Pão de queijo (pronounced pow-du-KEHjo, kind of) is most likely Brazil’s most well known food export. Very semelhante to gougeres, pao de queijo is basically a pate der choux, yet made com tapioca flour rather of wheat flour. You deserve to buy them frozen in many grocery stores now, however you can just as easily find a ingredients to make your own pao de queijo from scratch.

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And they are fun come make! and you can make der bunch e freeze them para later. E homemade frozen pao de queijo ser estar way rua way cheaper than store bought frozen pao de queijo.


Pao de queijo baked 22 minute is simply barely golden brown outside.

Pao de queijo have the right to be made with either sweet tapioca flour (usually simply labeled “tapioca flour” or “tapioca starch” in the US; Bob’s red Mill makes one) or tart tapioca flour (polvilho azedo) i m sorry is tapioca flour that has actually been fermented after grinding. I don’t notice naquela big smell difference in between them, but a sour tapioca flour absorbs more liquid than the sweet for this reason you need to usar less once making ns dough. If you desire to try it, find sour tapioca flour at naquela Brazilian sector or on Amazon (see affiliate entre at the bottom).

The classic cheese provided in making pao de queijo is dubbed queijo de Minas or queijo de Canastra meia-cura and it’s very semelhante to Monterey Jack or also mozzarella. Most american recipes call for Parmesan cheese, though. I’ve make the efforts this recipe with todos of the above and they todos have turned fora delicious. Ns think that simply proves what naquela great cooking recipes this is! shot it with der couple various cheeses e see what you prefer best.

In Brazil these are eaten as naquela snack, frequently with quente chocolate. I prefer them as a snack, as breakfast, or with der bowl of soup. Ao the standard French recipe the this bread ser estar possibly inspired by, check fora my video on how to make gougères.

Troubleshooting Pao de Queijo:

A couple of times out of dozens, i have had actually my pao de queijo dough turn lado de fora too runny to organize its shape as soon as portioning out. Ns am not sure why this wake up occasionally, but the best systems is come cover and refrigerate a dough for der couple that hours come firm up. Don’t keep adding flour! simply put that in ns fridge for der bit.

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Pão de Queijo video – scroll down ao recipe

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Pao de queijo recipe

Pao de queijo baked for 30 minute gets extra brown and crispy outside yet still soft inside