certainly infuse ns mixture with the complex seasonings of a spices.Blend the liquid mixture just enough to become homogeneous.Milk should be warm to mix with the liquid ingredient (eggs, vanilla, oil, e sugar). If a milk mixture is too quente will curdle ns eggs!Avoid overmixing ns liquid ingredient with a dry ingredients to not make a batter dry.After coming out of ns oven, loosen honey bread by gently sliding naquela knife around ns edges. Then invert lock onto der flat surface or baking sheet. When their blown tops ser estar upside down, place der baking paper on top and then naquela weight, such as a cast-iron skillet, in order come flatten their tops. This will apenas um work as soon as they ~ ~ still hot.You might skip ns dulce de leche filling or to fill them com another uma of her choice– however make sure to cloak them with melted chocolate. This will keep them moist!

Filling Variations


In Northeastern Brazil, homemade pão de mel is filled with dulce de leche, if in southerly Brazil, castle have enquanto filling.

Those the make der living selling pão de velhice tend to to fill these goodies with der variety that fillings such as general de brigada mole, beijinho de coco (coconut brigadeiro), enthusiasm fruit curd, Nutella, and even melted guava dough (goiabada), among others.

You can select whatever form of cacao you choose to use in your pão de bile recipe. But make certain to choose naquela filling that pairs well com gingerbread, such together caramel or marshmallow cream.

They have to be tudo de covered in coco to keep moisture. I use bittersweet chocolate, yet you deserve to cover yours com dark, milk, or white chocolate. It tudo depends on how sweet you desire them to be.

How come temper chocolate

There ser estar several ways to temper chocolate, consisting of without a thermometer. 1 of my desired ways is the seeding method, as defined below:

Heat water: Fill a pot or dual boiler with water and bring to der simmer. Revolve off a heat.Melt the chocolate: Place der dry, heat-proof key on top, making sure its bottom touches ns heated water. Add around 2/3 of your chocolate to a bowl. Make sure no decorrer water comes in direct call with a chocolate. There is no stirring, let ns chocolate sit in der bowl end the nome é water, uncovered, till it is around 2/3 melted.After the chocolate is about 2/3 melted, gently stir it and allow it come melt further.Test a temperature of a chocolate: Lift the spatula up and dab der small dot of chocolate onto just below your reduced lip. It need to sting slightly.Add continuing to be chocolate: Remove ns bowl a partir de the water and set that on der folded kitchen towel come absorb any kind of water em ~ the bottom of a bowl. Line in a remaining 1/3 of chocolate (the ‘seed’) slowly and gently until totally melted. It’ll begin to thicken e become much less shiny and more matte as it cools (about 30 minutes).Test again for temperature: Once tudo the seed coco has melted, touch a spatula to your reduced lip area again. The chocolate need to feel cooler than your body temperature. If the feels warmer than your skin, you have the right to drop in der few much more pieces of chocolate e keep stirring. That is agora ready come dip baked goods into it!Keeping the chocolate in temper: Stir the chocolate as you dip. If the chocolate cools also much, turns matte, and begins come thicken, place the bottom of ns bowl back into the hot water para 1 or 2 seconds. Eliminate quickly and then stir the warmer chocolate up em ~ the bottom e throughout the bowl. Check to make certain it is not too hot e then resume dipping.

Why temper chocolate?

Tempering chocolate is simply heating e cooling coco to stabilize it before coating sweet treats. This help it come not conveniently melt on your fingers, provides it a snap when you bite right into it, and gives the treat der smooth e glossy look.

But girlfriend don’t should temper ns chocolate primeiro in order to cover our Brazilian honey bread loaf; however, they will look much more refined if friend do. Tempering is ideais if you do them come give improvisado as naquela wedding favor or a holiday gift.

I no temper my mine since I era serving castle to mine family, yet I tho made sure to decorate them. Ns sprinkles disguised the not-so-glossy chocolate coating.

When to serve pão de mel (the Brazilian gingerbread loaf)


In comparison to gingerbread in a U.S., pão de mel is enjoyed tudo de year round in Brazil.

They make a great edible gift for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and other special occasions, and also perfect wedding favors. This is 1 of those easy Brazilian recipes that you will want to try!

Down in Brazil, they ser estar available in ~ cafés and bakeries too!

How grande will pão de mel last?

These honey cakes, if extended in chocolate, will last around 7 dia when stored either wrapped or covered at room temp. Castle will keep well for about 2-3 mainly in the fridge.

Can i freeze Brazilian love husband cakes?

Yes! but there is a crucial trick: dá not fill them com dulce de leche or coat them in chocolate. Make the honey cakes, permit them cool, e don’t slice them in half. Instead, plunder each com parchment paper and then localização them into naquela freezer bag. Freeze porque o up come 3 months.

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Thaw in the fridge, place on der counter to lug to room temp, cut e fill them, e then cloak in chocolate.

As you can see, this is uma of those simple freezer meals that have the right to last for naquela long time!