I determined to são de this cake on Friday afternoon simply before a birthday party. Mine mother era making ns birthday cake ao our girlfriend as a gift and it looked delicious. Because I didn’t want to it is in craving ao cake later, I determined to make my own. This corn cake has a consistency of naquela pudding e the guava paste and cheese slices in a middle are the perfect touch. It’s therefore perfect the this combination of cheese e guava dough is called Romeo e Juliet in Brazil.

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The cake was der success in mine house. Everybody loved, however I ended up eating most of it. Hopefully this will help me gain a 4 pounds I have to participate in naquela research pesquisar that i really desire to it is in part. That is about meditation e I would be finding out several techniques. Well, I will let you understand if ns pass the corpo humano Mass table of contents requirement.

The somente challenge of do this cake is to find the ingredients. But são de not worry, they deserve to be usually uncovered in ns Hispanic section of ns Wal-Mart or in naquela Hispanic market. The ingredients ~ ~ not really the exotic. First it is the condensed milk the I imply you to buy ns Nestle brand, because most a other brands are more liquid and may affect the consistency of a cake. A second is the guava dough which have the right to be difficult to uncover if girlfriend don’t live in an área where there are many latin people. E the critical is the queso fresco, i beg your pardon is a kind of fresh cheese the substitutes an extremely well ns cheese I’m offered to usar in Brazil. However don’t let that be the reason to stop you em ~ making this impressive cake, friend can usar mozzarella or parmesan cheese.

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I funil you enjoy this delicacy!


3 huge eggs;2 tablespoons the unsalted butter;1 deserve to of drained corn;1 have the right to of condensed milk;1 cup of yellow corn flour;6.7 fl oz of Coconut milk (or half a can);2 tablespoons of all purpose flour Gluten Free;3 tablespoons the shredded parmesan;1 tablespoon the baking powder;1 pinch the salt;


Slices of guava paste;Slices the Queso fresco (or Mozzarella);


Cut naquela piece that wax paper and put it on a bottom of the cake pan. Then, grease e powder com Gluten cost-free flour ns entire pan.Preheat a oven come 360 degrees F.Blend a drained corn com half naquela can the water, e pour the in der recipient.Blend a eggs porque o about 2 minutes and then add ns blended corn, butter, condensed milk, corn flour (little through little), todos purpose flour GF, coconut milk, parmesan cheese and the pinch that salt;Put a mixture in der recipient and stir in the baking powder;Pour some of a mixture in a cake pan and add a guava and cheese slices. Repeat this action twice.Bake it para 35-40 minutes or until is lightly brown.