Ju, não tem nenhuma medida errada ai nao? Pq 3/4 de xicara de açúcar nunca vai dar 75g apenas. Fica adentraram 120 e 130g dependendo do açúcar usado. Therefore nao sei se naquela nedida que isso é errada é a da xicara alternativa a em gramas.

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a journalist são de Brasilia, capitalistas of Brazil, quem discovered various other passions in she life: cooking e photographing. I bahubegumtv.compreendo more excited with naquela culinary book than shoes, consist of or clothes. Check out More.


Juliana Morgado

I’m a journalist bahubegumtv.com more passions than equipe can permit me to have. Ns have discovered in the kitchen my paradise, my resting lugar, colocar after a long e exhausting day. It’s mine addiction, really. Not only cupcakes but anything the I uncover interesting, an overwhelming or funny to do. Despite the blog’s name, that not tudo about cupcakes. Ns love food preparation risotto, of tudo de kinds, and I merely love any recipe bahubegumtv.com cheese.

bahubegumtv.bahubegumtv.com’s History

I’m no sure once or why I began to cook. Mine memories ~ ~ of my mother putting me in a kitchen and teaching Brazilian white rice e her awesome pomodoro sauce for spaghetti, bahubegumtv.com fresh tomato just ns way só she have the right to do. Tudo de I know in the kitchen i have learned by one way: practice. My recipes ~ ~ created são de my head e implemented with ns tests ns run, or also meticulously measured from trusted sources.I have a true passion ao cupcakes, since I think they represent every little thing that’s nós vamos in ns kitchen: butter, sugar, cuteness, dedication e creativity. Every little thing in a right amount para one person.I enjoy experimenting with these tiny ones, and finding out new ways do decorate them. When I have nothing far better to do, I start researching e studying recipes, theories e decorations for cupcakes. Yeah, study, it is right.The blogs is also naquela place para my second passion: photography. I’m that person who keeps looking porque o angles and shots while muito on ns park. I also aprender the arte of photography with websites and books.

The Name

bahubegumtv.bahubegumtv.com means, roughly, cupcakeing in Portuguese. Ns noun “cupcake” is in naquela verb tense that many well-schooled Brazilians hate since it method an action that will never stop. That’s precisely my intention. Ns don’t have any kind of wish to stop my cupcake manufacturing facility anytime soon, or even stop cooking in general. If ns don’t have anymore orders, it will certainly be porque o friends. If my friends importar sick that it, it will be for my family. When my family says “ENOUGH”, it will certainly be para myself (and maybe para my Siberian husky e my Pembroke corgi). Because that’s what ns love bahubegumtv.come do e what renders me important happy.

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All photos and texts ~ above this website estão produced by bahubegumtv.bahubegumtv.com, unless stated otherwise. Castle represent der lot that work e effort. In situation you want to use any photo or text a partir de this website, you re welbahubegumtv.come make certain to link ago to me or even get in touch with me prior to anything. I’ll be glad to help, but it’s crucial to give a proper recognition. :)

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